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The meaning of silver weddings and how to celebrate them successfully

El significado de las bodas de plata y cómo celebrarlas con éxito

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The wedding anniversary celebration is a very special event, spending many years with your partner after the wedding is a symbol of union and strength, each anniversary is celebrated, but some are more special than others.

One of these anniversaries is the silver wedding, it means that the couple has spent many years together, specifically a quarter of a century, so celebrating it is more than a tradition, it is a tribute to the couple. Know its meaning and how to celebrate it.

It is an anniversary of couples that are celebrated when they have been married for 25 years, the meaning of the silver wedding anniversary is nothing more than strength, love, strength and courage, there are many synonyms that define it, the truth is that it is a whole I managed to be with your partner a quarter of a century.

This is not the only celebration that is done, when they have been married for a while the first weddings that are celebrated are the iron ones, these are done in the 6 years of marriage, although their celebration is simpler. At the age of 10 the bronze ones are celebrated.

These symbolize strength, although the meaning of the silver wedding is different, since it is a semi-precious metal, which represents the value of the years lived as a couple, which is why they are celebrated in style.

Steps to celebrate the silver wedding

The wedding anniversary symbology has a lot of meaning, which is why it is necessary to commemorate it with all the people close to the couple, when couples turn 25 they are usually the ones who celebrate them with their own budget.

The children may still be small or be in an economic situation that still does not allow them. There are some steps that you must follow before the celebration so that everything goes as you dreamed, the meaning of the silver wedding anniversary also has to do with its commemoration, celebrating love is always a good excuse.

Venue for the celebration

The next thing you should do after defining a budget for the party is to look for places to celebrate your wedding anniversary. If you want to be with the closest and closest people to commemorate the meaning of the silver wedding anniversary, this is a great idea.

If you want an elegant place in Bogotá you can find the Hacienda San Rafael, a classic and colonial place with large green areas, this place is spectacular, you will undoubtedly want to celebrate it here.

If you are going to celebrate it in Medellín and want something more modern, Palau is the place, a country space combined with industrial aesthetics, if you are looking in other cities like Barranquilla or Cartagena you can find them here.

Make sure they are wide spaces so that all your guests feel comfortable. Seek that the location you are going to choose is not too far from your place of residence, it depends on this that all the guests you have in mind can go.

send the invitations

One of the next steps to follow and what you should do when thinking about how to organize a wedding anniversary, is in the invitations, you can only do them when you already have the location defined so that you can tell your guests where to go.

You can do it virtually or physically, the idea is that they arrive 2 or 3 months before the celebration, remember that your guests must be available to go. Indicate why you are inviting them, the date, time and place.

If you want to know the meaning of silver weddings and other anniversaries, we invite you to read the types of wedding anniversaries.

Choose a catering service

As in any celebration, the catering service cannot be missing, no party that lasts 6 hours ends without food, celebrations are characterized by having food, and the celebration of an anniversary is no exception.

The meaning of the silver wedding anniversary would not have the meaning it does without a mutual commitment of the couple, understanding that it is an achievement is cause for celebration. So celebrate the anniversary in style with a good catering service to surprise.

Elige un servicio de catering para tu cena navideña en diciembre

Sound and lighting are very important

Enjoy live music with your partner, a music group that plays their favorite songs is a nice detail, a couple dance to open the party is an ideal surprise for all your guests.

A romantic way with which the true meaning of silver weddings makes sense, sharing this achievement with everyone and the company of good music is a moment that they will remember for many years.

Write the new vows, renewing them is a symbolic act

A perfect pretext for the renewal of marriage vows is to do so, during the celebration of the meaning of the silver wedding, renewing them is the greatest manifestation of love and commitment.

You can do it through a symbolic ceremony in the same place where they are going to celebrate it, a very nice way to do it is to revive the marriage, where each one wears a groom’s suit and a wedding dress, if they still have the wedding dress, they can use them for relive the moment

Wedding and anniversary planners for silver weddings

Any party or celebration requires time and effort for it to turn out as it is wanted, without a good event provider it is very difficult for everything to go more than well, the best thing you can do is hire an event organizer with everything you need .

Wink Events is the best place to make your silver wedding celebration unforgettable. We are the zero stress provider in Bogotá, Medellín Barranquilla and Cartagena. Locations and quality services.

Do not think twice, celebrate the meaning of the silver wedding in style, remember, not every couple lasts 25 years and can celebrate it however they want, we accompany you at every step of the celebration.

Organizadores de bodas y aniversarios para las bodas de plata

If you have come this far, it is because you already know what the true meaning of silver weddings is, celebrate it as a couple with everyone you love, at Wink we are the best allies in design and event planning.

Get to know all our offer on our website, choose your favorite location and let’s start planning your ideal event.

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