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5 steps to plan a themed wedding with style.

5 pasos para planificar una boda temática con estilo.

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There are many styles of decoration at the time of planning a themed wedding that mark a personal seal of the bride and groom, choosing the one that best represents the personality of both is ideal.

Knowing how to plan a themed wedding is an art, they are going to need a lot of help, that’s why we have 5 steps that you should follow to have a sensational themed wedding.

It does not matter if it is a simple or large wedding theme, all of them must comply with some steps so that it turns out the way you want it, some themes are easier to do than others, it all depends on your tastes.

These are some types of themes to plan a wedding that are trending, elegant, with style and identity, choose the one that inspires you the most and let’s start planning your wedding together.

Vintage themed wedding: it is a concept widely used in Colombia by some couples who want a different experience for their wedding, it is about elements with old touches, raw and warm tones, the perfect combination for outdoor decoration.

Vintage style weddings are characterized by having retro elements, decoration with carpets, old telephones, paddle bikes, aged cabinets and many more elements that make up a vintage decoration.

Urban glam wedding: The urban or glam wedding concept is characterized by having a thematic style with a lot of brightness, neon lights, dark tones, and all the aesthetics of the city.

The locations for these weddings are spacious spaces with matte black metal structures, warm lights and modern furniture. The decoration for weddings in an urban glam-style hall is wonderful. Planning a glam wedding is quite an experience.

Boho chic theme and concept: Ideal in country decoration for weddings, weddings with this style seek to highlight natural elements and stimulate the senses in the attendees, how about the senses? It is quite an experience textures, smells and particular colors.

The ideal place to celebrate the boho chic wedding is outdoors, altars for the ceremony with many flowers and ornamental plants, fabrics, textures and intense colors, a combination of vintage and rustic elements in the same place.

Choose a budget

In weddings and events there must always be more than one budget, planning a wedding must be done in an organized way, having a budget helps you to know what you can and cannot have at your wedding.

If you choose many flowers for decoration, the price of the wedding will increase, especially if they are too elaborate flower arrangements.

It is an important step to plan a themed wedding, defining small budgets for each thing helps you define quantity and quality, the most expensive is the rental of wedding halls and food service.

Choose the theme of the wedding

Choosing the theme when planning a wedding makes it easier for you to organize the reception, finding harmony in the choice of decoration is essential, you don’t have to have a theme, but what is certain is that it will mark your own style.

No photo will be impressive without the right conditions, the decoration, the aesthetics and the location make a difference in a photograph, remember that the dress code must match the theme of the wedding.

Let the location set the theme of the party

Planning a themed wedding in the ideal place saves you a lot of time and money, sometimes the locations have the perfect environment and natural elements that perfectly complement the theme you chose.

Rustic settings are perfect for any type of wedding, the themes that we recommend have rustic touches in their decoration, so any location that has a rustic touch will be perfect for any theme.

Que la locación ambiente la temática de la fiesta

Furniture and decoration according to the theme

If you chose an urban glam theme, you should make sure that the decoration of the location is elegant and with electric colors, if the wedding centerpieces with glass cylinders and warm lights combine perfectly with this type of style.

The details are important, modern, rustic or glamorous touches in the furniture for the wedding can make the difference in a theme, remember that the decoration is the perfect complement to set the decor of a location.

Lamps, sofas, rugs, flowers or centerpieces must be in complete harmony with the theme of the reception, yes, always choose some light tones to give a touch of lighting to the wedding.

Stylish catering service

Surprise everyone with a well-presented catering service, caterers and confectioners know how to complement a decor with the presentation of each dish.

Things as simple but essential as food have the ability to generate unique experiences for guests. If your wedding has a boho chic theme, the food must be very fresh and colorful.

Ask that the decoration of the dessert table be the one that is most in keeping with the theme, this table will undoubtedly have all the attention of the guests at the party, so make sure that its decoration is creative and impeccable.

Find event organizers with everything you need.

Planning a themed wedding on your own can take a lot of time. To organize any event, in this case a wedding, you need well-organized logistics.

Wanting to coordinate all the suppliers can take away time that you can invest in other activities for the wedding, such as choosing the wedding dress and that of the bridesmaids.

Without a doubt, with a suitable wedding provider you will save money, time and you will take a load off your shoulders, they have all the knowledge about who can provide a good service for the wedding, quality suppliers for catering, furniture and decoration.

At Wink events we understand that each wedding is different, which is why we adapt to your needs and support you throughout the process of designing, planning and materializing your wedding.

5 tips for suppliers for events and parties that can help you when hiring yours for your wedding.

pozo chico centro de eventos en Bogotá

You already know what you need to plan a themed wedding, as you realized, hiring a provider to help you with the entire wedding process is super important, especially if your wedding is in a few months.

At Wink events we are an ally, a team and a friend specialized in creating, planning and achieving the wedding of your dreams. Plan your wedding with us and enjoy the whole process with your partner.

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