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Wedding styles ideal for an unforgettable celebration

There is a wide variety of wedding styles, but today we will take advantage and we will mention the most requested and some that may interest you.

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The couples walk excited because they decided to go one step further, overcome their fear and say yes to building a future, a home and many dreams. So they just hope they can find the perfect style that makes them feel comfortable, because yes, it is very important that this style goes with both of them, so they will feel fresh and calm.

There is a wide variety of styles, but today we will take advantage and mention some that may interest you, if not, we can explore other things and find the ideal one for you.

Classic Wedding

The classic is usually an elegant, sober, delicate wedding. Here the couples prefer something more formal and it is beautiful, these weddings are very recurring, it all depends on the taste of the couple.

Flowers are essential for classic weddings, the bride and groom’s makeup and wardrobe is also very important. This will give them the perfect touch so that everything looks like you dream. In addition, the fragrances that are used to decorate that day must be soft, but without losing the elegant touch.

But hey, to go into details, you can talk to us and we’ll tell you more about classic weddings.

romantic wedding

Romantic weddings have an air similar to the classic ones due to the theme of elegance, colors or also because it is inspired by stories. This is perfect for couples who like the cutest things.

The decoration with lace on the tables and wedding accessories are very characteristic of ceremonies with a romantic style.

hippie wedding

Hippie-style weddings, known as bohemian weddings, are characterized by flowers and dream catchers. They are usually outdoors and are held in summer.

Remember that the hippie style moves through philosophy, peace and love, therefore, it is about creating a harmonious space, where people can feel in the mood and catch the vibes.

For the groom’s suits, something more informal is sought, but without ceasing to be beautiful and suitable for the occasion, it is about finding something fresher with a unique style.

Country or Rustic Wedding

If you have ever seen or attended a wedding decorated with straw and rustic wood frames, they are country weddings that take place outdoors, with a very rustic and calm air, they are more informal and people enjoy them a lot.

Remember the best thing about these weddings is the atmosphere, so try to harmonize the context of the wedding perfectly and if you don’t know how, we’ll do it for you.

Theme Weddings

Themed weddings have been the sensation, here the most important thing is that you find a theme that you and your partner like, for example, if they are movie lovers, they can have a movie wedding or if they love comics, anyway, The thing is that you choose with your fiancé @, a topic that drives them crazy.

It is important that for this type of wedding, everything combines, that is to say that details cannot be left in the air. The centerpieces and decorations have to go according to the chosen theme.

vintage weddings

Vintage weddings are those that want to bring past times to life, for example, the style of the 80’s or the 40’s, it all depends on what you want, you just have to be very careful not to mix the times and achieve the perfect result.

Some couples decide to celebrate this type of outdoor wedding because they can take advantage of the harmonization of nature and decorate some trees. The idea is that you take advantage of every space in your wedding venue, remember that the small details will be the ones that do the magic.

And just as you can choose one of these styles, you can prefer another, we will advise you so that you do not have to worry about preparations or fill your head with responsibilities, we take care of doing everything for you, zero stress. Leave us a message and we will contact you with you as soon as possible.

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