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Types of wedding dress: the 5 most flattering styles according to your body

There are many types of wedding dress that flatter your body, but not all styles go with your personality, choose the one you like best among these 5.
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There are many types of wedding dress that flatter your body, but not all styles go with your personality, choose the one you like best among these 5.

The planning of a marriage goes through different moments and one of them is the choice of the wedding dress, this is one of the most important decisions for the bride, she needs it to be perfect for that day.

Here we bring you different types of wedding dress that can favor you a lot, choose the one you like best according to your personality and look like a princess on the most anticipated day.

Advice for choosing the ideal type of wedding dress

Before starting to look for types of wedding dress, the most important thing you should do is define the concept of the wedding, if it is a vintage, country or glam style wedding, the style of the dress and the fabric you are going to depend on. to choose.

Look for a person to accompany you and help you in the election, it must be someone who knows you, this person must not be confused, they must support you.

There are many types of fabric for a wedding dress, each indicated for each type of marriage, for example, satin fabric is used for wedding dresses for a very elegant wedding or chiffon for more conceptual weddings such as vintage ones.

You must know very well the type of body you have, a dress indicated for people with an hourglass or inverted triangle body type is not the same, these are the body types of a woman, identify yours!

  • Apple shape: This type of body is characterized by having a rounded and wide shape in the belly area, types of wedding dress with an empire cut should be chosen, with a wide skirt from the waist.
  • Triangle type: this type of is has wider hips, narrower waist and narrow shoulders, look for a dress with a V-neckline or with more attention-grabbing details on the top of the dress
  • Rectangular body type: Here almost all the angles are right, they are body types in which the shoulders, waist and hips measure almost the same, opt for dresses with wide skirts and that accentuate your waist.
  • Hourglass: the curvier body type, the bust and hips are more prominent, it is characterized by having a smaller waist, mermaid type dresses are ideal for this body type
  • Inverted triangle: this is distinguished by having the shoulders and torso wider than the hips, for this body shape types of wedding dress with wide skirts from the waist should be used.

For short brides, an A-line dress or a dress with straighter lines is recommended to give the illusion that you are taller.

Mermaid cut

All types of wedding dress that exist have styles for each personality, the colors of wedding dresses vary according to your preferences, some are red, others are black or white and beige, the latter are the most common.

The best choice of dress depends on many variables, such as the wedding concept, body type, climate and style of the bride. The mermaid cut dress is ideal for all women who want to highlight their figure.

If you are invited, look for dresses to attend a daytime wedding with flower prints, or pastel tones, make sure the fabric is fluid and light.

They are dresses that enhance the sensuality of women, these types of wedding dress are the most chosen, the best fabrics for wedding dresses are those that allow the skin to breathe, that are soft and comfortable.

Make sure that the dress has a brooch in the back so that you can easily trim the train and that you can dance and walk around the room more calmly.

Boho chic a different style

The types of wedding dress with this style tend to be more fluid, with tulle-like fabric and many details such as flowers, it is ideal for rectangular body types as long as it has a wide skirt, for inverted triangle and apple types.

Choose fresh dresses for beach weddings, flowing and fresh fabrics are ideal, you can choose tulle or chiffon fabric.

If the concept of your wedding is vintage or country, this type of dress is ideal, find locations with large spaces and green areas where you can take spectacular photos with your partner, the dress will undoubtedly be the protagonist.

princess cut

This is the perfect dress for all brides who dream of a wedding like a fairy tale, a dress that stands out for its wide skirt that falls rounded from the waist to the feet.

It is the typical Disney princess dress, ideal for those with an apple shape and inverted triangle, it flatters very well and harmonizes the appearance of each bride, making her the center of attention.

To wear these dresses in style, we recommend locations such as Hacienda San Rafael in Bogotá and Voilá in Envigado Antioquia, they have the best of nature and modern and colonial architecture

Códigos de vestuarios para eventos especiales, vestido de bodas tipo princesa

Line A for the most versatile

Although it is similar to the princess-cut dress, this style of dress is less voluminous, the fall of its skirt forms a kind of letter A, which is why it is called A-line, this is one of the most popular types of wedding dress. chosen by them.

Flowing fabrics such as chiffon are perfect for large skirts or with moderate volume such as type A or triangle type.

Ideal for those brides who have an inverted triangle body type, the fall of the skirt is more subtle, it goes from the waist to the feet, it is a quite classic and elegant dress, you are surely going to love it.

Empire court

This type of wedding dress is perfect for women who want a more classic and romantic option. This dress has straight lines so it does not mark too much the curves of the bride’s body.

For those who are not getting married in church and do not want a traditional dress, women’s suits for civil weddings are an elegant and sophisticated option.

You can tell them apart because they are tight on the bust and the skirt falls from the waist very fluidly. With this dress you will feel very comfortable at all times. This dress is inspired by the Roman era. This dress is ideal for the pear or triangular body type.

Once you have the dress, start with the wedding reception.

Remember that before looking for the dress and the locations for your wedding, the first thing you should do is choose a concept or theme, under this line you must choose everything corresponding to the celebration.

Make sure you choose a wedding provider who understands everything you want and can bring it to life just as you dreamed of. During the planning of your wedding everything should revolve around the theme so you will find harmony in every detail of your wedding.

The types of wedding dresses most used for weddings are A-line and mermaid cut, they are quite flattering for all body types.

In order for the wedding reception to be perfect, you must find a wedding planner who has all the suppliers in one place, in this way you will have an easier time communicating everything you want for that day.

At Wink Eventos we have all the necessary services to make your wedding day an unforgettable experience, the best locations, furniture and services are with us, start planning your wedding with us and forget about all the stress of the preparations.

You already know which are the types of wedding dress that can favor your body the most, remember that everything must contrast on your wedding day, so choose a dress according to the concept of the celebration.

Get the best places and services for weddings at Wink Eventos, you are just one step away from your dream wedding, find out everything we have for you on our website and start planning your wedding with us.

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