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Things to keep in mind when planning a same-sex marriage

Equal marriage is understood as the union of two people of the same sex. At Wink we support equal weddings and celebrate them.
Planea tu boda o matrimonio igualitario en Colombia

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Same-sex marriage, what is it?

Equal marriage is the legal or social recognition of a marriage formed by two men, two women, or possibly two people of the same gender, in those cultures that recognize more than two genders.

History of Equal Marriage in the world

The first laws of the current era to recognize same-sex marriage were approved during the first decade of the 21st century, until December 2020, 30 countries (Germany, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, Spain, the United States, Finland, France, Ireland, Iceland, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Portugal, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan and Uruguay) allow marry same-sex couples in all or part of its territory, the last being Switzerland on December 18, 2020.

The Netherlands was the first country to legalize same-sex marriage in 2001. Since then, dozens of countries have expanded their definition of marriage to include same-sex couples.

Danish Axel and Eigil Axgil were the first gay couple to get married in 1989.

Same-sex marriage is currently legal in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, and in the dependent territories of French Guiana and the Falkland Islands. Additionally, another country has a form of civil union or domestic partnerships throughout its national territory, Chile.

In this way, South America becomes one of the most permissive regions in the world in this matter, like North America, Western Europe and Australasia.

Equal marriage in Colombia

If you have a same-sex partner and you want to get married but you don’t know what to take into account, this practical guide that we made for you will help you find what you need so that everything goes well, what you should take into account and have your equal wedding without any problem.

Is it allowed to have same-sex marriages in Colombia?

In Colombia, same-sex marriage has been legal since April 28, 2016. Egalitarian weddings have few differences in terms of the legal, with the same formalities, the same rights and requirements demanded of heterosexual couples, to contract a civil marriage you must do it in the notaries and courts since by the church there are still restrictions and it is little accepted by religion.

Equal marriage in Colombia requirements:

  1. Civil birth records, (authentication must not be older than 3 months).
  2. Copy of the citizenship certificates.
  3. The application that is signed at the notary when the papers are filed.

These are the requirements to get married if you are a foreigner or one of the two.

  1. Civil birth registration of the Colombian citizen. It must not have more than one month of issue.
  2. Civil birth certificate of the foreign citizen, apostilled and original.
    • If the civil registry is in another language, it must be accompanied by an apostilled translation letter from the consulate or authorized translator.
  3. Single certificate or its equivalent.
  4. Visa of any type or entry permit.
  5. Passport, foreigner’s identity card or card issued by the Protocol Directorate. Current.

Define what type of ceremony they want:

If you want a ceremony, the most important thing is to ask yourself, how do you dream of it? What are your spiritual preferences?

There are people specialized in celebrating spiritual ceremonies to marry two people who love each other, think about how symbolic they want it, will you make vows or say a few words to each other or to your relatives? Will they carry out a rite like the one of light or sand?

It is important in the ceremony to define roles. Will you walk down the aisle together? Will there be one of the two waiting at the altar for the other person? If they walk down the aisle with a song that they both like a lot, it will give a really special touch to the moment. We recommend planning a single entrance, something that combines with both of you.

What kind of clothing should be worn?

There is no rule, being of the same sex does not mean that they should dress the same, there are many possibilities and it all depends on the personality of each person.

If it is a female couple, they can both wear a long white dress with a veil; You can also go one in a short white dress and another in a long white dress; Another option is to wear a different outfit to what we know and for both parties to wear a suit of a different color, in fact we have seen one in a dress and the other in a suit, so the rules are set by each person.

In the case of men, they can wear the same suit of the same cut and color or each one can wear a suit of the color and style that they like, the most important thing is comfort and personality.

How do you want the wedding?

Budget for your wedding

In a wedding, the budget is an important issue and it is what will define the type of wedding you are going to have. The important thing is to be clear about it so that you can start contacting suppliers and compare them for their quality.

We propose 2 alternatives to use your budget at the wedding

  • Go spending as you hire services: for this there is no money limit, you simply spend according to what you want to hire.
  • Establish a global budget and not spend more.

At the time of contracting, however, it should always be more important to compare several providers not for their price but for their quality, you can review several options that fit the budget and decide on the one you like the most.

Choose the services

When planning an egalitarian wedding, they must take into account that it is important that in the meeting with the suppliers they clarify what the wedding they want to have is like, that they clarify that it is an egalitarian wedding to know if the feeling of those who will be in the wedding goes with your energy.

The idea is that they know from the beginning what the dynamics and minute-by-minute management will be like, that they know what the entrance is like, how everything is, in short, a first meeting with each supplier is essential for the development of the event to be optimum and reflect the magic of the day.

With that in mind, we will tell you about the services that a wedding has in general:


The personality of the organizer of the event or of the guests will be reflected in each element of your wedding.

So: Look for decorations that provide a special and dynamic atmosphere, remember that everything will depend on the type of wedding you have as this indicates the definition of the color palette, concepts and above all, a team that is capable of transforming your ideas into a project. came true.

Some decoration points that you can keep in mind are:

  • Look for a value proposition that attracts your attention in that provider. For example, in our case we look for innovation, quality and agility.
  • You must find that promise of value that gives you the peace of mind to hire.
  • Think about the quality of the ingredients and the service that makes the taste unmatched,
  • Keep in mind the right textures, flavors and temperatures.
  • Look for a properly trained team of waiters who are up to par with first-class events, with a speed of service that makes each person feel well cared for.

The most important thing to choose a wedding photographer is the follow-up process, an initial meeting to look at the style and colors, digital and physical deliverables, delivery times.

You must keep in mind that it is a photograph in which you imagine yourself, that it captures all the important, natural moments, that it captures all the emotions of the big day.
You can ask about the variety of services within it such as: Wedding photography, pre-wedding, post-wedding.


Do you want a party or do you want something else to late and set the scene?

You choose the rhythm of the wedding and at what times you want the presence of musicians, in fact you can review the setups that the provider has according to the number of guests and the place they have.

You can take into account montages or sound for:

  • Ceremony
  • welcome cocktail
  • group for reception
  • First dance
  • Rumba and crazy hour

We plan your gay marriage in Medellín

That being said, we want you to know that there is no rule that governs the union of two people who love each other, who want to move forward and turn their relationship into something more serious.

So be very happy because you can make your dream of marrying the person you love come true and best of all, you can put the preparation of your wedding in our hands, we are a reliable team that works to make happy and fulfill dreams of people who seal their love as proof that loving is worth it.

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