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Differences between civil and religious marriage

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There are a number of differences between civil and religious marriage, although at first glance we do not find so many between these two types of wedding, differences that can be decisive when choosing what type of marriage or wedding you will carry out and which one you can carry out .

Among the factors that come into play when choosing what type of wedding you and your partner are going to promote, are: religious beliefs, the preferences of each one and the marital status of both.

Today we want to explain the difference between these two types of marriage, and if you are looking for information about it, you came to the right place.

civil marriage

The figure of civil marriage refers to the union or link between two people through a contract, through which both parties have rights and obligations. This marriage can be legally broken by an agreement between both parties, known as a divorce.

To carry out a civil marriage you must take into account that you and your partner (if both are single), must meet certain requirements, we leave them below:

  • You and your partner must fill out the civil marriage application authenticated before a notary
  • Copy of your identity documents
  • Civil records, issued no more than 30 days before
  • They must be over eighteen years of age, to marry freely
  • They must be accompanied on their wedding day by two witnesses
  • Power of attorney, in case one of the contracting parties cannot be present

It is important that you keep in mind that this type of marriage can be made official in any location, and you can even do it as a symbolic wedding.

religious marriage

religious marriage

Unlike civil marriage, religious marriage covers various types of marriage, within these, Jewish marriage, Catholic marriage, Christian marriage.

Of the types of religious marriage that we have mentioned above, Catholic marriage, in particular, must take place in a Catholic church or parish, due to religious precepts, other marriages may be officiated and/or celebrated outside a temple.

On the other hand, and in comparison to civil marriage, this type of (religious) wedding is totally linked to religious precepts and beliefs, for this reason and unlike civil marriage, in religious marriage there is no such figure as divorce.

The requirements to carry out the Catholic marriage are:

  • Baptismal certificate, for marriage, previously issued in a period of time not exceeding three months
  • Birth certificate
  • If either of the contracting parties is under eighteen years of age, they must present their parents’ permission
  • Confirmation item
  • Certificate of preparation to receive the sacrament
  • Original ID and copy of the contracting parties

The requirements to carry out the Jewish marriage are:

  • Present the marriage certificate of the parents
  • The man must present proof of having done the bar mitzvah

The requirements to carry out a Muslim marriage are:

  • birth certificate
  • two witnesses
  • Permission or participation of the father or a guardian (for the wife)

It is important to note that Islam allows divorce

The requirements to carry out a Christian marriage are:

  • premarital course
  • Previously celebrated civil marriage

We hope you make the best decision about the type of marriage you want to have and most importantly that you enjoy this important day in your life.

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