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Hashtag for wedding, all the photos of your guests in one place

Share all the photos of your guests with a Hashtag for wedding. Find here some tips so you don't miss any memories.

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Your wedding in a Hashtag: #WeWantToMakeItUnforgettable Let everyone talk about how wonderful your celebration will be, have lots of photos and give them a label that identifies what your wedding will be, the wedding of the two of you. A label that is so easy that everyone remembers it. A hashtag is a text label that you can add to the content you post on your social networks. It goes without spaces and cannot have special characters or this “&” symbol, preceded by the hash symbol (#). Example: #CamiyRafa Instagram is the central axis of photography, attention on social networks and immediately, we cannot see a great moment or something we like and not publish it. So let’s include our wedding in this network.

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Can you imagine being able to see all the photos of the celebration just by entering a hashtag?

Let’s start by looking for something easy, something that the guests can easily remember, something loud and not very complicated: 2 or 3 words, it can be a nickname or something that unites them, makes a reference and reminds us who the main characters of the wedding are. : you two. There are no limits: in English or in Spanish or why not both? A play on words, rhymes and that sounds anything but formal and boring, something crazy and that people seek to replicate later, remember that we are a focus of creativity.

The most important thing: you create the hashtag, and you let the guests know what it is, you let them know by writing on blackboards, printing it on thank you cards, invitation cards or on photo backing, rehearse the hashtag you created before the event because it is super important that you verify that this hashtag has not been created and that yours is the only one that exists, because we do not want that when you open it on the social network it is already in use and that there are photos related to it.

Check the spelling before, use a capital letter at the beginning of the label and now, everything is ready to make your wedding a trend.

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