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How to organize a wedding: 6 steps that you should not forget.

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Wedding photographs help to remember that special event, but not all the moments are reflected in them, in your mind you will have every moment lived.

That is why planning the wedding of your dreams well is a process that you must enjoy without stress and calmly, the day will come sooner rather than later, and everything must be ready for that day.

Here you will find a step by step with the most important things to consider when planning a wedding.

We know that of all the things you should consider there are many more than we are talking about in this step by step, but we believe that these 6 are essential when planning a wedding.

Couples take a year to say yes, so this is the average time you will have to plan your wedding, take it easy.

Here you will not find a specific or detailed guide for a specific type of wedding, this list of steps are what you should consider for any wedding, whether small, large or with a particular concept.

Separate the date

We decided to start with the date as one of the first steps to organize the wedding, because with this you will know how much time you have to plan the wedding, time is essential.

The more time you have to organize a wedding, the better, weddings are one of the biggest events that can be held, not because of the number of guests or the space, but because of all the details that must be taken into account in your planning.

The best thing is that you choose a range of dates and not a single date, you must have plan A, and plan B, be clear about the month in which you want the wedding.

It is a very special event where you are going to celebrate love, you have to give it all the importance it deserves and that ultimately requires time.

Define a budget

We could not leave the budget for the last, a little bit of reality is not bad, and the money in wedding matters is more than important, define what is the budget that you are willing to invest.

The budget for a wedding is the door to start making decisions for the organization of a wedding.

Stick to that budget, choose between the wedding styles you want, this will help you a lot to define what type of wedding you want, without affecting your pocket.

Choose the location carefully

There are many places for your wedding, here what you have to look at is the price, the location, the space and the concept, before choosing it you must be clear about the theme of the reception.

The average number of guests at a wedding is 120, make sure that the place has the capacity to receive them.


Try to choose a location that is close to the city, make sure that the space is adequate for the number of guests, we do not want anyone to be left out of the celebration.

Personalized weddings depend a lot on the place, if you want something outdoors full of nature you must choose a place that fits, usually these places are a bit far from the city.

Check list for the wedding

We tell you about 6 steps to organize a wedding, but you must have a checklist for the wedding where you consider all the details of the special day, so that nothing is left out.

Define activities per month, dedicate all your efforts to getting each item on the list ready at the right time.

Sit down and analyze what you want for the wedding, point by point, it does not matter that it is not so important now, we believe that it will be later and we do not want time to run out and you have not considered everything.

Includes a wedding planner

You need a guide to organize a wedding, most of us don’t know about suppliers, suitable places, decoration and many more things that a wedding planner does.

You are going to need a list to organize a simple wedding or a large wedding, but don’t worry, the person who will help you plan the wedding should have lists of various types of weddings and will customize it according to your tastes.

We agree that you cannot handle everything alone, you need someone to help you and give you advice, a professional will make a lot of difference when planning a wedding.

Choose providers carefully

Celebrating a reception without suppliers is almost impossible to organize a wedding, you need a wedding with decoration, centerpieces, food, music, photography and video.

Luckily you can find everything in a single package, at wink events we plan the events you need, a zero-stress provider, you won’t have to search for each provider separately, because at wink we already have them.

Elige los proveedores con cuidado

Plan everything in advance, the success of your wedding depends on that.

The key to organizing a wedding is time, yes we are a bit intense with this, but that depends on whether your wedding is what you really want, remember that it is one of the most special days of your life.

Sometimes making decisions in a hurry can ruin all the planning, that’s why you should choose a company that plans the event and helps you make all the decisions, remember that two heads are better than one.

At this point you already have an idea of the steps to follow to organize a wedding, a person will always need help to plan any type of event, at Wink events we accompany you in planning your wedding.

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