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What is an outdoor wedding like?

A Pampas Grass wedding from the soul to a symbolic ceremony. Celebrate an outdoor wedding as you always dreamed of.

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Outdoor weddings have something in common: they are romantic weddings.

Because we like green, yellow and sunset weddings, of which you have the sunset of various colors and the night of stars, because the warmth is delicious but also the coolest, that’s why we tell you what we can’t let go if we do an outdoor wedding or in a country location.

The first thing you should think about before doing your outdoor wedding is whether you want the ceremony completely outdoors surrounded by nature or a place with an interior and for this you must think about several things:

Qué debes tener en cuenta si quieres una boda al aire libre.

Si hay invitados adultos

That it’s okay if it’s cold and it’s okay if it’s hot, their health allows them to enjoy themselves in any environment and space, this is super important when it comes to having adult guests, since many limit themselves to enjoying themselves because the conditions of the place don’t allow them to. It allows.

Si hay niños

You need a place where their parents don’t have to worry that something bad might happen to them, where they can feel so free and so much a part of the party that they enjoy it too. A place where mothers can breastfeed, make them sleep or attend to a perhaps urgent need.

Transporte y sus facilidades

We want everyone to find a way to get to our wedding, without ifs and buts and with all the possibilities, but looking at the facilities for your guests to travel is something that must be foreseen,

  • ¿Cuántos tienen carro?
  • ¿Cuántos no y necesitan transporte público?
  • ¿Qué buses pasan cerca al lugar de tu boda?
  • ¿qué tal si alquilamos un bus para todos aquellos que no tienen carro o que tienen pero quieren tomar alcohol?

Un mapa de como llegar a tu boda nunca sobra.

Make sure everyone arrives, no one gets lost, and give details about the type of terrain your guests will be riding. Some will decide not to bring a car and others will decide to use a shared vehicle due to the terrain conditions.

Otros detalles en los que nunca pensamos

¿Necesitamos mobiliario o elementos adicionales?

Tables, rugs, lights, room dividers? get the suppliers you think are necessary to get the furniture you want, remember the essential points to decorate your wedding and that everything goes perfectly:

  • Menaje
  • Centros de mesa
  • Iluminación
  • Arco de ceremonia
  • Una planta de luz por si falla la energía
  • Carpa e iluminación de ser necesaria
  • Luces de feria

Everything you consider necessary for everything to be perfect.

¿Necesitas un kit de emergencias para bodas?

Wedding emergency kits can help you save the day. In it you must include the basics in case an accident occurs, you can also include:

  • Repelentes de mosquitos
  • Limas de uñas
  • Maquillaje
  • Pañuelos desechables
  • Minicostureros
  • Cambios de ropa
  • y todo lo que imagines que te pueda sacar de un aprieto.

El número de meseros para atender tus invitados

Generally, nobody thinks about the waiters and they are the key that everything goes well with your guests. Remember that the ideal is to have 1 waiter for every 15 people to have an optimal service and also keep in mind a coordinator who is aware that the cooking times are correct so as not to be late with the main course.

El clima de la semana

We can’t do anything against the weather, but imagining what can happen is the key to anticipating any unforeseen event. If it is a rainy season, it is better to have a tent, a plan B of where to move the scenes: the welcome cocktail, the ceremony, whatever is necessary.

If there are sunny days you will need umbrellas, fans and details that will look nice when thinking about everyone’s comfort and if you want to be more risky then give hats to your guests.

You already have the location, you know what kind of guests are going to attend and you know the many ways they can attend; also take into account the solutionsIt is to the weather in case of rain or excessive sun. What’s next for a perfect outdoor wedding?

La temática para tu boda al aire libre

You can celebrate your wedding outdoors with any theme, just make sure that everything is well planned and every detail is taken care of in the way you expect.

Pampas grass, bohemian, industrial, botanical or a mix of concepts, whichever you choose.

We recommend a wedding board on Pinterest, a folder on your mobile device or wherever you prefer, because nothing is better than having more inspiration than being able to know how each element of the wedding is with respect to that concept.

Las bodas Pampa Grass: Nuestro tipo de boda favorita al aire libre

Pampa grass weddings all have the same common denominator, they are held outdoors, and although they are confused with boho or rustic style weddings, they can be perfectly adapted to other wedding styles.


Outdoor Pampa Grass Wedding

Momentos al aire lire

Fostering conversation and generating pleasant atmospheres for your guests is the key to a memorable wedding.

Some costeñitas or your favorite beer is the “Must” that many bride and groom want when they leave the ceremony. Flavored sodas for those who do not want liquor, drinks for children and snacks for those who are waiting early for the ceremony.

You should also keep in mind those people who are vegan, vegetarian or allergic, that everyone feels included is the basis for a good celebration.


outdoor wedding moments


Con estos tips te aseguramos que tendrás una boda al aire libre donde nada saldrá mal. En Wink eventos estamos preparados para ayudarte a planear la boda de tus sueños sin que tengas que preocuparte por nada. Si tienes otras dudas o preguntas puedes dejarnos un mensaje en Whatsapp o visitar nuestro blog para ver que otras cosas tenemos para ti.

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