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How to organize your wedding on the beach?

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A wedding on the beach is undoubtedly the dream of many couples, the place, your friends, your family, your partner, the party, and the dream of saying yes with a beautiful sunset.

Although it is important that you keep in mind the number of guests, the budget you have for your beach wedding, the wedding date and what type of wedding, we want to remind you that you must travel at least once to the location in the one where your wedding will take place, all this during the preparation.

You must prepare this wedding on the beach at least eighteen months in advance, and you must take into account who your suppliers will be and if your wedding qualifies as a “destination wedding”, that is, a wedding to which most of your guests must travel. guests.

If you don’t know where to start, you have no idea what you need to carry out your wedding on the beach, stages in the right place, at Wink we give you some tips so that your marriage goes very well.


It is important that once they have chosen the destination and location in which they want to get married, they are very clear about what type of permits they must request from the city authorities to avoid setbacks. Verify if the use of tents is necessary and that the place has a power plant.

Keep in mind that you must choose a date in which the weather is not going to play a trick on you and you and your guests can enjoy a sunny day.


Be very clear about what type of wedding you are going to carry out, if you definitely plan to get married on the beach, you must take into account that any type of wedding can be carried out on the beach, except a Catholic wedding, whose ceremony will always take place in a church.

You can choose to have your Catholic ceremony in the parish and a blessing of rings or a symbolic wedding on the beach as a ceremony.

Catering for a wedding on the beach

Be very careful with food in this type of climate, try to coordinate with your wedding what type of food would be ideal to offer, try not to offer dishes that contain dairy products or that can be “damaged” by the heat in this type of city.

Try to offer cold starters, for example a white fish ceviche, a strong white fish or a Mediterranean one. Avoid at all costs having desserts that have a lot of chocolate and can melt, nor puddings and try to get chefs for your wedding who have experience in these types of places and climates.


The climate and humidity of the place are two factors that will greatly influence your wedding, for this reason we recommend keeping your guests very hydrated. You can double the number of drinks or, failing that, include more soft drinks.

One of our tips is that you have hydration stations, where those attending the ceremony can find flavored waters to constantly hydrate.


Keep in mind that if your wedding is a destination wedding, you must include in the invitations a list of hotels where your guests can stay and if your wedding is going to take place inside a hotel, the discount that they will receive will do to your guests as a courtesy.

Last but not least include the dress code on the invitation cards.

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