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4 types of breaks at events and business meetings.

4 tipos de descansos en eventos y reuniones empresariales

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You should always take breaks in events and business meetings into account when planning, planning them in a different and creative way is ideal, a break can be a catering service, choose the one that best suits your event here.

The importance of breaks or breaks in business events

Regardless of the types of business events that exist, there should always be a rest or a break, these serve to regain the attention of the guests and to recover energy, especially if the event is very long.

Keeping attendees focused not only requires a creative presentation or an entertaining event, breaks are important to reduce stress and increase attendee engagement.

If the event is too long, consider taking breaks or breaks of at least 30 minutes every two hours, this helps to regain attention.

If you do not want interruptions, it is better that you consider breaks in events and meetings, when people feel exhausted they look for other scenarios to clear their minds, sooner or later they will get up if a break is not taken.

Coffee break for the simplest

When you think about how to organize an event, you must take into account the type of event you are going to plan, if it is small, large or virtual, each one needs a different planning and schedule.

For simple events like monthly meetings that are almost always very specific, a coffee break is enough. What is a coffee break? It refers to a break or rest, it can be with a coffee with something to accompany it or some snacks.

Remember that it all depends on what you want to do, for breaks in events and meetings, it is important that you have a country event room or one with enough space so that attendees can walk quietly around the place.

Active pauses with movement

The famous active breaks, with which we are almost forced to do during the workday, are more valuable than you think, they serve to replenish energy, regain concentration and improve performance.

Active breaks are ideal for breaks in events and meetings of an informative nature or where staff training is sought. With suitable event furniture you can achieve a good activity for active breaks.

An active break is an activity that involves the body and mind, a yoga session, stretching or mental agility games help a lot to redirect concentration on the other activities of the event.

Do not think that you will waste time if you include breaks in events and meetings, on the contrary, you will optimize time and have fewer distractions during the event session.

Pausas activas con movimiento

Special and creative activities

Breaks at events and meetings don’t have to be boring, don’t do it just to meet a schedule, breaks can be meals for special events, a creative catering presentation can go a long way.

You can take advantage of the breaks to continue contributing to the goal of the event, do team activities where roles are distributed and an objective is set, you can do tasks by stations and in the end the team that manages to complete all the stations gets a prize.

To do these activities you must have good event logistics, when you take breaks at events and meetings make sure you have coordinated staff, this can be decisive in the success of any

Concentration and rest for the body: relaxation

When you make the invitation to the event or meeting, ask the attendees to wear comfortable clothes, obviously these types of breaks in events and meetings are for the most informal, ARL training or internal conferences with an achievement orientation.

Set aside an hour to do activities that relax the body and mind, you can hire professionals who know about the subject, such as yoga teachers, meditation or activities that relax the body such as breathing management.

It is best to hold business events in a place other than your company, having a neutral setting helps to release stress and your employees or guests are calmer.

What should an event hall have? In order to carry out these types of activities, the room where you hold the event or meeting must have large spaces and outdoors, with these characteristics, carrying out the activities will be easier.

If you don’t open a space for breaks at events and meetings, your attendees will sooner rather than later get up and leave.

Do not worry so much about how to decorate an event room, as long as you have the necessary space it is enough, you can complement the decoration with the furniture and one or another beautiful centerpiece.

Create the best business event for everyone

The planning of an event is decisive in its success, with good planning, schedule, place and logistics your event will achieve its objectives much easier.

At Wink Eventos we know how important events are for companies, any respectable event has good suppliers and organizers, so the smartest decision is to organize your event with the best suppliers.

A good catering can be more than enough to take breaks at events and meetings, if you don’t want to think too much about different activities for your guests, the food option is a very good option.

Turn workshops, training, assemblies and meetings into an entire experience. At Wink we have all the services to make your business event a success.

Crea el mejor evento empresarial para todos

You already know the importance of breaks in events and meetings, use some of the ideas that we recommend here, with Wink your event will be an experience to remember.

Take advantage of the benefits of outdoor locations and surprise your guests with a delicious catering. At Wink Events we have everything you need to have the best event, discover our offer on our website.

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