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5 ideas for outdoor wedding decoration, here

5 ideas para decoración de bodas al aire libre, aquí

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Planning an outdoor wedding is not as difficult as you think, with these 5 ideas that we have for you and with the help of a good wedding planner, you will have your dream wedding.

The advantages of a country or outdoor wedding are many, nature provides a calm and magical environment, in nature we will always find beauty.

Taking advantage of this element helps all outdoor wedding decoration stand out, no matter how small the detail, your guests will notice it.

The country decoration for weddings should have a palette of earthy colors, warm colors help reinforce the outdoor environment, do not fill the place with many things, in the environment there are already enough elements that you can use.

Performing an outdoor wedding helps the photos to be spectacular, natural light is the ideal setting when it comes to a photo.

Choose the ideal place, a country location

There are simple country weddings that look like dream weddings and overly elaborate ones, the venue provides all the necessary elements to achieve a lot on a small budget.

Not all outdoor weddings have to be simple, take advantage of the beauty of nature in all its states, if you want the most top decoration you can do it, in these places you will celebrate your wedding in style, without much effort. Less on a rainy day, we don’t want that, but for that we have a solution, renting tents for events, there must be a place at your wedding for your guests to shelter from rain or sun, yes or yes, no it is an option.

Give guests personalized jars of mosquito repellent, remember that your wedding is in a naturally diverse place.

If you want us to tell you about an ideal place for decorating outdoor weddings, that is Los Magnolios, a space surrounded by leafy trees, and lots of nature, it is a place that combines the best of the interior and exterior.

Altar for outdoor wedding ceremony

Cuándo pienses en el alquiler de salones para eventos al aire libre, imagínate cómo puedes aprovechar el espacio para decorar, las bodas al aire libre están llenas de vida y de color, utiliza flores para resaltar el espacio.

Altar para la ceremonia de la boda al aire libre​

The arches for altars for outdoor weddings with flowers and eucalyptus leaves, paniculata and combinations of flowing fabrics highlight the altar and of course the bride and groom.

One of the outdoor wedding decoration ideas is to complement the entire atmosphere of the place with lots of flowers. In outdoor wedding decoration, earthy color palettes are used with a rustic touch in the furniture.

Extending a rug for the path to the altar is basic in outdoor wedding decoration, we don’t want the bride’s dress to get dirty before its time, you can use rigid fabrics to avoid folds that cause trips.

Take advantage of the trees in the decoration of outdoor weddings

You don’t have to choose a vintage event room to have warm lights, large yellow light bulbs turn a simple place into a magical place, especially if you combine them with the beauty of nature.

Decorate the trees with yellow lights, choose the trees that surround the tables of the guests. When night comes you will have a lot of light without the need for reflectors or extra things.

Outdoor wedding decoration should have points of light, some installations can be intertwined between the trees to create an illuminated ceiling effect, it is a decoration idea that will be very useful.

Rustic furniture and warm colors

You do not have to be an expert to know how the tables are organized at a wedding, even if you are accompanied by a wedding planner and logistical staff, who knows the guests is you and you decide where each person will go.

Locate the chairs for the guests at the ceremony near the altar, in rows of 5 or 6 chairs, the chairs should have earthy or warm tones, ocher or gold help to highlight the decoration of outdoor weddings.

The tables should be located under the tent or any pergola that the place has, as much as we want everything to be outdoors, we cannot risk the rain ruining the day.

Presentation of the catering according to the decoration and the place

It is best to hire wedding and event companies that have experience, not only in decoration and furniture, but also in catering service. Planning a good food service that has allusive touches to the decoration of the place is undoubtedly something innovative.

When you already have the outdoor wedding decoration defined, you can ask the caterers that the presentation of the dishes have a plating according to the decoration.

The dessert table must be protected under the tent, we do not want the food to be ruined or a bug to sneak into one of the desserts, keep this in mind when distributing the tables that carry food.

Always have a plan b, outdoor weddings are unpredictable

If you want the outdoor wedding decoration to remain intact, you must have a plan B in case the day turns into a rainy day, for us it is essential to think about tents or mixed venues.

How so what mixed places? Well yes, places that have outdoor spaces but also interiors where people also feel comfortable.

Think that your guests will have a country wedding dress and heels that are going to be sinking into the grass all the time, how lazy!

Siempre ten un plan b, las bodas al aire libre son impredecibles

If you got here it is because you liked some ideas for outdoor wedding decoration, don’t be scared or stress about wedding planning, at Wink Eventos we are specialists in all kinds of weddings.

Plan your wedding with us, enjoy all our services and celebrate the most special day in the best outdoor locations we have for you.

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