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Do you know how many types of marriage exist?

When it comes to celebrating love. the possibilities are endless. We teach you the types of marriage so that you can choose the one that best represents you.

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When it comes to celebrating love. the possibilities are endless. Today we teach you different types of marriage so that you can choose the one that best represents you.

If you are making your wedding preparations and you are confused about what kind of ceremony to choose, don’t worry! You’re not alone! There are couples who dream of having a religious wedding and being faithful to their beliefs, while other couples prefer to get away from formalities and protocol, and have a wedding according to their tastes and particularities. We have created this blog to help you make up your mind! Take note!

Tipos de matrimonio religioso

It is perhaps the best known and most practiced type of marriage in the world. Religious marriage is a union that occurs within the framework of the faith that they profess as couples and depending on the type of religion, the marriage will be legally valid or not, likewise, the procedures to be carried out may vary.

If you are getting married in the Catholic Church, your marriage will be legally valid immediately and you will have to be baptized, confirmed and have completed a marriage course. For the Christian religion, it is necessary to have had a civil wedding before and officiate the ceremony before a pastor or minister of the church.

2. Civil marriage

It is the simplest and most agile type of union since the ceremony is celebrated in the notary’s office, and being a legal union before the authorities, it is not based on rituals or religious norms. To get married civilly, you can do it at the nearest notary or even look for a notary service at home.

If you want to know more about procedures, prices and tips, go to our blog “What you need to know to celebrate your civil wedding in Colombia”

3. Interreligious and intercultural marriage

Are you Catholic and your partner Buddhist? Interfaith marriage is your best option! In this type of union they will not have to decide on a single style of religious marriage based on a specific faith, but the faith of each one will have a place and their own role. It is necessary to find a specialized officiant to create the ideal balance and respect that both religions deserve.

For couples from different countries of origin and, consequently, different cultures, the best option is an intercultural marriage. How about mixing Mexican and Colombian culture? or The Irish and Argentine culture? Surely they will have similarities and many differences, but so you don’t fill your head with a thousand combinations, at Wink we can help you prioritize and plan every detail.

4. Symbolic marriage

It is a union with a very strong sentimental and symbolic level, regardless of whether it has no legal value. This type of marriage can be officiated by a holistic teacher, a spiritual guide or coach, and even a friend or family member. These ceremonies are perfect to celebrate on the beach or why not, in an indigenous reserve under the guidance of a shaman.

Matrimonio simbólico

5. Equal marriage

Did you know that in Colombia marriage between same-sex couples has been legal since 2016? You can get married through a civil ceremony either at a notary or at a location through an officiant with legal authority.

You can also resort to a solemn union that consists of a contract where both agree on their duties and rights as spouses.

6. Non-denominational marriage

It is a marital union where they accept their beliefs before a God but it does not necessarily fit into a specific religion. The concept “non-denominational” means that God will be an important part of the ceremony but without alluding to a specific belief.

7. Destination wedding

They are usually weddings that are held in a location other than the residence of the couple. From a paradisiacal island to the top of a mountain, these are celebrations where the “tourism” factor is the most important, both for the couple and their guests. Remember that if you are going to get married abroad you must make sure you meet all the legal requirements or when you return, marry civilly in your country of origin.

8. elopement marriage

Did you know that “Elopement” means “Fuga” in Spanish? And it is precisely this type of marriage that arose from the multiple cases in which couples needed to flee in order to get married because they did not have the approval of their relatives.

The elopements have been modernized, it is no longer about getting married by urgency and impromptu, but rather, to perform an intimate wedding, without witnesses or guests, in remote places and sometimes in secret.

Wink Tip: You may think that in an Elopement you will not need anything more than an officiant and the two of you. However, a decoration, a dinner and a photographer that captures that moment are essential services to achieve the best experience and the most beautiful memories. You have doubts? We help you!

There is an absolute truth and it is that love is diverse and can be celebrated in any way. There is no type of marriage better than another, there is only the best for you and your preferences.

We hope this blog has resolved any doubts and you are clearer about your ideal type of marriage. When you need it, you will find in Wink one more friend, one more ally, a single provider for each service and the best, Zero stress!

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