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How to organize a productive meeting outside the office

How to organize a productive meeting outside the office? It is very simple, you just need a suitable place, planning and creativity.
cómo hacer reuniones productivas fuera de la oficina

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How to hold productive meetings outside the office? It’s very simple, you just need a suitable place, planning and creativity.

Most meetings in a company tend to be long and tedious, some of them could be an email. Turning a common meeting into something productive requires good organization and a different setting.

In this article we will tell you how to hold good meetings in a productive way. Productive meetings generate many benefits for any company, so if you want to achieve this, this post is for you.

Why holding meetings outside the office is beneficial?

Before asking yourself how to have productive meetings, you should know why it is good to do them, one of the most notorious benefits of having productive meetings is the fulfillment of objectives or goals in the company.

Productive meetings are not done overnight, first you need to keep your employees happy with their work, how do you achieve that? Making very clear their role in the company and their responsibilities.

If there is something clear, it is that there is nothing more discouraging than being loaded with a lot of work that is not yours. Employees need to be encouraged more often, and this is achieved by taking them out of the monotony, perhaps with a recreational event or New Year’s Eve party.

When your employees are motivated they are more productive, so having productive teamwork meetings will be much easier to prepare, there are some things that you must take into account to achieve it.

Looking for scenarios other than the office increases curiosity and attention to what you have to communicate, encouraging creativity through stimuli such as good food, or a quiet place full of nature can be a pretty good starting point.

Good planning: the purpose of the meeting must be clear

If the purpose of the meeting is not clear, thinking about how to make productive meetings is the last thing you should do, first take care of giving the meeting a direction, set objectives and a clear goal that can be met.

Having a good planning allows you to define goals and objectives, if you need an action plan, you need to plan in advance.

In order for you to get all the benefits of productive meetings, you need to deliver clear information to each of the employees in the meeting, establish good planning and communicate the day and time in advance.

Holding a meeting or working outside the office undoubtedly requires preparation and that is nothing more than good planning, find places that are not too far from the city, look for the combination between nature and architecture.

Although the meeting must be concrete so as not to waste time, at the end you can offer a catering service for your collaborators, it is a way to maintain interest through incentives, motivation generates productivity. Remember that!

Agenda or effective schedule.

One of the most effective ways to make meetings productive is to have a detailed schedule for each meeting point, meetings without a schedule are often a waste of time.

Most employees are not 100% connected to the meeting, especially when there is no order and no tasks are assigned.

Maintaining direct and concrete communication will encourage greater participation from all.

Companies with happy employees know very well what the needs of each one are and understand the position for which they have been assigned, which is why their tasks must be clear, the same must happen in meetings, commitments must be clear, each Meeting point should have a specific objective.

Choosing the right attendees

How to have productive meetings with the wrong employees? The answer is simple, they are not done! If you’re looking for productivity, the first thing you should do is invite the right employees to the meeting.

In a productive meeting important decisions are made with the right people. If the meeting is about financial issues and sales growth, it would not be logical to invite the company psychologist.

With professionals, meeting objectives will be much easier to achieve, and the meeting will be much more productive. Remember, business events can be an incentive for your employees, especially when it comes to motivating them.

cómo hacer reuniones productivas fuera de la oficina

Consider having a moderator that regulates the time

One of the things that you should consider when thinking about how to hold productive meetings is the choice of a moderator, sometimes we can extend ourselves on a subject and go round and round without reaching a conclusion, which is why a moderator.

Someone to let you know how much time you have for presentations, explanations and questions. It is important that you define the time for each moment, in this way each point of the schedule will be used, this is how the meetings become something productive.

Choose one of the attendees to the meeting, they must be aware of the topics that are going to be discussed, whoever moderates must know what the meeting is about, it would not work very well if you choose someone outside the topic to be discussed. 

The best thing to do in order to hold a productive meeting in the case of the moderator, is that the person calling the meeting take that role, if you are the one leading the meeting it is better that you moderate and give the floor on your own, so the meeting will flow.

Choose pleasant spaces so that the meeting is not only productive but also motivating.

Has it happened to you that when you get bored you lose concentration? Surely yes, that is why holding meetings outside the office helps a lot to create a calmer environment so that employees will not have so many distractions.

Do not trust!

you have to know how to hold productive meetings outside the office, it is not as simple as going to the boardroom and having an express meeting. You need to choose a suitable place, time and date that fits everyone’s calendar.

There are types of event rooms that are perfect for productive meetings, such as those that have contact with nature.

The daily stress of doing your job often disconnects you and makes you less productive. Nature has the power to reconnect.

Country rooms like Casa Cartagena in Llanogrande combine the best of architecture for your meetings and nature to encourage creativity and participation. If you want to motivate your employees, taking them out of the office is a great way to do it.

Look for logistical support with event organizers for your meeting.

You don’t have to stress thinking that having a meeting outside the office is going to give you more work, there are many ways to do it without having to lift a finger. At Wink Events we make sure that your meetings have everything they need to be productive.

A meeting does not have to adhere to a traditional event protocol, we agree that the fewer distractions, the greater the productivity. With a cozy space and good food service, your employees will feel more motivated.

Holding meetings outside the office generates greater commitment and collaboration from your employees, think that this can be beneficial not only for the meeting but for your company as well.

Don’t wait any longer to make the decision to hold meetings outside the office, you already know how beneficial it is, best of all, you don’t have to worry about the preparations because we take care of that at Wink.

You’ve made it this far, great!

That means that you already know how to hold productive meetings outside the office without complicating too much, with Wink Events you are going to the landline, we understand everything you need to make your meeting productive.

Get to know all our services on our website, dare to get out of your comfort zone and get all the benefits that having happy employees offers you, productivity is a matter of motivation, don’t wait any longer, start planning your meeting outside the office.

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