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The ideal wedding: 10 practical tips on how to do it.

La boda ideal: 10 consejos prácticos de cómo hacerla.

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If there is something that needs time and dedication, it is planning a wedding, especially if we do not know how to organize a wedding, here are some tips that can help you with your wedding preparations.

Remember that the wedding is yours and your partner’s, the ones who should feel comfortable are you, so choose everything you like and identify with, in the end you will have your ideal wedding and you will have enjoyed the process without stress.

The ideal wedding can be a simple ceremony with dinner, and it can also be an outdoor wedding on the beach, or in a house for events with many guests, the dream wedding is the one you always wanted.

What you should know is that even if it is a simple wedding, it requires some protocol steps that cannot be missed. Things like the venue, decoration, food and music for the couple are essential at a wedding.

With these tips that we have for you, you will achieve an ideal wedding without much effort, this is what you need to make your wedding a success, enjoy the process!

Choose a budget

Defining a budget is the first thing on the list of activities, doing so will help you define priorities and luxuries, when you already have a defined budget you will be able to choose the location or the type of service at a wedding more easily.

With a ready budget you will have more control over the expenses or costs of each detail of the wedding, nothing more worrying when the invoice arrives at the end of everything and you find that everything turned out much more expensive.

We do not want your ideal wedding to become stressful, remember that the budget should cover everything, from the wedding dress to the decoration of the place.

Choose the date for the wedding day

Choosing the date for the wedding can be easy if you do not think of everything, to choose the date you must think about the availability of the church, the location and the providers, everything must be coordinated for that day.

Carrying out a wedding in a short time is difficult, surely you will not be as satisfied as when you have time to plan a wedding calmly, you will need from 6 months to a year to plan the ideal wedding.

If you hire a wedding planner you will be able to choose a date much easier, the organizer will take the time to choose churches and locations according to availability, he will make a list so that as a couple they can choose the one they like best.

Create a guest list

Before starting to plan your ideal wedding, making the guest list is one of the first things you should do, when you already have the number of guests that will attend your wedding, you will be able to choose the location and the furniture.

It makes no sense to choose a wedding venue with a capacity for 50 people if your guest list has a number of 150 people, we agree that they would not be very comfortable during the reception.

So yes, having the guest list helps you define space and budget, remember that the more people you invite to your wedding, the more money you will have to invest in everything.

Choose the location where you want to have your wedding

Selecting possible locations or event houses is a fundamental process in wedding planning, with the location you can choose the theme of the party, define the decoration and everything else.

It is important that when choosing the place for the wedding, you make sure that it is located in an area close to the city, if you choose a location 5 hours from your hometown, perhaps not all the guests will be able to attend.

When visiting the location, you must take note of the weather, location, infrastructure, distance from the church or capacity to do the ceremony in the place.

Some wedding planners have lists of locations in different places, at Wink events we have beautiful locations for all kinds of weddings in different cities.

Do you know what is best? You will have everything you need for your wedding in one place, suppliers for arrangements and decorations for weddings or different types of furniture, without having to search in different places.

Choose the designs for the wedding invitations

Ready, you already have the date for the wedding, the defined location, the number of guests and the budget ready, now you can send the invitation cards to everyone.

What should your wedding invitation have? Date, place, time and the dress code, well, rather the dress code you chose for the reception, keep in mind that the design of the invitations must be striking.

An original message about why you want the guest to accompany you at the wedding is part of the surprise and design of the invitation. If you already have the theme of the wedding, then the invitation designs must have the same aesthetics.

Escoge los diseños para las invitaciones a la boda

The theme of the wedding is important

There are many types of themes, vintage wedding decoration is one of the themes that is currently in trend, it is a decoration that combines period details with modern touches.

Make sure that the dress code is consistent with the theme of the wedding, every detail must fit to have an ideal wedding.

If you want something more elegant, a glam wedding is for you, here glamor and sophistication stand out, when you choose the theme of the wedding you already have one step gained to choose all the decoration and the type of flowers for the place.

Furniture and decoration as you like

The furniture for events is one of the most important choices in a wedding, the tables, the chairs, the lamps and all the decoration to complement the theme of the party.

There are many types of table setting for weddings, so it is essential that you have defined the style of the wedding, you will be able to choose furniture in accordance with the aesthetic line of the wedding.

An ideal wedding must have unique details, the dishes, the flowers, the fabrics, the chairs, the tablecloths, absolutely everything must fit, some locations have the furniture ready.

When the locations come with defined furniture and decoration, it is because they already carry a defined theme line and if you are akin to that theme, don’t think about it and choose it, so you will save a lot of time and deal with different suppliers.

Mobiliario y decoración como te gusten

music and lighting

A wedding without music is not an ideal wedding, setting any event is important, it is not only about putting on music at the time of the meal and the party, the wedding music to enter the room marks the beginning of the celebration.

The entrance of the bride and groom to the wedding reception must be magical, a song that means a lot to the couple is the best option, at a wedding any detail can make a difference.

The lighting cannot be missing, not only on the tables or the ceiling of the wedding venue, the directed lighting to highlight the valuable moments in the celebration not only frame those moments, the photography and video will have better quality.

Catering and confectionery providers

A wedding is full of multiple experiences, gastronomy is one of them, you must carefully choose the type of menu that you are going to offer at your wedding and its presentation,

There are many types of wedding catering so think about the flavors you like first and select various types of menus for both catering and confectionery based on that.

Special meals for weddings have different presentations, choose a good decoration for the dessert table that is easily accessible, remember that desserts are the most coveted at the party, so be generous.

Choose to hire a wedding planner

Get a wedding planner to accompany you at every moment of the wedding planning, two heads think more than one and the more hands help you the better.

A wedding will support you at all times and will make every moment something you can enjoy and remain in your memory as a beautiful and pleasant memory of your ideal wedding.

Making the ideal wedding by yourself is stressful, hiring organizers is the best.

The ideal wedding in the best hands, the best wedding provider you can find is at Wink, specialists in weddings and social events, we have everything you need to make your wedding just the way you dreamed of it.

Finding a provider with everything you need to make a spectacular wedding is not easy, finding everything in one place can save you time and money, decoration, food, furniture and location will be coordinated with the same theme.

We do not want that by finding suppliers in different places, the decoration does not match the flower arrangements or setting of the tables, it is important that suppliers communicate so that everything goes well.

So don’t think twice, decide on an expert supplier in event architecture and enjoy the wedding of your life.

Hacer la boda ideal por si solos es estresante

We are very happy that you have come this far, surely these tips will help you plan your ideal wedding, without stress and enjoying the entire wedding process.

At Wink events we know how important a wedding is for any couple, that’s why we accompany you at every step so that the most anticipated day is a special and unforgettable day. Plan your wedding with us.

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