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7 tips to decorate the main table for the wedding with style

Mesa principal para la boda

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It does not matter if you use simple or very elaborate wedding centerpieces, when decorating the main table for the wedding everything counts, not only the centerpieces are used to decorate.

Stay here because in this article we tell you everything you can do.

It does not make sense to locate the main table for the wedding first than the other tables, you must choose the place where the table will go with respect to the others and start locating them.

When you already have a complete vision of the place with all the furniture, lighting and complete distribution, it is time to locate the table for the newlyweds.

One of the tips for weddings is that you define a style, this will help you choose the decoration much easier, try the boho chic style!

Remember that it must be in a visible place, without turning your back to any of the other tables.

Take into account the lighting of the place.

The light helps to highlight and darken some areas of some place, a good lighting system for a wedding helps to highlight some tables, especially the main table for the wedding.

The newlyweds should be the center of attention at the wedding, if you don’t want to place a direct light, opt for neon signs with a phrase that identifies you and your partner.

The “Better together” sign is very pretty, it has style and is quite used in weddings, if you don’t want something conventional, you can personalize it, place the sign behind the table in a high area so that it can be seen from all sides.

Highlight the main table for the wedding above all, choose a different one.

You must know very well how the tables are organized at a wedding, with the help of the logistics staff in charge of the furniture they can make a map of the place and decide where each table will go.

Avoid locating any table near an exit, especially the main table for the newlyweds, not only because your guests or you can freeze due to the cold, but for safety, the exits must not be obstructed,

The trick to highlight the table without the need for much decoration is that you choose a table that is totally different from the others.

It can be in rustic wood or with tablecloths and fabrics different from the other tables, we believe this helps to highlight the main table for the wedding.

Destaca para la mesa principal para la boda sobre todas

Choose flowy and soft fabrics.

In vintage wedding decoration it is common to use flowing fabrics with warm, dark and light colors, this helps to direct the eyes towards the point of the room where they are placed.

Use the fabrics to make an effect similar to a window or arch, ask the logistics staff to hang two long fabrics and anchor them at the end of each side, accompany the flower decoration according to the rest of the decoration.

This will help highlight the main table for the wedding and of course the bride and groom, a wedding where the bride and groom are lost in the place would be very rare, they should always be the center of attention. Remember that!

Table center different from the others.

If you want a simple wedding table, you can use some striking centerpieces, this prevents you from having to decorate the main table for the wedding with more things and, incidentally, you can save a little on your budget.

The main centerpieces for the wedding that are elongated horizontally are beautiful and super striking, combine it with flowers and some ornamental plants such as eucalyptus.

With these centerpieces you would highlight the table for the newlyweds in a simple but very beautiful way.

Labels for the bride and groom's chairs and a sign for the table.

As we told you, using signs at a wedding is a modern touch for decoration, one of the things you can do to decorate the main table for a wedding is to install signs on the back of the chair for the bride and groom.

Using something like Mr. and Mrs. on a piece of wood tied to the bride and groom’s chairs at the head table for the wedding is a very sweet touch, try to make the signs visible from different angles.

The signs painted with chalk on boards are a vintage option with which you can complement the decoration of a wedding of this style, you can also use wooden signs, they are a little more expensive but very beautiful.

The neon signs or with led lights are super striking, choose the phrase you want and get yours, if you have the support of an event house you can ask if any of the locations they have offer this type of signs.

Identifica la mesa principal para la boda

Floral elements for the table and surroundings.

An arrangement of white flowers for a wedding cannot be missing from the decoration, they are points of reference for the guests, perfect spaces to take a good selfie.

The flowers for the main wedding table add beauty, color and romanticism. In general, each bride or groom has a favorite flower and it is usually used in all the floral details of the event.

If you do not want centerpieces, opt for small vases with flowers of your choice, do not forget the entrance to the room, place a couple of flower arrangements with some elements of decoration to complement.

You can use ceiling flower arrangements, it is an elegant and sophisticated touch, make sure that flowers that fall to a certain height from the floor are used to make them much more striking.

Choose the number of people for the newlyweds table.

Well, everything is very nice, the decoration and the main table for the wedding of the bride and groom are very important, but the type of service at a wedding is also important, thinking about how the food is going to be served is something that cannot be overlooked .

Think that how you are going to distribute the place depends on this. If you choose a buffet-type service, attendees will have to get up from their chairs and line up for the catering service. If you choose food service at the table, everything will be easier.

We are not saying that the buffet service is bad, it is just that you should be more careful when you distribute all the tables, including that of the bride and groom, the catering service is essential at a wedding, remember that.

Always think about the decoration and furniture you want in the location

It’s okay, the decoration of the wedding room is like the bouquet or yoke of the bride, that is, it cannot be missing, we agree that a room without any decoration would look super strange.

Weddings with rustic furniture give a sophisticated and elegant touch to the reception, not to mention the selfies and photographs of the wedding in a place decorated like this.

We know that the most traditional are flowers and fabrics for decoration, and what about the lights? We know you have seen how beautiful warm light bulbs look on the entire ceiling of a room, it highlights all the decoration of the room, try it!

You already know some ideas and tips to decorate the main table for a wedding, remember that it is not the only thing you should pay attention to, at Wink Events we take care of all the details to make your day unforgettable.

The place has everything to do with the success of any event, know all the locations and decoration and furniture services that we have so that you can celebrate your wedding in style.

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