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wedding emergency kit: save the day without the hassle

Put together an emergency wedding kit with everything your guests need to feel at home, discover the essential items for your kit.
kit de emergencia para boda

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Put together a wedding emergency kit with everything your guests need to feel safe. Learn the must-have items for your kit here.

The unique moments at a wedding make that day something very special for both the bride and groom and the guests.

We know that a wedding is a romantic event but it can also be safe and fun.

Surprising your guests is not that easy, with an emergency wedding kit you can achieve it, discover here the 5 essential items that you must include in this kit.

What is a wedding emergency kit and how to put it together?

An emergency kit for weddings is basically designed to solve some inconveniences that can happen to both your guests and the couple, from a torn dress to the groom’s nerves.

An emergency kit can be for both guests and the bride and groom, even if the bride is perfect, anything can happen during the wedding. Whether is crying, or sweating, the items in the kit can solve some problems at a wedding.

What has an emergency kit for weddings

What an emergency kit for weddings should have does not have to be very expensive, to put them together you do not need many items or luxurious things, put together a cheap wedding survival kit with which you can surprise everyone in a simple way, the idea is that be practical and helpful.

Repellent for outdoor weddings

The emergency kit for a wedding must respond to the needs according to the type of wedding. If you plan to have a country-style wedding, you must take into account that each location with outdoor spaces has bugs such as mosquitoes.

Many brides hate bugs and mosquitoes, they don’t want them stealing the spotlight.

No couple who is going to get married wants their guests to have an unpleasant moment, and this can surely be generated by mosquito bites. Get small jars of repellent for your guests to apply during the wedding, they will surely thank you.

Decorate the repellent container with a sticker according to the decoration of your wedding. They are very useful country wedding favors that your guests can continue to use after the wedding, ideal for both men and women.

Nail file in case of accidents

A nail file is necessary at any time, for women it is a rather uncomfortable and painful accident when a nail is broken, it is not common for us to carry a nail file in our bag to go to a wedding, so this is an element that should not be missing

If, with the excitement of the party, one of your guests suffers an accident to their nails, they will already have a way to solve it without having the moment ruined. Get small files to fit perfectly in your wedding emergency kit.

Disposable tissues for unexpected tears

Weddings are special moments where feelings are on the surface, some people are more sensitive than others, so it is possible that more than one person will be brought to tears, even the bride!

Most pay for spectacular makeup. No one wants their makeup to run, include tissue packs in your wedding emergency kit. Best of all, if something does spill, your guests will have the nearest absorbent solution

The type of weather at a wedding is very important, if it so happens that it starts to rain, your guests will have to dry the raindrops without having to wait until they are lent something else to dry.

Disposable tissues are undoubtedly a necessary item!

Mini-sewing kit to save an outfit from any eventuality

Your guests are going to want to show off with their outfits even if that means sacrificing comfort. In every wedding there is someone who has a mishap with their dress or suit, a fallen button or a torn zipper, anything can happen.

At a wedding there are no sewing machines, this is when improvisation is the only solution, in this a mini-sewing kit can be very helpful, an emergency kit for a wedding should solve the most common problems, that is why a sewing kit is a must!

Assemble the sewing box with a plastic box that includes neutral threads such as white, gray and black, do not forget some small scissors and a needle to thread, helping your guests to have a great time does not cost much, the best thing is that it can be re-used in other events.

Small emergency kit

Accidents where there is blood or injuries are one of those “not so pleasant” inconveniences at a wedding.

It doesn’t matter if you start planning a wedding early and you think you have everything under control, remember that anything can happen on the wedding day.

You must always take into account all kinds of difficulties and emergencies, knowing how to overcome them requires preparation and calmness, and in that the wedding emergency kit can be very helpful.

Include a small first-aid kit that has bandages, hydrogen peroxide, cotton rolls, and bandages with which any discomfort or incident can be treated quickly until specialized care can be obtained.

Shoes can be a pain if they are new or don’t fit well, a band-aid can be the salvation of any guest. A little too much to drink at the wedding? If someone falls and gets hurt, the emergency kit must be used urgently.

Should the bride and groom have a wedding emergency kit?

The answer is YES!

When a wedding is organized, the bride and groom tend to pay more attention to questions such as: What should a venue have for the wedding? Or what will be the catering service that will be offered? But what does the couple need?

The bride and groom need support, and an emergency wedding kit that contains specific items for the groom and the bride. This kit can include a bottle of liquor for nerves, especially before seeing the bride walking down the aisle.

bridal emergency kit

The perfect kit includes a perfume, deodorant, mints, touch-up items such as powder, blush and lipstick, disposable tissues, nail files, band-aids and everything else you might need.

Although it seems funny we must highlight this: “Do not forget to wear a little makeup”, before during and after the wedding.

Emergency kit for groom

Dental floss for after meals, perfume, tissues, band-aids, liquor to calm the nerves, alka seltzer for upset stomach, men are more easygoing so this kit should be enough for whatever may happen.

May your wedding be unforgettable!

Find the best wedding planner to accomplish this.

It is true that a wedding entails a lot of work before and during its celebration, sometimes with all the preparations some things are overlooked, no matter how small, on the wedding day they can cause challenges that are difficult to solve.

The best thing about hiring a wedding planner is that they are the ones who invest the time in the preparations, not you, use it for what they cannot do for you.

Now you know how important an emergency wedding kit is and what it needs to have to help your guests out of trouble. Now sit back and enjoyed your wedding day.

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