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Mari and Diego: Tips for a symbolic Pampa Grass-style ceremony

A symbolic ceremony includes rituals and ceremonies specific to each couple. Here we tell you the story of Mari and Diego.
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When Mari and Diego decided to get married, nothing was clear, only that the soul of the party would be bohemian, many feathers. They wanted a symbolic ceremony at 3 in the afternoon, 60 people, and lots of food.

How did they make everything perfect? Here we tell you some tricks used by Mari and Diego.

When planning a wedding, Pinterest can be your best friend.

Mariana and her best friend, Pinterest, had been searching online for 2 months for inspiration for her wedding, she was wondering what would be the perfect place, the ideal environment, the person in charge of looking for the place of dreams asked for many quotes, as many as she needed to have much to choose from, as much as to buy prices, quality and tranquility.

Wedding boards on Pinterest were a fundamental part of the selection process. The decorations, the meals, reference photos, arrangements, everything seemed to be there.

Tip: Create your own board and start saving everything you see that you might like, then give it to your wedding planner to design your wedding just as you dream it.

Diego, the one who listens and considers, was always determined to do something “simple”, “economical” and with “few people”, the 3 variables that the couple always look for when they want to get married, however, accompanied by the Internet and in the company of Mari They took paper and pencil and started.

The location for your wedding

When it comes to wedding locations, there is only one way to do it. You search the internet, find the location you are looking for and schedule a visit. There are many venue providers, but there is only one location where you want to have your wedding, so be patient.

What happened to Diego and Mari? Well…they don’t tell it themselves.

– “What nerves, it was the first meeting of all, the first place we were going to know and we were excited. We went with our best friends and they were the judges on that visit.”

Visiting places cannot be done alone. Visiting the locations accompanied by close people can help to find different points of view. Of course, it is you who ultimately decides if the location is the one you always dreamed of for your wedding.

– “That country place outside the city was like we had always dreamed of; with palm trees, trees, illuminated columns and outdoor spaces.”

Casa Cartagena: A location with everything for a symbolic ceremony Pampa Grass style.

Casa cartagena eventos en Medellín

Some palm trees and curacaos are the ones that welcome the arrival at Casa Cartagena, and it was precisely this detail that made Diego and Mari fall in love.

Before choosing your location, a visit to each corner to feel its magic

The couple just observe and the friends ask everything.

There was no visit to another location. We tried to convince Diego and Mari that Casa Cartagena was the ideal place for their wedding, but the truth is that they were the ones who ended up convincing their friends. They were delighted!

Without knowing yet how it was, after 2 months they told Wink: Yes, I accept. There began the dream of holding a symbolic ceremony.

Pampa Grass, the style chosen for your symbolic ceremony

Pampas Grass! The first time they heard that word, Mari’s eyes lit up and Diego asked what it was about. Mari already knew everything, she had already seen styles on Pinterest, decorations… it was exciting for her.

Diego, on his side, was attentive to everything that Mari told him, in a few seconds we realized that it would be an open-air wedding full of love.

Although they can be associated with boho or rustic weddings, Pampa Grass weddings are characterized by flower arrangements called Cortaderia Seollana. Its soft, feather-like appearance and its versatility are the magic of this type of ceremonies.

Pampa Grass decorations can be perfectly adapted to other styles of more modern or even minimalist weddings thanks to their versatility and numerous applications.

How to hold a symbolic ceremony

Symbolic marriages do not always have to obey a specific type of ceremonial protocol, it is enough to form a bond of true love that cannot be broken over time.

Mari and Diego decided to do it their way and Wink Eventos helped them plan a perfect wedding. For this they defined their special moments:

  • Arrival at your ceremony location
  • The welcome, with beer, snacks and good conversations.
  • We talk about commitment, love, family and dreams.
  • The vows, beautiful messages full of love from Mari and Diego to themselves.
  • The exchange of rings that symbolize commitment.
  • Stories about their relationship, a moment to evoke the past and the happiness of now being together.
  • Music, more beer, snacks and food.
  • Closing of the ceremony.

As you see, it doesn’t have to be complex. Until now everything seemed simple and it seemed that all this could be planned by themselves. They already had the location, they knew what the symbolic ceremony would be like and it was time to leave the rest in Wink’s hands.

It is not a complex process when there is a team supporting all the planning of your wedding. Words like “the most important day of my life” are already loaded with joy and not with anxiety.

  • An abundant decoration of feathers
  • Some giant chairs
  • A space for cocktails on the floor
  • The mix between elegant and comfortable
  • An outdoor cocktail
  • Lots and lots of food
  • live music
  • drinks by the bunch

Nothing was missing, the big day was as it should be: a blue sky, a perfect garden and 70 people full of happiness and smiles on their faces.

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