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Bridesmaids for weddings, how many should you have? we tell you.

Damas de honor para boda ¿cuántas debes tener? Te contamos.

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When you think about how to organize a wedding, one of the things that you must keep in mind at all times is the bridesmaids, you must choose them beforehand and know very well how many of them you are going to give this honor to.

How many should you have? There is no mathematical calculation but there are some things that can tell you how many should be for the wedding, here we tell you how many there are and other details that you should take into account.

At a wedding, the bride is the one who needs the most help and support. Organizing or planning a wedding requires a lot of physical and mental effort. Wedding bridesmaids are in charge of making things easier for the bride.

The bridesmaids accompany the bride in choosing the dress, they are something like a kind of advisors, they also give ideas and support the bride in everything that has to do with decorating the room or location.

The bridesmaids can accompany you to try the rehearsal dinner, desserts and cocktails, more palates help you make a better decision.

When planning an event as big as a wedding, there will always be a number of emotions, that’s when the company of the bridesmaids becomes so necessary, giving emotional support to the bride is essential.

According to the number of guests is the number of bridesmaids

Don’t worry, it’s not a mathematical calculation, but if you can make an estimate to find out how many bridesmaids a wedding has, you just have to be clear about the number of guests who are going to attend the wedding.

If you have 100 guests, two or three bridesmaids is more than enough, but if this number increases, ideally there should be one bridesmaid for every 40 or 50 guests.

One of the tips for weddings is that you have 2 to 8 bridesmaids for a wedding, it is not practical to have too many and only have 1 either.

Remember that the bigger the wedding, the more support you will need during the wedding planning, so if your list has already exceeded 200 guests, it is better that you have more than 5 bridesmaids.

Who is chosen to be your bridesmaid.

When you think about who to choose as a bridesmaid, you should take into account how many you are going to have at your wedding, remember that this depends on the number of guests you have, once you are clear, you can choose them among family and friends.

Brides usually choose the bridesmaids for a wedding among their closest friends and family, if you have 4 bridesmaids you can choose a sister or cousin and three or two closest friends, well, that’s up to you.

Why choose such close people? The bridesmaids must generate trust, it is important that you feel comfortable with that person, because they are the one who will accompany you to a lot of things during the preparations.

So it doesn’t matter who you choose, what you must be very clear about is that this person must give you peace of mind and support throughout the process, it’s your wedding and enjoying every moment is ideal.

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How should your bridesmaids dress for a wedding?

There are two ways in which your bridesmaids can be dressed, with the same color but different textures or designs, or the same design with different shades but in the same color palette.

The fabric of the dress for each lady should be smooth, without very flashy prints, remember that all attention should be focused on the bride.

They must be flowing fabrics, long dresses and suitable for the body of each of the bridesmaids for the wedding. If you choose a vintage decoration for the wedding, opt for the bridesmaids’ dresses to have the same color tones.

Make the bridesmaids dresses match the theme of your wedding.

The bridesmaid dress is the second most important thing after choosing the wedding dress and groom suit, there is something very important that you should know, the choice of color must contrast with the decoration of the place.

It is not a rule that combines with the rest of the decoration, although everything in the decoration and theme of the wedding must have harmony, it is also true that it is the bride’s own decision.

Each wedding bride has a favorite color or wishes to have appropriate colors for the time of the wedding, for example if the wedding is during the day, pastel colors such as rosewood or mint green are ideal in the bridesmaids dress for wedding.

It does not matter what color it is, the valuable thing is that the bridesmaids for weddings do not attract more attention than you, remember that they are a complement and support for you, yes, make sure that they look beautiful and that they like the dresses.

Choose a good decoration and furniture for the wedding of your dreams

The choice of decoration and furniture is as important as the dresses of the bridesmaids for a wedding, every detail in the wedding is important, there are many types of event rooms that you can choose from, but the theme you have defines the type of decoration.

When you have the chosen theme, it is time to choose the color palette that you are going to use for the wedding, remember that the dresses for the bridesmaids can have the tones of the color palette for decoration or flowers.

When planning a wedding, the decoration and furniture for weddings is one of the first things you should choose, you can do it in the company of your future husband or the bridesmaids, although the bride and groom do not get much involved in that.

At Wink Eventos we take everything that has to do with planning a wedding seriously, we are wedding planners in Colombia with zero stress, we support you throughout the process without you worrying too much about every detail.

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If you got here, it is because you already know how many bridesmaids for a wedding you can have, at Wink Events we also accompany you in everything you need in the design and planning of the wedding of your dreams.

Delight all your guests and family with a good catering service, confectionery and a dream decoration, visit our website and start planning your wedding now.

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