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wedding organization

If you already said yes and now you want to know how wedding planning works, here we will tell you some details about this art.

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If you have already said yes and want to know what the process of organizing your wedding is like but you don’t know where to start, this practical guide that we made for you will help you find what you need so that everything goes well, what you should keep in mind account and enjoy stress-free planning.

You’re going to love it!

All-inclusive weddings in Medelín, Antioquia

Contract with Wink and get one of these gifts:

One dessert per person
Two shots of cold powder
Flavored waters
Round of Snacks

Define what type of ceremony they want:

How do you dream? What are your spiritual preferences? religious or symbolic, this helps us to choose a date according to the availability of the place of ceremony and father in case they wish.

Choose the location of the reception:

You must keep in mind what the weather is like, that it is easily accessible for your guests, that it is a recognized location and that it has positive comments, that it has enough space and above all that the concept of the location reflects the essence of the couple.

If you already have a clear concept of a place, what you should do is look for places with the concept you want, for example, you can search for botanical places for weddings in Cali, colonial places for weddings in Medellín, several cities in the country can give you this depending on wherever you are, for example in Medellín there is a place called Casa Cartagena, it is a beautiful place with rustic and colonial.

What is your budget?

In a wedding, the budget is an important issue and it is what will define the type of wedding you are going to have. The important thing is to be clear about it so that you can start contacting suppliers and compare them for their quality.

We propose 2 alternatives to use your budget at the wedding

  1. Go spending as you hire services: for this there is no money limit, you simply spend according to what you want to hire.
  2. Establish a global budget and not spend more.

At the time of contracting, however, it should always be more important to compare several providers not for their price but for their quality, you can review several options that fit the budget and decide on the one you like the most.

Choose the services


You should keep in mind that:
The personality of the person who will organize the event or of the guests will be reflected in each element of your event.

So: Look for decorations that provide a special and dynamic atmosphere, remember that everything will depend on the type of wedding you have as this indicates the definition of the color palette, concepts and above all, a team that is capable of transforming your ideas into a project. came true.

Some decoration points that you can keep in mind are:
– Ceremony
– Centerpieces
– Dessert table
– Backing of photos


  1. Look for a value proposition that catches your attention in that provider,
    For example, in our case we look for innovation, quality and agility. You must find that promise of value that gives you the peace of mind to hire.
  2. Think about the quality of the ingredients and the service that makes the flavor unmatched.
  3. Keep in mind the right textures, flavors and temperatures.
  4. Look for a properly trained team of waiters who are up to par with first-class events, with a speed of service that makes each person feel well cared for.


The most important thing is the follow-up process, an initial meeting to look at the style and colors, digital and physical deliverables, delivery times.

You must keep in mind that it is a photograph in which you imagine yourself, that it captures all the important, natural moments, that it captures all the emotions of the big day.
You can ask about the variety of services within it such as: Wedding photography, pre-wedding, post-wedding, quinces, photo studio.


Do you want a party or do you want something else to late and set the scene?

you choose the rhythm of the wedding and at what times you want the presence of musicians, in fact you can review the setups that the provider has according to the number of guests and the place they have.

You can take into account montages or sound for:

  • Ceremony
  • welcome cocktail
  • group for reception
  • First dance
  • Rumba and crazy hour

Choose the dress and suit:

You have already chosen the place and you know what the weather is like, you have already chosen the time at which you want to do the reception, so we already know how we want our dress to be.

Some tips are:

  • Do not bring many people to the measurement, only the most important people so that they do not get filled with many opinions.
  • That it be the desired dress or suit but that it does not get in the way of comfort, as that can cause problems when the event is taking place.
  • Do several tests even a month before, because the weight or measurements may have changed.
  • In the case of the bride, you can consider the idea of having two dress options, one elegant and another more versatile for the party time and in the case of the groom, a suit that does not get too hot and that he can remove the jacket when start the event but keeping the style of the main man of the party.

Wedding Planner:

They are people who accompany you from the planning day or who arrive only that day to take care of everything, accompany you to meetings, help you make decisions with suppliers and make your load lighter.

Attach each service a link to the page, photos and things that take them to another page of ours.

Let’s do it

Holding an event is like starting a very special project, with a different purpose and details but which turns into an important and unforgettable day.

This guide is what we consider to be the most important when planning a wedding, as you can see, it is something that takes a lot of work and in which you have to be very attentive to the details since these are the ones that make the difference. . If after reading this you think you need help, in wink you will find everything you need for your wedding, we adjust it to your needs and budget so that your wedding planning is from scratch and stress-free.

We wish you every success in organizing your wedding and that you enjoy the process!

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