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What is the meaning of marriage? here we tell you.

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The symbols of marriage are the objects that give meaning to the wedding, as well as the moments and actions that show the love between the couple.

The meaning of marriage is union and love between two people, there is a special day to celebrate it, and the wedding is where all the elements and moments that symbolize love come together to give meaning to the celebration.

Here we tell you what marriage symbolizes and its meaning.

More than a contract, it is the union of two people who love each other, when we want to get married it is because we definitely want to share the rest of our lives with that special person.

The meaning of marriage is the celebration of the love of a couple who wants to start a family, regardless of the types of weddings that exist, anyone who wants to get married is because they want to share their life with that person.

What symbolizes love, in these ceremonies are elements with a special meaning and key moments that represent some meaning in the wedding, such as love vows!

Wedding dress

Regardless of whether it is a simple or expensive wedding dress, it will always represent the same symbology in the meaning of marriage, purity and virginity.

There has been a belief that the woman who marries in white arrives pure at marriage, but that is not the true meaning of marriage with respect to the dress, it is more a tradition.

Currently there are trending colors for the bride’s dress such as beige and red depending on the very concept of marriage, try something different!

bridal lasso

At one point during the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom are placed on their shoulders a bow that represents the bond, and the force that unites them in the form of an alliance.

After the rings are put on and it is time to place the bridal bow, it stays on the bride and groom until the ceremony is over.

The bridal bow is placed in the shape of an infinity, depending on the flowers it carries, it symbolizes purity, love, union or protection, it almost always combines with the wedding decoration.

The yoke or bridal bouquet

The yoke, as it is known in Colombia, is also called a bridal bouquet or bouquet, it is a bouquet made with different flowers that have a particular meaning.

White flowers are the most used, they symbolize purity, they are combined with eucalyptus leaves that symbolize struggle and perseverance in the couple.

The most used are the cascade type or in the form of a chocolate, without fear of being wrong the meaning of marriage with respect to the yoke in the symbolic sense, is to attract luck and happiness.

Wedding rings

One of the most recognized symbols in the world to seal the union of a couple in marriage are the wedding bands, a representation of eternal love.

The meaning of wedding rings is union, it is placed on the left hand, on the ring finger as a symbol of love, it is believed that the vein that goes directly to the heart was located there.

The vein of love, called “vena amoris” is the one that connects with the heart, which is why the ring is symbolically placed on the ring finger.

The true meaning of marriage through rings is sharing life together.

Significado del matrimonio y de los símbolos especiales.

delivery of the bride

The delivery of the bride is one of the most anticipated moments at a wedding, this delivery symbolizes the approval of the parents, a symbol of confidence in the groom to deliver his daughter at the altar.

Although it is formal, it is a special moment for the couple, it is something that should not be missing at a wedding since it gives a special touch to any marriage.

Wedding vows

If the meaning of marriage is the union of a couple, the wedding vows reaffirm it. The vows are that declaration of love and affirmation that what you feel is true.

There are objects that are traditional symbols in marriage like something blue for the bride, it means fidelity and commitment, don’t forget to take it.

Not all couples make vows, but it is something very original, let your imagination fly, give a touch of fun to that special moment!

kiss of the bride and groom

The final seal of the union in marriage is the kiss between the couple, it is the can kiss! what the father says when the marriage ceremony ends is a kind of spiritual signature.

The kiss at the wedding seals the wedding vows, it represents love, respect and luck, it does not matter where it is celebrated or what places it is, the moment is special anywhere.

The wedding would not be a wedding without a place to celebrate the union of the couple.

The places for marriages keep a particular mysticism, some are in the forest, others on the beach or in a hall, it all depends on the concept you want for your wedding, the important thing is that everything is in harmony.

At Wink events we have several locations that you will love, you will be able to celebrate your wedding in style, it does not matter if it is simple or expensive, the meaning of marriage is to celebrate the love and union of the couple

significado del matrimonio

The meaning of marriage is not just the union of two people who love each other, a marriage is a rite of love, and marriage symbols affirm it, so far you have been able to know what a wedding symbolizes.

At Wink Eventos we help you create your dream wedding, you don’t have to worry about having to do everything alone, relax, zero stress! Leave everything in our hands, we accompany you in everything, from the location to the catering.

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