Vow renewals

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Do you want to renew your vows and relive the experience?

Everything you need to make it like the first time

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House Cartagena
the perfect place
for your renewal of vows in Medellin

Raise your hands those who have dreamed of having their dream party in Cartagena!

Over there we are seeing several hands…

If we told you that there is a location a few kilometers from Medellin where there is a colonial house, which evokes the architecture of Cartagena, with walls that are still made of mud, surrounded by Curaçaos. And if we told you that it is also very rural, surrounded by trees, a green lawn and a deck with pine trees as a backdrop, where eternal love is usually the protagonist, where the guests and the little lights in the air witness the “Yes I accept”.

Casa cartagena eventos en Medellín

Locations where we have worked

Customize your event as you like

Catering and pastry

The best and most delicious dishes.

Decoration and furniture

According to the theme we can decorate the location.

Photography and video

Save the most memorable moments and relive them whenever you want.

sound and lighting

The perfect touch to make your event the dream day.