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Simple wedding dresses for intimate weddings: elegance and sobriety at the same time

Simple wedding dresses are usually the most beautiful, remember that sometimes less is more. Choose the one that best suits your personality.
Vestidos de novia sencillos para bodas íntimas

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Simple wedding dresses are usually the most beautiful, remember that sometimes less is more. Choose the one that best suits your personality.

It does not matter if it is a civil or church marriage, simple wedding dresses are also beautiful and above all elegant, in this article we bring you some options for you to choose yours, stay here to discover them.

Wearing simple wedding dresses is a decision you will want to make

Simple wedding dresses are suitable for any type of wedding and personality, if you want to look impeccable and immaculate on your wedding day, this type of dress is for you.

The fact that they are simple does not make them cheaper or less striking, on the contrary, going out of the ordinary makes you a quite original person. The best thing about these dresses is that they adapt to any type of concept, theme and place.

Another option of dresses are simple wedding dresses, ideal for civil weddings or renewal of vows. white A-line dresses with smooth fabrics are the most elegant dresses that a bride can choose today.

If your wedding is glamorous, this type of simple dress is ideal, it combines with everything and the best thing is that they are quite comfortable, find out all the styles with which you can arrive on your wedding day here.

Simple and elegant classic style

They are characterized by having straight cuts, smooth and shiny fabrics, if you like satin this dress is for you. These dresses have heavy movements, their fabrics are usually thicker than ordinary dresses.

The best fabric for a simple bride’s dress is satin or satin, it provides shine and fluidity in its movement.

Although they are simple wedding dresses, they have details that make them a unique piece, the neckline here plays an important role, these dresses usually have a tray neckline or off-the-shoulder.

Minimalist wedding dress in every trend

The minimalist wedding dress is the simplest of all, its fabric is completely smooth, it does not have many details in the design. A short wedding dress is the most minimalist option you can choose, they are not characterized by wearing too much fabric.

A simple wedding dress is timeless, these dresses are preferred by haute couture houses, for their elegance and classic style.

If your wedding celebration is a meal with family and friends, a minimalist dress will make you look great without having to carry so many things.

It does not matter if it is short or long these dresses never go out of style.

vestido de novia manga larga

Long sleeve for the most sober

No matter the style you choose, a long-sleeved wedding dress is perfect for any time of the year, choose loose and fresh fabrics for greater comfort. Long-sleeved dresses are for those who like the traditional and sober.

The simple wedding dresses with long sleeves are so flexible that you can use them in any of the beautiful places to get married without fearing the heat or cold, since they adapt perfectly to any climate, yes, you must choose the material very well. the cloth.

If you want lace details on the sleeves, you must choose very well the place where you want it to go.

The advantage of long-sleeved dresses is that they have an elongated silhouette effect, ideal for petite brides, so we don’t want the lace to interfere with that.

Voluminous dresses but with smooth fabrics

The imperial cut is the one we like the most, they are simple wedding dresses without striking textures but quite voluminous, they are distinguished by having long and wide skirts that give the bride an appearance of a queen.

Choose a sober wedding dress code, we don’t want your guests to take all the attention, you are the one who should be the center of attention.

Do not worry about whether your wedding is large or intimate, this dress goes perfect with any style of wedding. No matter how elaborate, simple, cute or expensive it is, you must be clear that the dress must provide comfort at all times.

Just as simple wedding dresses have details, so does your wedding decoration, each of them counts no matter how small they are.

Do not forget every detail of the decoration, have a wedding planner help you with that. It is not the same that you are preparing every detail alone than that you have an expert hand to help you organize a wedding step by step.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to look long to find the best one, with Wink Events you are in the right place.

We are the provider that takes care of every detail of your wedding without you having to make an effort, we accompany you in each of the decisions you have to make, from decoration to the choice of locations for your wedding.

The best ally in the design and planning of your wedding is not the one with the most services, but the one who knows the needs of each wedding, and in that we have all the experience you need.

You made it to the end!

Surely you already have your favorite simple wedding dresses, remember that the choice of dress has everything to do with your tastes and personality. A wedding should be special and unforgettable and the dress is undoubtedly one of the protagonists.

You take care of the details of the dress, at Wink Events we take care of everything else. Start planning your wedding now with the best providers, you just have to enter our website and fall in love with the places and services we have for you.

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