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Steps to organize a business congress like a professional

Pasos para organizar un congreso empresarial como todo un profesional

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A business congress is one of the most ambitious events that a company can do, they are the types of events for larger companies and with the greatest logistics that can be had.

The planning of the event must be careful and meticulous so that it goes well. If you want to achieve all the objectives set for the event, what you should do is follow all the steps to organize a congress correctly.

The number of steps to organize a business congress depends on the number of activities or moments that the event has, congresses are made in order to share valuable information for the target audience.

The main objective of the congresses is to keep attendees updated and aware of technological and scientific advances. They serve as a tool to present news to different economic sectors.

Deciding on the theme is one of the first steps

It is important to choose and define the central theme of the congress. The presentations by professionals are focused on sharing knowledge, updates or advances on topics of interest to the attendees.

When you have the theme chosen, it is time to start planning everything around that theme, it is important that the theme be attractive to the public and that it truly generates interest for all attendees.

Define the budget and look for sponsors

This is one of the most important steps to organize a congress, assign an independent budget for each thing within the event, you must consider every detail so that nothing escapes you.

Make a checklist of all scheduled activities, with this you will be clear about how much you can invest in each thing. One way to have a larger budget for the event is to look for sponsors or allied brands.

You can seek sponsorship in money or in kind. Look for a sponsor to take care of the catering service for events, you can invest the money from the catering in other things such as the displacement of the speakers or the location.

Choosing a place to hold the appropriate congress

The place you choose must be ideal, these are steps to organize an event that must be done quickly, without a place the event could not be held. For congresses we recommend choosing large and spacious locations.

One of the steps to organize a congress that you have to do is divide the number of activities into two or three days, sometimes a single day is not enough for so many interventions that must be done. there must be a good supply of knowledge for all attendees, don’t forget that!

The cost of an event hall varies according to its capacity, location and services, having several options helps you choose the best one.

An ideal place for this type of event is Casa Cartagena located in Rionegro Antioquia, it has spacious places, colonial architecture and a covered space for an auditorium-type assembly, ideal for all the presentations by professionals at the event.

Elegir un lugar para celebrar el congreso adecuado

Select activities and presentations for the congress

It is important to organize all the activities and times that the congress will have, keep in mind that the speakers must share valuable information, you must choose them very well, organize them in a varied way between presentations, workshops, and other activities that you have considered for the event .

A schedule of activities for an event must be done in an organized way, you must make two, one for planning and another for the day the event activities take place.

You must contact the professionals for the presentations in advance, this is one of the steps to organize a congress in which you must concentrate, you must guarantee the transport of the speakers and their per diems.

Within the logistics and organization of events, everything must be considered, from the arrival of the speakers to the rehearsal of each activity with them, which is why a business congress must be prepared months in advance so that everything goes well.

Call for the target audience

The call must be made through all possible channels, digital and face-to-face, the piece that is made for the event must contain all the details of the congress, place, opening time, activities, interventions by each speaker and everything corresponding to the event.

Make eye-catching advertising pieces with all the information and promote the event on social networks to have a greater reach.

This is one of the last steps to organize a congress that you must do, before starting with the call, you must have the planning, schedules, suppliers, invited professionals and the place ready.

Logistics organization: catering, furniture and support staff

An event as big as a congress needs enormous logistics and an event organizer company to help you, not only because of the logistics staff for events but because of all the providers that can offer you at the same time.

Going through all the steps to organize a congress without help is not an easy task, the smartest thing you can do is to hire an event planning company that has experience with business conferences.

At Wink Eventos we have quality suppliers, we know what your event needs, we have held more than 400 business events in Medellín, Bogotá, Barranquilla and Cartagena, we have the ideal locations for each type of event.

Organización logística: catering, mobiliario y personal de apoyo

You already know some steps to organize a congress, the next thing you should do is hire good suppliers, the ideal is that they support you in the entire organization of the event, with Wink Events you have everything you need in the hands of professionals.

Describe the business event you need and our expert and professional team will plan it and take care of all the details for you. choose a suitable location, visit our website and start planning your business event with us.

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