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Silver weddings

Silver weddings are celebrated when the couple turns 25 years old. At Wink we tell you what it is and how it works.

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What are the Silver Weddings?

There are many types of celebrations, in which love is celebrated are our favorites, planning a wedding entails all the illusion that on the big day everything will go well to celebrate the union between 2 people, but silver weddings are not celebrated for the first time. time the union of a couple but rather celebrates being together 25 years after that first union.

Living together and sharing 25 years together is a reason for celebration, so if you are planning or want to know what a silver wedding anniversary is like, we leave this blog for you to read from start to finish.

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Why are they called silver weddings:

The symbol of this anniversary is associated with silver and represents a completed stage in the life of a couple. Before this celebration there are already anniversaries whose symbol is metal, iron (6 years), bronze (8 years), aluminum and steel (10 and 11 years). However, these metals only represent strength, while silver is a metal that also represents nobility and the value of the anniversary.

Where are they held:

For silver weddings, there are usually not so many demands, usually couples choose a restaurant with a lounge (it doesn’t have to be big). Many places offer catering services and they will surely be able to organize a good silver wedding. If it is in the country, much better, as it will take the place out of its excessive elegance and provide a more versatile and welcoming touch. An outdoor place is perfect for celebrating.

Silver and gold wedding rings:

If they do a symbolic ceremony or a priestly silver wedding, the most common thing is that there is an exchange or renewal of rings, many couples exchange they use rings for this occasion, but this is not always the case, they can have new ones made or make a ritual to bless those of the first wedding.

Silver wedding invitations:

First, have you made the guest list yet? How many people and who do you want to invite? Well, this is one of the most important steps after they decide to celebrate the silver wedding anniversary.
This anniversary can be celebrated in style with more than 50 people, but many prefer to have an intimate and exclusive party. In the case of the option of creating a massive party, personalized invitations can be sent to the attendees.

You can make the invitations for the wedding digital to avoid printing costs, the important thing is that you have a nice message alluding to the date, the date of the celebration, the place, clothing and if you want people to rain an envelope or a gift to celebrate.

How to go dresses for silver weddings:

There are no specific dress “rules” for the Silver Wedding Anniversary.
However, what we recommend is that unlike the first bridal wedding, the bride is not dressed in white and instead we propose a pearl or silver colored dress, an elegant outfit, something that shows that it is a different wedding.
And as for the groom, it will never go out of style to wear a black or dark suit, or if it is a daytime or country celebration, he can dress as he feels most comfortable.

Everything will depend on your budget, but currently this type of celebration, which was previously more conservative, has changed, adapting to new trends. The same goes for silver wedding cakes, you don’t need it to be something spectacular as the first celebration, but as a detail it creates many memories for the couple.



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