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Types of dress code, which one to wear? Here we tell you.

Tipos de código de vestuario, ¿cuál usar?

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The outfit to attend a wedding is crucial, you must pay close attention to the dress code that the couple indicates in your invitation, things like the time, the location and the dress code help you choose your wardrobe properly for the party.

Know what are the different types of dress code for a wedding and know the feeling, yes, no more than the bride!

It is not only about the rules that must be followed in the protocol of a wedding, it is about the guests being in accordance with the aesthetics or theme of the wedding.

The protocol for a wedding in a ballroom is not the same as on the beach, here everything changes, from the decoration and furniture to the dress code of the guests, so everything must follow the same aesthetic line.

An important rule that you must comply with so that you do not have a bad time or upset the bride and groom, is not to go against the code indicated for the wedding wardrobe, and you would also look very bad in front of the other guests.

If you use elegant wedding invitation designs, make sure that the venue and dress code are elegant too, according to everything.

Don’t even think about going with light colors like white, beige or off-white, by etiquette no wedding guest should wear these colors, it’s a matter of respecting the style of the dress code.

If you do, you would be overshadowing the bride if you do it, well, only if the wedding invitation indicates that you must wear white, in this case you could do it, otherwise No!

Rigorous etiquette, the more elegant the better

Strict etiquette is a type of dress code used in some events and weddings for many years, which indicates that women must attend the event in a floor-length dress and men in a tuxedo or suit.

It does not matter if it is a vintage, boho chic, country or classic style wedding, if the dress code indicates that it is a wedding with strict etiquette, you should look for long and elegant dresses.

Of course, if it is an afternoon wedding, you can wear a long flowered dress for a daytime wedding or a full bottom with bright colors, the important thing is that it be elegant and long.

It’s all about common sense, if it’s a daytime wedding, don’t go with a sequined dress that is normally for the night, there are beautiful and elegant dresses to attend a daytime wedding, according to the occasion, choose them without fear! .

Not so strict etiquette

It is a more flexible formal etiquette style, with this dress code you can attend a wedding in an elegant way without exaggerating, you can wear short dresses to the knee or a women’s suit.

Leave the short dresses for daytime weddings, the long ones for the night, remember that your wardrobe must be according to the time and place.

In the case of men, you can wear a suit with a tie or an elegant shirt with an elegant blazer, but the shoes must be classic, not old or informal tennis shoes.

Formal beach and formal guayabera

The dresses to attend a wedding on the beach, although they must be formal, are not so rigorous, just imagine yourself in a dress with a corset or a lot of fabric in the heat of the beach, definitely there would be no one who could stand it.

Regardless of whether it is day or night, use dresses with flowing and fresh fabrics. For weddings on the beach it is more common to use light tones, especially because of the scorching sun.

For men, guayaberas are the first option, it does not have to be an original guayabera, you can choose a cool shirt with warm colors so that you feel comfortable in the midst of the intense heat of the beach, accompany it with fresh and baggy pants.

There are many wedding planners in Colombia who can help you with all the protocol of the party, you can choose the style of wedding you want and then define the dress code you want, whether on the beach or in the countryside.

Códigos de vestuarios para eventos especiales, vestido de bodas tipo princesa

cocktail type

Many kinds of weddings in Colombia with different styles use the cocktail type etiquette in the dress code, they are types of dresses and suits that you can use in any type of social event.

Short, long, with flowers or shiny fabrics, with the cocktail label you have more possibilities to choose your wardrobe, even if it is not so formal, always try to be according to the occasion, elegance is always well regarded.

Formal black tie

Exclusive label for night weddings, they are formal dresses but with a night theme, so here if you can wear dresses with sparkles, sequins, black, red, long or with necklines, be careful that they are not very pronounced.

This dress code is for a semi-formal event where you can wear two-piece dresses, long skirts and elegant crop-tops that have total harmony, they can be long, ankle-length or knee-length skirts.

For men, you must wear a black suit, or dark tones, a white shirt, a black or dark blue tie or bow-tie, shiny matte black shoes such as patent leather.

Remember that etiquette is a request from the bride and groom to wear dresses according to their wedding, but you must also take into account the location where the marriage will take place, this may influence the type of clothing you choose for that day.

dressy casual

This dress code is a new trend in some not so formal weddings, it is about more comfortable and not so elegant clothes, ideal for weddings at noon or mid-afternoon.

This type of wardrobe is generally indicated for weddings that are outdoors, country type, settings in which you must have a more comfortable type of clothing.

Similar to the cocktail type or Black tie but cooler, wear elegant tops with long skirts in flowing or patterned fabrics, if you want you can opt for dresses with an opening on the leg.

For men it is also easier, wearing shirts without a tie with pants and a tailored blazer or jacket is an original and very comfortable idea, you can use color combinations such as khaki and royal blue, do not be afraid to play with colors.

Invitations and location must be checked!

To send the invitations, you must first be clear about what the wedding will be like, the style, the location and the decoration. Once you have this defined, you can indicate the dress code you want in the invitations.

There are many wedding decoration ideas, but if you don’t define a style, thinking of suitable ideas for furniture and decoration is very difficult, especially if you haven’t chosen the place.

The decoration for a location on the beach is very different from a reception in a hall or house of events, in Wink events we have locations in Medellín, Bogotá, Barranquilla and Cartagena that you are going to love.

In general, the location comes with the appropriate furniture for the place, but if you want you can choose some furniture or decoration that gives it a personalized touch, with lights and flowers as decoration you can complement the style of the party.

Locaciones para eventos especiales

You already know the types of dress code for weddings, it all depends on what type of party you want, the location and the time of day, enjoy the whole process without stress, at Wink events we are your allies for planning your wedding.

Get to know everything we have for you and choose the type of wedding you want, leave everything else in our hands, plan your wedding here.

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