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How can I plan a wedding?

If you are thinking of getting married and do not know how to plan a wedding, here we give you tips and advice so that you have everything under control.

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A marriage should be a reason for happiness, not only for the couple but for family, friends and each and every one of the people who will accompany them in this dream. Organizing a wedding is a source of great happiness for us.

If you are thinking of getting married and you don’t know how to plan a marriage, you can do it in twelve months or less, if you have a friend or brother who is thinking of getting married but you don’t know where to start here we will tell you how to do it:

In the first place, it is essential that you and your partner are very clear about the wedding of your dreams and how much time you have to do it and within this, the place where you want to have your wedding also defines what type of wedding you will have:

  • a symbolic wedding
  • A civil wedding or a religious wedding.
  • An outdoor wedding
  • A wedding in a closed place
  • What climate, cold or hot.

This point is decisive because it will facilitate the process, choice and assignment of a date for the event.

What you should know if you want a civil wedding:

As for the civil wedding, the requirements go through the birth or civil registry until the divorce certificate in case you have already been married, it is important that this is ready months before the wedding.

What you should know if you want a religious wedding:

In the event that your wedding is a religious wedding, you should take into account that the list of requirements could vary, if the wedding is Christian, the requirements are totally different from those of a Catholic wedding, a Muslim wedding or a Jewish wedding.

Cómo planificar una boda


On the other hand, they must define what is the budget they have for their wedding, in this way they can be clear about what they are going to need and how much the investment will be:

  • Where will they go on their honeymoon?
  • Where will the bride’s dress be from? Where will the groom’s suit be from?
  • Will you have a bachelor party?
  • Where will the wedding be held?

It should be noted that based on this budget, they will contract not only suppliers but also services:

  • A good catering service, one of decoration
  • The photography service
  • Sound
  • The ceremony
  • The party
  • the cocktail
  • A photo backing
  • a dessert table
  • A fireworks show

What else do you want to make your wedding an unforgettable moment?

Make a list of everything you need

Make a list of absolutely everything, don’t miss anything, as the months go by you will discard things.

Quality is above quantity.

Have a list of suppliers, remember that this day is an unforgettable day for both of you and that sometimes less is more.

make a guest list

It is important to know which people accompany you in this process and especially on your wedding day:

  • How many friends?
  • How many relatives?
  • What will be the number of guests of the bride?
  • What will be the number of guests of the groom?

From these details they can have a clear guest list. We must also ask ourselves:

  • Will they have bridesmaids or not?
  • Details like the bridal bouquet
  • the rings
  • The place where the wedding will be officialized
  • What kind of wedding venue will they prefer? outdoors or indoors?

wedding planner

At wink we believe that within this choice of services, there is a plus and that is: hiring the Wedding Planner service, this person will be in charge of giving you a hand and accompanying you in order to optimize time and take away the burden and stress that can produce organize such an important event. She can advise you on specific issues such as gift lists and others.

Do not forget to do a tasting of the dishes that could be served at your wedding, meet days before with the photographer so that you can express to him what you want to remain as a memory on your wedding day.

We are very happy for the step you are going to take, we would like to help you in this process, if you want more information contact us and let’s make your wedding together.

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