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Still don’t know what types of weddings exist? check it here

If you want to know what types of weddings exist, we will tell you, there are too many. Love has many ways of writing, here we tell you some.

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Love has many ways of being written, practiced, demonstrated and lived, but deep down, its essence remains the same.

We constantly see couples demonstrating their love in front of an altar or perhaps in India, in a symbolic wedding or who knows, the point is that there are several ways to seal a pact, a commitment, a promise of friendship, complicity and support, so if You are one of the people who are passionate about different things, you must know what types of weddings exist and devise how it would be best for you and your partner.

And if you’re here, it’s because you’re getting married or you want to, either one is more than valuable.

Some couples get excited about the wedding celebration, the wardrobe, the dinner and countless details, of course that is understandable, we do not get married every day, it has to be a magical day, that makes you feel like the most wonderful person in the world. world, because love, it’s not that easy, when you feel the beat, it’s like you never want to go back and just keep making music with that sound.

But it is also true that all that movie you put on must be planned and you must first choose what kind of wedding you want.

I will tell you about three types of marriages: civil, symbolic or religious.

Civil marriage

The first one that I am going to mention to you is a commitment that can arise for different reasons. One of those reasons, it may be that one of the members of the couple has already been married before, if so, they could not do it again, so they resort to the civil wedding. But it is also true that many couples do it because they are not believers, but something they do believe in is love.

And well, there may be a thousand reasons, but these are usually the most common. Although I forgot to mention you, those couples who prefer something simple and fast, it is just as exciting, sometimes the little things can have greater meaning.

Since you know about civil weddings, I will tell you a little about Catholic ones. These are well known, here in Colombia they are usually very common

religious marriages

They are those that are celebrated with the desire that heaven be the one to give them shade and guide them on that new path that they are going to walk hand in hand. A priest is in charge of sealing the pact with some very moving words: “I declare you, husband and wife”, immediately the lovers kiss and leave the Church, parading along the carpet that will lead them to the beginning of a new life as a couple. .

symbolic marriage

I will tell you about the next marriage, it has been all the rage in recent years, couples are breaking schemes and looking for ways to get married, very different from their cultural traditions, but that is great because they find magic and believe that this type of marriage is unique. .

The symbolic ones, these ceremonies are characterized by not wanting to complicate things with paperwork and legal things, they are a couple that knows where they are going and want to move forward, so a symbolic wedding celebrates that commitment in a more spiritual way, without labels, without the need of some divine approval.

They come together with an exercise that is done with sand and signifies the union, there is also the one that is done with fire, according to legend, it burns the intentions and converts them into energy.

You could already see different ways to get married, but don’t think that you already know everything, you still have a long way to go, but don’t worry, we take care of everything, so that you have zero stress. Learn more about this, contacting us.

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