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Tips for hiring a professional wedding and pre-wedding photo service.

Hiring a good wedding photo service is a great responsibility, photos are the most beautiful memory of your wedding day, find out how to do it here.
servicio de fotos para boda

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Hiring a good wedding photo service is a great responsibility, photos are the most beautiful memory of your wedding day, find out how to do it here.

The photos are a way to capture the moments lived in the past, a beautiful way to remember an event as important as a wedding. In order for your photos to come out perfect, it is necessary to have an expert wedding photographer.

Today many people think they are photographers just because they have a professional camera. Do not be fooled, avoid having a hard time, follow our advice and hire the best wedding photo service here.

What wedding photo service should I hire?

There are different types of wedding photo services that you can choose from. When you hire a professional wedding photographer, ask him what services he provides, not all photographers offer the same thing, remember that.

The photographer must report the hours available to capture each of the moments of your wedding, on average from 4 to 12 hours.

Keep in mind that the services that they must offer you are printed photos of the wedding and pre-wedding, wedding video, photo album and advice if requested, this is a basic service that you must choose.

The photographer will offer you other services such as aerial shots with a drone, a short movie-type video clip or a photobook that consists of a more personalized and elegant album, all according to the taste of the couple.

The more services you choose, the higher your budget should be, wedding photos are not cheap, especially if you want spectacular photos of that day. Before hiring a service, look for several options, in this way it is easier for you to choose the best one for your wedding.

Don’t sacrifice quality to save a little

A simple or complete wedding photo service can mean a good part of your wedding budget, so if you are thinking of saving a little on your wedding photographs, we recommend that you do not do it, it is a memory for the whole life and must be perfect.

A complete wedding photography service costs an average of one million to two million pesos, this varies depending on the services you add or remove. A simple package is not going to cost the same as one with aerial photos.

Request more than one quote for wedding photos from all the suppliers you have contacted, this will help you to have a balance between price and quality. Have you heard the saying that cheap is expensive? No professional in photography is going to charge you little, the professional costs, so do not sacrifice quality to save.

Make sure the photographer has wedding photography experience.

Not all professional photographers have wedding experience, some specialize in advertising, landscape, product or wedding photography, each one has a different focus, that is why you should make sure that whoever you hire is a wedding and event photographer.

One of the characteristics of a wedding photographer is that he is in the most special moments without you noticing, it is there where he takes the best photographs, everything must fit here, the landscape or location, the framing of the two and the ideal moment .

When looking for a wedding photo service, specify the word wedding or marriage so that you can find the right person to capture the best moments of the most anticipated day.

One of the tips for weddings that we always give is to try to find a location with the photography service included, surely the photographer already knows the place well and the best corners or spaces to take great photos.

Check that the delivery times of the album are adequate

One of the things that you must be clear about when hiring a wedding photo service is the delivery times, nothing more worrying than the delivery time has passed and your photos have not yet arrived.

We know that the anxiety to see each of the moments photographed at your wedding is great, which is why you must be very clear when you speak with the photographer and request delivery times based on this and you decide whether to adapt to them or not.

On average, a professional wedding photographer takes about 2 to 4 months to deliver all the material for your wedding, depending on the amount of material and the changes or editions you have requested, so be patient, good things take time but arrive .

Qué servicio de fotos para boda debo contratar

Review the wedding photo service contract before signing it

Avoid inconvenience by omitting steps as important as reading the wedding photo service contract. This contract must specify the services to be provided.

The delivery times, the means of payment, the number of photographs and the format in which they will be delivered must be specified in the contract and must have been previously agreed between the couple and the photographer.

It does not matter if you hire the photographer with your wedding provider or independently, always read the contract, with that you can avoid legal processes or in case the photographer does not comply with you, you can make the legal claim.

The number of photos delivered should be according to your budget

If you hire a wedding and pre-wedding photo service, you should know that the budget increases, the photographer will be in charge not only of your wedding photos, but also of the photos before the ceremony.

One of the things that the photographer must do is choose the places to take pre-wedding photos, with a complete package with these photos increases because they are two different services, even if they are for your wedding.

Tell the photographer what the theme of your wedding is, so he can choose the most suitable photography concepts for yours.

The photographer will offer you several packages with a specific number of photographs, you must choose the best one according to your type of wedding. Large weddings with a larger protocol will need a greater number of photos to capture the majority of moments.

Ask your wedding provider if they have the trusted photography service

If you are just starting your wedding preparations, surely you have already looked for providers for the reception, the best advice we can give you is to get the wedding photo service in the same place of the location.

If it makes you anxious to find a good photography provider for your wedding, when looking for the rental of wedding halls, ask what are the services that are included with the hall, if the photography service is included, request more information.

Ask your provider for a book of photos from the photographer so that you know the quality of their work, so you will be convinced that their service is good for what they want to have at their wedding.

Hire all the services for your wedding in one place

There are many suppliers for a wedding that you can get in different places, the suppliers of flowers, decoration, furniture, catering service and sound, can you imagine getting them all in different places and coordinating them yourself? It would be too stressful, we know.

The best advice we can give you is not about how to choose a good wedding photo service, the most important thing is to find a good wedding planner, so that the photos of your wedding day come out perfect, your wedding must be perfect.

Although there are not many companies that offer all the services in one place, at Wink Eventos we offer you a personalized, comprehensive and tailor-made plan that frees you from all the stress that planning a wedding generates.

Yes, we also have a photography service so that your wedding is remembered over time as one of the most magical and unforgettable days of your life. Learn about all our services on our website. Prepare the best angles as a couple, the photos will speak for themselves!

Contrata todos los servicios para tu boda en un solo lugar

We are delighted that you have come this far, you know that hiring a wedding photo service is not something that can be done hastily, you must inform yourself well and take the time to search and find a good photographer.

That search can be reduced a lot with Wink Events, we are the trusted provider that supports you in every step of planning your wedding, hire your wedding photography and video and go to the landline with us, plan your wedding.

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