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We turn a space into a complete story: the story of the two

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IGLESIA 2 - Wink Eventos


MESA DE POSTRES - Wink Eventos

Dessert table

MESA DE NOVIOS - Wink Eventos

wedding table

TECHOS - Wink Eventos

Air Arrangements

YUGOS - Wink Eventos

Yokes and Headdresses

RECEPCION - Wink Eventos



symbolic ceremony

We prepare the wedding of your dreams

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We integrate the planning, customization and design of every detail so that your experience is unique. We build with passion the essence and style of your celebration.

We innovate beyond trends!

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We are experts menus for weddings. We constantly innovate hand in hand with expert chefs and we study day by day the latest gastronomic trends for weddings, we evolve and maintain at the highest level of the market.

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