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5 tips on how to celebrate your wedding in Cartagena: The beach is the destination.

Don't know how to celebrate your wedding in Cartagena? Discover here the best advice and tips that will make your wedding on the beach an unforgettable experience.
cómo celebrar tu boda en Cartagena

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Don’t know how to celebrate your wedding in Cartagena? Discover here the best advice and tips that will make your wedding on the beach an unforgettable experience.

Beach weddings are full of magic, a perfect location between the sand and the sea. One of the most romantic places to celebrate a wedding in Colombia is Cartagena, not only because of the beach but also because of its colonial architecture.

If you want to have a perfect wedding on the beach, you have to follow some necessary steps so that everything turns out just as you dreamed, in this article we will tell you how to celebrate your wedding in Cartagena, take note and learn from the 5 tips that we have for you.

Why have your wedding in Cartagena?

Before imagining how to celebrate your wedding in Cartagena, surely you wondered why have your wedding in Cartagena? There is not just one reason, but many that will convince you to have your wedding in this destination.

A beach wedding ceremony has everything to be perfect, beach, breeze and sea, what more could you ask for in life? Celebrating love in a magical place like Cartagena has many advantages.

You can celebrate the honeymoon in the same place and save a little by the way. The wedding day is unforgettable and capturing it in photographs helps to remember it, and Cartagena is ideal for taking the best wedding photos, not only because of the beach or the sea, but also because of its spectacular architecture.

What more do you need to convince yourself? Beach weddings are quite an experience not only for the couple but for all the guests who accompany them on the most anticipated day.

Look for places near the beach

One of the first steps to organize a wedding on the beach is the choice of the place, this is the starting point that will help you choose everything else, it is important that you look for the location in advance so that you can organize the logistics well with your vendor.

If a ceremony on the beach is not in your plans, you can opt for the traditional way, how to have a traditional beach wedding? In the church, of course, Cartagena has beautiful cathedrals that you can choose from.

The celebration is in a colonial hall or house, the wedding venues in Cartagena bring together the best of colonial architecture and the modernity of current architecture, the best thing is that they also have outdoor spaces.

If you don’t know how to celebrate your wedding in Cartagena, starting with the choice of the place is a good start, ask about the suppliers, most places choose to have all the necessary suppliers for the wedding, including the catering service.

Find an all-inclusive plan for your wedding

There are many ways to find out how to celebrate your wedding in Cartagena, you can contract the place, the hotel and the other services separately, although it is not the most recommended because the logistics are complicated and the prices increase.

Planning a wedding from a distance is not easy, so any help is worth it, hire a wedding planner to help you with the details of the wedding.

The best thing you can do is hire an all-inclusive package, you won’t have to look for everything separately and the best thing is that you can save a little money, let’s face it, weddings are not cheap, so any savings can make a difference.

The ceremonies on the beach are the most beautiful

There are many places in Cartagena to celebrate a wedding on the beach, if you want to have the altar for the ceremony on the beach, it is better to make sure that it is a private beach or that there are not many people around so that the ceremony is calm.

Once you have contracted the place for the celebration, you can ask your event provider or Wedding Planner to help you find a place on the beach where they can set up the ceremony.

If you ask us, the idea of getting married on the sand is very romantic, but you should know that there are certain complications, it is not that easy to find the right place and if it is on a private beach, it is best to ask permission to do it.

Another option if you want to have an outdoor wedding reception is to do it in locations with open spaces, you will have the best of Cartagena, wonderful views and the breeze that characterizes this beautiful city.

It doesn’t matter how you celebrate your wedding in Cartagena, what is really important is that you find the ideal place with the right services, if you still want to celebrate your wedding on the beach, don’t worry, it’s a matter of logistics, that is if you make sure you hire a good provider of events for your wedding.

Las ceremonias en la playa son las más bonitas

The time of year is important if you do not want to spend a lot

Choosing the date has everything to do with the season of the year, especially if it is a destination wedding in Cartagena, there are some times of the year when traveling tends to be more expensive than others.

The most expensive times to get married in Cartagena are the holidays, June, July and December are the most chosen by couples to get married, so if you are thinking of having your wedding around these dates, prepare your pocket because it can be expensive.

But then, what are the best dates to get married in Cartagena? The best dates, if you don’t want to spend too much, are the times before the season, the months of May and September are low season, so prices are lower.

Although September is the month of love and friendship in Colombia, this month I still feel more affordable to hold your wedding in Cartagena, also, it has more availability of dates. Great, isn’t it?

Your wedding and honeymoon in the same place.

Preparing a wedding requires time and money, but it doesn’t end there, what about the honeymoon? When you decide to have a destination wedding there are several advantages that can be taken advantage of and among them is the possibility of having the honeymoon in the same destination.

How to celebrate your wedding in Cartagena and the honeymoon?

Here we already tell you the benefits of getting all-inclusive packages for your wedding and this also applies to your honeymoon.

The best thing about having a wedding on the beach is the honeymoon, not only do you save, but you can spend a few days off with family and friends, but with the necessary privacy that newlyweds deserve.

You can plan everything in one place, at Wink Eventos we have dream locations for your destination wedding and what is even cooler is that you can stay in the same place.

Casa Di Luca is a boutique hotel with facilities inspired by Italy with different atmospheres located in Cartagena de Indias. Your wedding and honeymoon on the beach is a reality.

Choose the concept of the wedding according to the beach, decoration, furniture and catering.

Choose the arrangements and decoration for weddings on the beach according to the beach concept, this also applies to the catering service, it is important that you do menu tests before your wedding so that you can choose the best one.

The Boho chic style is one of the most appropriate concepts for a simple wedding, it is a style full of natural fabrics, flowers in pastel tones and wooden furniture.

Handle light colors and flowing fabrics for decoration, providing warm light to highlight every detail is ideal.

The concept of the wedding does not have to be only beach. You can combine elegance with a tropical beach environment, don’t get complicated with so much protocol, put your personal touch to every detail of the wedding and get an incredible style.

There are many types of catering for beach weddings that you can choose from, yes, the main ingredient is seafood, we know that not everyone likes it, so ask your guests first. Have another menu option to offer to those who don’t like this type of food.

If you do not know how to celebrate your wedding in Cartagena, it is best to hire an organizing company

This is the best advice we can give you, doing a wedding in Cartagena without help is super stressful and it will take too much time, so how to do your wedding in Cartagena? Actually it is easier than it seems, finding a good provider is the first thing you need.

Why do we call it supplier? Because they are the people with all the experience to provide high quality services, they know all the needs of any type of event, especially an event as important as a wedding.

At Wink Eventos we have all the services you need to make your wedding the most magical and special day, we understand that planning a destination wedding is not easy, that is why we accompany you in every step and detail during the planning.

Hiring all the services for your wedding in one place helps you reduce the stress of preparations. A wedding is not cheap, so any savings is always good, if you contract all the services with the same company, they may offer you some type of discount.

casa di luca

How fast did you get here? We love it because surely you already know how to celebrate your wedding in Cartagena. Find your trusted provider only here at Wink Events, because we make your wedding just as you dreamed of.

With more than 700 weddings performed, we know everything a perfect wedding needs, know all our locations in Cartagena and start planning your destination wedding with us, visit our website and find out about all our services.

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