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6 tips to organize a dream gay marriage.

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Do not wait any longer, celebrate love with your partner on a dream day, love has no gender, age, or social status, so plan your marriage as you and your partner want, we will tell you some tips and advice for the most anticipated day .

Equal marriage in Colombia was legalized in 2016, same-sex couples who want to get married can do so civilly, there is still no defined protocol for a gay marriage.

You don’t need to follow a protocol for everything to go the way you want, do your wedding the way you want, let your imagination run wild and create a dream wedding in the best style, yours!

Before thinking about how to organize a wedding, you must take into account the requirements that you must meet to be able to marry civilly. Here we show you a list of the documents you need to be able to do so.

  • Photocopy of the identity documents and full names of the couple
  • Place of birth
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Place of residence of the couple or of each
  • Clarify if they have minor or adult children, present the civil registry of the children if necessary.
  • Indicate that they have no legal impediment to marry, such as having married before without being divorced.
  • sign the marriage application
  • Copy of the civil registry

Once you have all these tedious requirements ready, you can start planning your dream day.

Choose the style of wedding you want to have

It is important that you define the concept of the wedding, defining a style will help you define the decoration of the wedding, the venue and the food, you can choose a vintage event hall and have a very stylish wedding.

There are several styles that you can choose for your wedding, from the classic style with white and pink tones for flower arrangements, classic weddings have a rigorous protocol and are usually very elegant.

You do not have to comply with everything to the letter, you just have to take what you like most from each style, if you want something less elegant, the vintage style is fine.

The vintage style has arrangements and decorations for weddings that mixes the old with the modern, a gay marriage with a vintage style is one of the most beautiful and aesthetic concepts, remember that it all depends on your personality.

Don't stick to the traditional groom or bride dress etiquette

It does not matter if you want a suit or a dress, what matters is that you feel comfortable with what you are going to wear on this dream day, you can opt for elegant wedding suits for women or dresses with a boho chic style.

Remember that a gay marriage has no protocol, do not stress thinking about what you are going to use each one or each one, just think about what you would like to use and what you feel better with, the day is yours, shine as you please like.

Entrance to the church without protocol, make it creative.

As we have already mentioned, a gay marriage has no protocol, the protocol is defined by you, we call it entrance to the church as something symbolic, but it still cannot be celebrated in a church.

The entrance to the place where they are going to celebrate their love must be unforgettable, entering together is a great idea, although it is not common, it is something super romantic, if they have a special song they can put it on when they enter.

organizar un matrimonio gay soñado

Personal touches for wedding decoration

From the use of your favorite color in desserts and tablecloths to the type of flowers you like are touches of the personality of each one or each one that make the event something special.
It does not matter if it is a gay wedding between women or a gay wedding between men, each one has its personal touch that makes each detail have a bit of the essence of each one.

Nothing is more beautiful than gay weddings on the beach, celebrating a gay marriage on the beach shows a personality, people who love the beach are people who don’t need much to be happy.

Highlight the beauty of the unique details of the sea with your wedding and share with the people who love you the most and respect your way of seeing life.

Celebrating a wedding in Cartagena for example or in any city that has a sea is not difficult, at Wink Eventos we have everything you need to make your wedding the most dreamed moment.

Colorful catering, gay pride flag.

In a gay marriage or a heterosexual marriage, food cannot be missing, a good catering can be the difference, and what more than doing it in style and proudly celebrating who you are.

If you like the colors of the gay pride flag you can choose some desserts for the guests, a very colorful bite will always be remembered, your wedding will have a unique personal touch.

You can have a wide range of catering and confectionery at your wedding to create a unique experience for diners, take advantage of the entire color palette and create a different concept of marriage.

Enjoy the wedding without thinking about the roles.

Do not think about who will play the role of man or woman, a gay marriage is celebrated between two people of the same sex, so the roles are not necessary, remember do not think about what they will say, only about your happiness

So if you want to wear a dress or a suit, it’s your decision, the idea is that you be happy and comfortable with what you wear

With help everything is better, hire wedding planners, avoid stress

One of the best tips for weddings that we can give you is to hire an event house or wedding vendor to help you organize your gay marriage without much stress.

We agree that organizing a wedding requires a lot of energy and time, not all of us know where to hire vendors for flowers or food, any marriage requires a lot of attention, no matter what it is.

At Wink we take care of creating tailor-made events, the way you like them, don’t worry about looking in different places for catering services, sound or something as important as the location of the wedding.

Locaciones para eventos en medellín

With our advice celebrating a gay marriage is much easier, enjoy the most special day in a magical place, find out everything we have for you on our website.

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