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Types of catering for business events in Medellín.

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Good food cannot be missing at any event, a catering service can save you from trouble at any time, here we will tell you about some types of catering that you can offer depending on the type of event.

It is a food service for many people, also for small groups of people, the idea of food service for events or catering is that a considerable number of dishes can be used.

A catering service is expensive, and hiring it for 5 people is not justified, although everyone makes their own decisions.

We are not going to discuss that, we just tell you what are the types of catering that you can offer at business events in Medellín or in any city.

There are some special types of catering for some integration events for companies that you can choose depending on the type of event you are going to offer, we will tell you what they are.

Coffee break, sweet and salty snacks

A coffee break is like a break in the middle of a meeting or event where you have a moment to eat, usually they are small bites, like appetizers, whether they are sweet or salty.

This break is usually done before the main catering or main course, in all social events there is one, in some in the form of a dessert table or served at the table, it all depends on the types of business events in Medellín or anywhere part of the city you want to choose.

Large buffet meal

These types of catering are used at 15-year-old parties, usually diners or guests must go to the buffet table and help themselves or order a little of each dish.

There are breakfast buffets, also for lunch and dinner, it all depends on the place, the occasion and the concept of the event, you should pay close attention to the types of business events in Medellín or Bogotá that you want to offer.

This type of catering is ideal for parties or social events, be it family reunions, wedding anniversaries or fifteen-year parties.

Brindis y servicio de catering

The best of the buffet and plating service

There is a type of buffet that is served at the table, this type of catering is the most contracted for weddings and business events in Medellín and other cities.

It is much more comfortable for the guests, because they do not have to stop for their main dish, but instead take it to the table, yes, here you must hire event logistics personnel to support you with each service within the event.

This type of table service is hired for company parties, a catering for the end of the year in celebration of the new year is one of the most requested services, obviously the one for weddings and fifteen years is first in the top.

delicious brunch

Brunches could not be missing, these types of catering are not only done at large events, some restaurants in the main cities have this service, it is almost always for groups of no more than 20 people.

If business events in Medellín or in other cities are very large and last for hours, you can choose to have a brunch-style catering service to keep guests full and happy.

One of the most important steps to organize an event is the food, no matter what it is, the types of business events in Medellín or anywhere you should always consider a food service, small or large.

Lunch box, box brunch

A hall rental for large events requires a large logistics organization, attendees tend to disperse, when there are more than 100 and 200 employees or attendees, you should consider this type of catering service.

Take into account the protocol of events that you planned, do not skip any time, if you decided to have the catering service at 1 in the afternoon, it is better that you do not exceed the hour, there is nothing worse than being bored and hungry .

Find a company for the catering service for your business event

Some business events in Medellín and other cities require logistical support from companies that have all the contacts and suppliers to make an event successful.

Free yourself from all the stress when planning everything, just thinking about decorating halls for business events generates a lot of anxiety, what colors do I use? Is it appropriate to place centerpieces? And many more questions about the preparation of an event.

Luckily at Wink events we have everything you need, we are an event organizer company that supports and helps you in all the planning of all kinds of business events in Medellín, Bogotá, Cartagena and Barranquilla.

Hire your catering service with us, enjoy and surprise all the attendees of your event.

Empresa para el servicio de catering, errores en un catering empresarial que debes evitar

You already know that choosing the best catering service according to the types of business events in Medellín is essential for your event to be a success, food is very important, do not skip this step in planning.

At Wink Events we have the best food providers, learn about all our services in the business events section.

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