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How to organize a successful wedding in a short time.

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We are not going to lie to you, organizing a successful wedding in a month is not easy if you do it alone, having the help of wedding and event companies is the most viable option to achieve it, here we will tell you what you need to do it.

Rental for the wedding venue

Before sending the invitations it is important that you have already chosen the place where you are going to celebrate the wedding, we recommend that the ceremony and the wedding take place in the same place.

Decorating a single place is much easier in terms of logistics than decorating two places in different areas, we need all the time possible to organize a successful express wedding, so we must take advantage of it.

If you have not completed all the requirements to get married, it is better that you start the process and paperwork for a religious wedding quickly, this activity is a bit tedious and time consuming, you better hurry up.

Places like Hacienda la Victoria, which has a chapel, or Palau, with green areas for setting up an altar, is what you need to hold a wedding in less time. Setting aside space in a church can require months in advance.

There are many beautiful places where you can have a spectacular wedding without much preparation, a symbolic wedding ceremony as a love ritual.

wedding invitations

When you already have the place for the wedding defined, it is time to make the invitation cards, one piece of advice that we give you is to have the digital wedding invitations made and send them by mail.

Sending them to each house requires a lot of time, to organize a successful wedding in a short time you need to focus efforts on other aspects of the wedding such as decorating the wedding hall or finding good suppliers for that day.

If you want to save a bit of budget on the invitations, in Canva you can make the design for the invitations yourself and send them by email or social networks, to organize a wedding, any weight counts.

Coordination and organization

To organize a wedding in a short time, the best thing you can do is get a wedding planner or what we commonly know as a wedding planner.

There are restaurant options for a wedding dinner that you can choose from. If you want something more calm and sober, this is a good choice for those who do not want a wedding reception with a party.

Do not think that by choosing a restaurant you will save time in logistics, any event, no matter how small, needs preparation.

Organize a wedding in no time

Furniture and decoration

It does not matter if it is an express civil wedding or a church wedding, the decoration and furniture play an important part in the celebration, creating a comfortable space and transmitting a different experience to the guests.

To make your wedding incredible without much effort, combine the decoration with the furniture to highlight each space of the location, use fabrics, flowers and natural plants to create memories of the event in the guests.

Organizing a wedding without decoration or furniture makes no sense, if you don’t know how to do it, at Wink Events we have everything to make your wedding decoration something incredible.

sound and lighting

As much as you want to do a fast wedding and skip some formal things, sound and lighting are the heart of a wedding, sound helps to liven up the moments, and lighting highlights the space and decoration.

With an event company you have it all, make sure they offer stage or dance floor sound and lighting included in the package.

The idea of hiring event companies is that they offer you the best experience for your day and that includes the best sound and lighting providers.

Catering and pastry

As much as you want to make a simple meal service, you cannot ignore desserts, the dessert table at every wedding has become something traditional.

The catering service is the food service, and includes the table linen, the cutlery and the kitchen staff service, the complete package!

If you are going to organize a wedding, whether it is yours or not, the dessert table and catering is something that cannot be missing, we believe, food can generate an incredible experience for your guests.

Catering and pastry

If you want speed, look for a wedding planner and an expert team to support you.

The wedding planners have all the experience and contacts to carry out all kinds of weddings, even more so if they are in a short time, you will save a lot of time when organizing a successful wedding, remember that time is worth gold.

Keep in mind that you should know what type of wedding service you are going to offer, if you choose a menu-type service at the table, you will have to increase your budget.

If you choose a cocktail-type service, the guests are going to have a delicious and not very elaborate gastronomic experience, make sure that the tables with the food are well distributed in the place.

Ask the logistics staff of the team of experts to strategically place chairs and tables for guests to rest, no matter what type of service it is.

You can choose a simple or elegant wedding table, as long as it is not the only table in the place, we know that you do not want to have your guests standing all the time.

You already know how to organize a successful wedding in a very short time, the ideal is that you have all the help possible. At Wink Events we organize your wedding with everything you need.

We are the provider with the complete package you need, plan your wedding with us and free yourself from the stress of organizing it in a short time, visit our website.

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