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5 Expert Tips for the Making of Wedding Centerpieces

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Dress, venue, catering? Check! But what about wedding centerpieces? No idea? At Wink we created a guide with our decoration experts to help you.

We cannot deny that when it comes to wedding decoration, the centerpieces take a leading role, so much so that some guests wait until the last moment of the party to take them home as a souvenir of the big day. For this reason we aim for irresistible centerpieces! At the same time, centerpieces must complement the style of the bride and groom.

To accomplish this, follow these tips that will surely help you to have the best wedding decor.

If you go to Google and type “Wedding Centerpiece Ideas” you will find over 15 million different results. How to choose between so many options? Before losing your mind, start looking at each design and narrow down your style. This will help you make a better decision.

  • Do you plan on having a vintage, hipster, boho or shabby chic wedding? Make use of green foliage and flowers such as paniculata, accompanied by metal buckets, chests, trunks, old books, lanterns and colored glass.

  • For a rustic or outdoor wedding, focus on using wood, cut tree trunks, bamboo, wicker, jute, fabrics, and natural wild flowers.

  • If your wedding is a classic and elegant style, cups, glasses, containers of various sizes, candlesticks, candles and golden threads will be your best ally. You can combine them with the most glamorous flower, the rose.

  • Are you getting married at a place like the beach? Feel free to use round fish bowls, boats, artificial starfish, pebble stones, ribbons and fire torches along with flowers such as gardenias, lilies and carnations, the latter being super resistant to high temperatures.

  • If the urban and industrial style appeals to you, use colored stones, bottles, garlands of lights, flowers such as tulips, chrysanthemums, dry branches and even colored fruits in your decoration.

Stick to your color palette

A wedding color palette serves as a guide for your wedding planner and decorators to work around the colors you chose for your wedding. These colors should complement each other, have a functional contrast and ensure that visually every decor aspec is harmonious and uniform.

We share some colors combinations that will give you the original touch that you are looking for:

  • Elegant and Classic Weddings: Use colors such as white, pastel colors and on trend, such as nude pink or pastel peach.

  • Vintage Weddings: Make pale pink or yellow tones predominate, along with earth colors with an aged appearance.

  • Rustic or Country Weddings: they are perhaps the most versatile when choosing colors, you can base yourself on the green that you will have around you and combine it with touches of red, orange, blue and even pastel tones.

  • Beach weddings: White will always be in fashion in this type of celebration, to make it look fresher and more alive, use flowers of explosive colors such as fuchsia, turquoise, and even orange.

  • Urban and industrial weddings: Neutral tones such as white, beige, gray tones and black predominate in these weddings. Therefore, your centerpiece should provide that extra touch of light and color, with flowers in light blue, yellow, orange, and gold or copper elements.
Hacer centros de mesa para Bodas

Seasonal Flowers

This is perhaps one of the best kept secrets in the world of decoration. But at Wink, we like to give you the inside scoop. Did you know that by choosing flowers that are in season you can reduce costs and support local flower producers?

Ideally, you should confirm with your decorator, according to your wedding date, which flowers would be available in that season and choose them accordingly. If these flowers don’t make the cut, you can always get flowers out of season. Keep in mind that this will bring in its own challenges as flowers can be expensive to obtain and hard to secure.

The shape of the tables, the space and the light

This secret tip is one of our favorites because it leaves no room for error. It helps us to achieve that symmetry and uniformity that we talked about earlier, so stick to these rules to achieve great results:

  • If the tables are oval or round, a centerpiece with the same shape will look better.

  • If you want a large, rectangular banquet-style table, you’ll want to aim for table runners style centerpieces that can be straight..

  • If the tables are square, you can consider centerpieces in the same way, with angled profiles.

Remember that space and light greatly influence the perception of decoration. If your celebration is outdoors, you will not need to add more shades of green. If it is a closed space, your centerpieces with lit candles or white flowers will serve to illuminate the space.

The size and height

Have you ever had to do the impossible to be able to see or speak to the person on the other side of the table because the centerpieces are so tall? Size does matter when it comes to centerpieces! and a simple rule that we can apply is: large environments allow more prominent centerpieces, while smaller spaces are better suited with minimalist, low and simple decorations.

Como hacer centros de mesa para bodas

At Wink, we create original weddings inspired by the style of each couple. If you want us to help you with your decoration, do not hesitate to count on us and our experts. Remember, centerpieces should not be a headache but rather a stylistic adventure. We want to be your partners in that adventure.

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