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6 Tips to have a good marriage, Dreamlike!

6 Consejos para tener un buen matrimonio, ¡De ensueño!.

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Before getting married, make sure that you have a good relationship, it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be healthy, the key to having a good marriage is respect, but there are also a lot of things that help to maintain it.

It is useless for your wedding day to be in style, with fanfare if in a year they will no longer be able to sustain that union, in reality the relationship as a couple is very important and sustaining it requires effort.

We have some advice for you but we want you to remember that each couple is different, and they must do their part, it is useless to receive a lot of advice if they do not work every day to maintain the flame of love.

Taking a pre-marital course is important for a reason, it is time to analyze what the relationship is like as a couple and overcome everything that has to be overcome before, in order to have a good marriage in the future.

If you don't want to get married, don't.

We do not exactly have the key to a happy marriage, what for some represents happiness for others may not be, if you feel that you are getting married to fix something broken in the relationship, it is better that you think about it first.

One of the common causes of divorce is poor coexistence and not being able to solve problems in time, a relationship not only ends when love ends, a good relationship determines the stability of the relationship.

That the reasons for getting married are not the number of years they have been together, or the bond of a child, remember that if there is no love, respect and maturity, the relationship cannot be maintained over time.

Having awkward conversations is necessary

Talking about what you don’t like about the relationship with your partner, even if it’s uncomfortable, is necessary. To have a good marriage, you have to have accurate communication, being assertive at all times will prevent you from going through bad times.

So far we don’t know of someone who can read minds or guess what the other is thinking, so don’t give way to assumptions in your relationship, always ask what bothers you.

Having uncomfortable conversations helps build healthy relationships, stop thinking that just because you love your partner or that he or she loves you, they will understand everything that happens to you, talking is necessary!

control emotions

Emotional intelligence is not a matter of the workplace only, it is about all the human relationships we have, the most important is the relationship you have with yourself.

If you don’t know how to control your emotions, you will surely have many problems in your environment. Celebrate your wedding with the peace of mind that you have a good relationship based on respect.

The pillar to have a good marriage is to be empathic with the other, controlling your emotions improves communication, nobody really likes to be yelled at or offended when they are trying to talk to you.

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Respect and communication go hand in hand

Have you heard that phrase that says “when respect is lost, it is because there is nothing anymore” there is nothing more accurate than this, you must understand that respect is something very big but that it occurs in different situations.

It is not only about avoiding verbal conflicts with disrespect, respecting the opinion of the other even if it does not seem correct to you is essential, respecting the spaces of the other is part of this conversation.

Communicate adequately what you want to say, try to be as clear as possible, there should be no room for assumptions because that is where the conflict begins.

Having a good marriage is a continuous construction of one and the other, respecting limits is not an option.

The vows of love in the marriage ceremony are small unbreakable promises where respect and communication are linked, always remember your vows in times of difficulty, that will help you a lot.

Accept changes with love

Nobody stays the same over time, we are beings in constant evolution, what you liked yesterday may not be right now, as a couple you must understand the changes that the other may have.

If these changes affect the relationship, you should discuss it together and work to improve it in common agreement. Love each other regardless of the changes, which, however subtle they may be, can create a dent in the relationship.

Accepting what the other is is part of building respect between the two, we are different beings, with changing personalities, patience is essential to have a good marriage.

Falling in love every day is the key

Love is like a plant, you have to water it every day for it to flourish, it may seem cliché to you but nothing is closer to reality than this phrase, love is cultivated.

Details as simple as remembering a date or paying attention to the conversation are part of the couple’s daily crush, habit is the worst killer of a relationship.

Do not let routine and habit take over your relationship, use the surprise factor to maintain interest, if you know that your partner likes to go for a walk and talk, take the time to do it, quality time falls in love.

If you're going to forgive, forget.

It is very difficult to move on when you are constantly being reminded that you failed and that you made a mistake, if you are willing to truly forgive from your heart, you are going to achieve a good marriage with all that it entails.

Do it for yourself too, healing helps you move forward, no one is exempt from making mistakes, it’s something human, so don’t feel morally judging, try to understand from the heart why your partner failed and work together to improve it.

Accepting that the other can be wrong is the first step, sometimes winning is losing, don’t let your relationship become a competition, you don’t always have to agree on everything.

Now yes, propose to her in a movie location.

Both the places to propose marriage and the places to celebrate weddings must be special, be creative when proposing to your partner, it really must be an unforgettable moment, that does not allow for no for an answer!

To have a good marriage in the sense of the wedding celebration, it is necessary to hire wedding and event companies or a wedding planner to help you with all the preparations for the big day.

The location is everything, the number of guests you can have, the type of decoration and perhaps the catering that you are going to offer depends on it, do not wear yourself out with all the details of planning your wedding.

Focus on working on your relationship every day, so that your marriage is a decision and not an obligation, nothing richer than getting married deeply in love.

Uno se regala y el otro se compra

If you got here it is because you already know everything you need to have a good marriage, it is not only about the party and he does want to, you must build a healthy relationship to maintain a good relationship over time.

At Wink Events we help you plan the marriage proposal, and we accompany you all the time in the organization of your wedding, a dream day in the hands of the best, enjoy this journey called love with Wink.

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