Original ways to arrive at the wedding in style

formas originales de llegar a la boda

There are many original ways to get to the wedding that can be done, define the concept of the wedding and choose the one you like best.

Getting to the wedding party is quite an event for the newlyweds, there are many original ways to get to the wedding that can be done, the concept of the wedding can help you define what type of vehicle they are going to arrive in.

Learn about 4 original and fun ways to do it, surprise all your guests by opening the wedding celebration in style, learn about everything from the most traditional to the most unusual here.

The reason why you should choose a vehicle to get to your wedding

We know that there are many original ways to get to the wedding, both to the ceremony and to the celebration, most opt for old or luxurious cars to get to the church, but what about arriving at the event hall for marriages?

Some more traditional couples decide to walk to the hall, but if you are one of those who like to innovate and surprise, choosing an unusual vehicle gives a different touch to the celebration.

The most valid reason is that your wedding is only celebrated once, have fun in the best style, yours! To choose the type of vehicle, you must first think about everything, the location, the decoration and the concept of the entire wedding to find the perfect balance.

Antique carriage for classic weddings

One of the most traditional and classic ways to get to a wedding is the old car, ideal in the concept of vintage wedding decoration, this type of vehicle is used to get to the church or wedding ceremony.

If you want to save money, you can choose the old car to get to your ceremony and to the place of your wedding celebration, although it is not one of the original ways to get to the wedding, it is one of the most romantic and vintage that we can find.

By motorcycle or bicycle for the most retro couple

One of the original ways to arrive at the wedding, ideal to surprise, nobody expects the bride and groom to arrive on a motorcycle to the celebration, can you imagine their faces? A whole poem. If you are going to arrive by motorcycle, you must take special care with the bride’s dress.

formas originales de llegar a tu boda en moto

Before deciding how you want to arrive at your wedding, choose the perfect wedding arrangements and decorations. Once you have this defined, it is time to choose one of the original ways to arrive at the wedding, in this case a stylish motorcycle.

If you are looking for ideas for wedding decoration, something you can do is include a little corner for the motorcycle, surely everyone will want to take pictures with it.

Although it seems obvious, it goes without saying, make sure that one of you knows how to drive a motorcycle, we don’t want any accidents on the wedding day, it sounds funny but anything can happen, so don’t omit any detail.

On horseback, for those who love animals.

If there is one of the original ways to get to the most romantic and surprising wedding, it is arriving on horseback. If you are an animal lover and you love horses as much as we do, this is an ideal way to get to your wedding.

For the wedding ceremony on the beach you can arrive on horseback like in a fairy tale or in a golf cart for the more modest.

You cannot choose this option for all types of weddings, only if the room or location for your wedding is outdoors. Can you imagine a horse parked in the common areas of a room? Us neither.

Formas originales de llegar a la boda: en caballo

Take advantage of this beautiful four-legged vehicle to include it in the wedding photo session, one of the best tips for weddings that we can give you, so make the most of it, yes, taking great care that no one gets hurt and that they are well fed and hydrated throughout the celebration.

Luxurious car for glam weddings.

For totally glamorous weddings, this is one of the original ways to get to the wedding with which you have comfort with a lot of elegance, this type of vehicle will always be in trend.

If you are looking for luxury and sophistication, a high-end car is what you should choose, it is a car with a lot of personality so you do not need to decorate it too much, with a few flower arrangements it is more than enough.

If your wedding will take place on a date in the rainy season, it is best to hire covered vehicles to prevent you and your dress from getting wet before reaching the altar.

Design your ideal wedding from scratch with an all-in-one wedding planner.

Design your ideal wedding from scratch with an all-in-one wedding planner. there is something very certain and that is that a single person planning a wedding will take much longer without help than with her.

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You already know some original ways to get to the wedding!

Choose the one that has all the style your wedding needs, if you still don’t know which one to choose, don’t worry because at Wink we can plan everything and much more.

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