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5 decoration tips for an outdoor night wedding.

Decoración para boda de noche

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Weddings at night have a magical effect, they are weddings that give experiences, when a wedding takes place at night and outdoors, you should not skimp on decoration, in this case, more is more.

These tips will help you plan your dream wedding without much effort, stay here and keep reading.

Any outdoor wedding reception on the beach or in a forest will always be memorable, there are many advantages that these natural settings give you, and the photos are not to mention, the best setting to remember for years.

The decoration for a wedding at night all it does is highlight everything natural that surrounds the space, having an outdoor wedding at night opens up a range of possibilities in terms of decoration and furniture, a very striking wedding for sure.
Before having an outdoor wedding, you must first visit several locations so that the idea you have in mind about what you want in your wedding fits perfectly with the place, outdoor weddings are beautiful whether day or night.

Take advantage of warm lights to highlight the decoration

When you have a country wedding during the day with natural light it is more than necessary to have the desired lighting, but at night it is another story, you need a lot of lighting to highlight each space in the place.

White lights are not an option, we are not in the office, warm lights help to highlight anything you want, at night wedding arrangements and decorations need to stand out and that is where warm lights come in.

The decoration for a wedding at night must have a lot of light, warm light has the ability to highlight any detail because it has greater depth, thus highlighting the shadows.

The interesting thing about the warm lights in the decoration for a wedding at night is that with such a wide space it helps to focus and reduce the space, while the cold lights what they do is broaden the panorama.

We want the guests to feel comfortable in a comfortable environment and that can be achieved by warm lighting for weddings, what you can do is opt for small lights for the flowers and large bulbs for the trees.

Highlighting high points such as trees helps to give the space amplitude without conveying the sensation of a hyper-luminous place. Have you seen how beautiful a tree illuminated with warm lights looks? Surely yes, and you loved it when you saw it.

Flowers and more flowers, too many are not enough

Country ceremony, in the living room or on the beach, flowers can never be missing, the most desired are white flowers, providing enormous versatility when it comes to complementing the decoration.

Why is it so important to have many white flowers in the decoration for a wedding at night? Because in the company of lighting they create points of light and reference for the guests.

Using flowing fabrics as a complement to the decoration of a wedding gives it personality, style and a lot of versatility.

If you are thinking of having an outdoor wedding, it is better that you take advantage of all the available space and choose to celebrate the ceremony in the place, the outdoor altars are beautiful.

The country wedding decoration is already beautiful, now imagine an altar full of flowers and lights with a beautiful sunset, definitely a moment to never forget

Light colors in the decoration for a wedding at night to give contrast

In an outdoor night wedding there are too many dark spots, no matter how much lighting there is in the place, if you choose dark colors for the fabrics, furniture and flowers you will achieve a somber wedding party.

A wedding is light, happiness and you must be consistent with that, so the more light the better, the light contrasts perfectly with light colors or pastels, the golds are the kings of the night, elegant and striking,

Use the palette of light colors in the decoration for a wedding at night and create bright and sophisticated environments without much effort, you will not regret it!

colores claros en la decoración

Choose a Glam style for decoration

When we talk about glam style, we refer to a natural, fresh, colorful environment, with the best of outdoor elements, this style is characterized by light and golden colors, ideal for decorating a night wedding.

The Glam style is the abbreviation of glamor which means elegance, it combines rustic, classic and industrial styles.

The dresses to attend a wedding must be consistent with the dress code of the wedding invitations, if you want a glam-style outdoor wedding, choose a consistent dress code so that everything at the wedding is harmonious.

candles and crystals elegant touch

To know how the tables are organized at a wedding, you must know very well the location where you are going to celebrate your wedding, according to this and the number of guests you can define the place of each table.

When you already have this defined, that is where the decoration for the night wedding takes shape, accompanying the tables with candles and elegant glassware gives a touch of sophistication to the decoration.

Be careful not to leave the candles unprotected, it is important that you put them inside a glass container to avoid any type of accident, yes, that the container is beautiful and in keeping with the other decoration.

Learn more outdoor wedding ideas here.

Locations, furniture and decoration the heart of any party

Quality represents sophistication and elegance, having good providers in charge of your wedding is decisive for having an unforgettable marriage, there are many wedding websites in Colombia but not all of them guarantee quality and compliance.

A wedding is not a wedding without decoration and furniture located in a suitable place for the reception, the suppliers must be aligned with your tastes, so finding a wedding and events house is the priority.
At Wink events we know, we are your best ally in the design and planning of your wedding, the zero stress provider in Medellín, Bogotá and Cartagena, leave everything in our hands and enjoy the entire process of your marriage.

Bodas en exteriores

Do not be afraid to hold an outdoor wedding, enjoy the beauty of the wedding decoration at night and surprise all your guests, make your wedding an unforgettable experience, plan everything with us and let yourself be surprised.

Visit our website and choose the location that you like the most and of course the one with which you identify, only here at Wink.

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