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Catering for Events

Event catering is what we call catering or banqueting. Learn everything you need to know here.

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Catering for Events

What is catering service?

The catering service is what we call the supply of food or banquet, it goes from the food that is served, drinks, waiters, to the furniture, glassware, table linen, and everything that is needed for the dish to be on the table. , this service is essential in events, whether social, business or private, it is one of the most important services of the event since it is the starting point of an event, a good catering leaves the guests satisfied to continue celebrating or can leave them for the otherwise uncomfortable, heavy, sick or bothersome.

This service goes from the food that is served to the waiter who receives and collects the dishes.

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Event catering service

Many ballrooms, hotels and companies in the industry provide this service together with the rental of their facilities, since it is one of the most important services in an event.

It is important to know in detail all the services included in the package you hire and you must previously have everything you need well defined so that this part of the event is perfectly coordinated.

Equipment for catering service

Here you also have to consider transportation, it is a fundamental added value. It is recommended that the company in charge is located near the room so that the food stays fresh and prevents its decomposition.

You must keep in mind that if the venue of the event does not have a kitchen, you should discuss it with the company you hire so that they themselves can take care of installing a provisional kitchen to attend to all the service.

menu for catering service

Investigate several companies, check if they are of national, international or author cuisine, how many times the menu they propose has or what suitable combinations can be made, the most important thing: to know the available menus, the most requested and the recommended ones and if they have a special request ask if the company has the capacity and knowledge to develop said dish.

depending on the type of guests you have, look for the catering company to provide you with an inclusive menu: for vegetarians, vegans, children’s menu or diabetic people, each person should feel part of the party and you probably have one with a special diet, keep in mind Taking this great detail into account will ensure that everyone fully enjoys the celebration.

catering test

Make an appointment with them and ask for a catering test, it is at this point that you realize what kind of flavor it has, what the quality is like, what the waiter service is like, how the table is served, take the opportunity to look at the beginning In order not only what is served but how it is served, ask for several options, do not stay with just one, explore options such as appetizers, starters, strong dishes, dessert and drinks, also take the opportunity to ask the exact weight of each protein.

There must be a person who accompanies you to the test, be it the chef, a kitchen assistant or the person who is the planner of the event, it must be someone willing to take all the notes and decisions that you make at the end of the event, if they can take a photo or register what the dish looks like much better, in this way you have the guarantee of knowing what the dish that will be served on the day of the event is like.

You can rely on real photos that the catering company has of its events, reviews and comments on its website and social networks, always looking for a way to feel more confident with this provider, at Wink, we are leaders in catering services with more than 300 events executed, you know that our menu will always be waiting for you and your guests, we are here to serve you.

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