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How to celebrate a wedding anniversary?

Learn about several options to celebrate a wedding anniversary only here at winkeventos.

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Don’t know how to celebrate a wedding anniversary? The second most important event after your marriage and honeymoon in your love story is the anniversary. At Wink we celebrate love, union and your happiness with you, for this reason, we want to give you a list of options or ideas to celebrate, so that you can celebrate your wedding anniversary.

Go back to the place where you met

Be surprised, go back to the place where you met or, failing that, to that place that holds the best memories of your relationship, make a reservation at a nearby restaurant or a hotel if there is one, so that you have a romantic night, also contemplate the possibility of late in the place and ask for a good bottle of wine to toast. The perfect plan.

a second honeymoon

Surprise your partner with a symbolic trip in this first year of marriage, to help them relive their honeymoon. A second honeymoon that has the importance, transcendence and lives up to a wedding anniversary.

One option would be to design cards as a plane ticket that indicates the destination, the date, time and the name of your partner, you can give it to your partner a couple of weeks before (depending on the destination they are going to), at breakfast time or a romantic dinner. Those little details make the difference.

He asks for her hand again

Marry me

On this special date, there are many ways to celebrate an anniversary in a symbolic way and with many love phrases, but this time do it in a place where she has always wanted to travel, you could do it in a symbolic way, that is, you could give her a ring that she likes or that has a phrase that characterizes them and even the date of your anniversary, or why not a necklace with a pendant that has some special meaning for both of you.

party with friends

Summon and gather your closest friends in advance, those who have accompanied you along this path, those who have arrived later and why not those who for some reason could not accompany you on your wedding day.

Organize a trip between the two of you in which you two, your friends and your friends’ couples can enjoy, we give you some ideas: a trip to San Andrés, Santa Marta or Cartagena.

A weekend in a glamping

Valentine’s Day is coming, take advantage and surprise your partner with a reservation in a glamping. This luxury camping trend is here to stay. In these places, you will be able to enjoy nature, a great view and your partner, they will be able to disconnect and have an unforgettable night, while enjoying the comforts of a luxury hotel in the middle of nature, in a romantic getaway.

Here we leave you some of the glamping options that you can find in Antioquia and Bogotá

  • Antioquia: Boatohotel, levit glamping, botanico glamping, bubblesky
  • Bogotá (surroundings) : Under the sky glamping, glamping colombia, kingdome glamping

new rings

If there is something more romantic than a wedding ring, it is a ring to celebrate your first wedding anniversary, so we advise you to choose a piece that represents the value and great love that exists between you and your partner, that remembers that great step that gave and how far they have walked together.

celebrate an anniversary

Romantic dinner

Surprise your partner with a romantic dinner on this first marriage anniversary, in a place far from the city, you can cook something they love or hire a service to attend to them, while they enjoy quality time, have dinner and toast with a delicious bottle of wine.

We hope this article has been helpful to you and your partner and that celebrating your wedding anniversary is an unforgettable event, we wish you much love.

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