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5 mistakes in a business catering that must be avoided before the event.

Mistakes in a business catering can cause problems at any of your events, don't worry, there are ways to avoid them, here we will tell you how.
Empresa para el servicio de catering, errores en un catering empresarial que debes evitar

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Mistakes in a business catering can cause problems at any of your events, don’t worry, there are ways to avoid them.

A catering is a factor that makes a difference in any type of event, it influences the success of the event, mistakes in a business catering can be fatal. Nothing is more discouraging than slow food service, bad service or little showiness.

No matter what types of business events you want to do, you have to be very attentive to catering, a good food service has the ability to generate an unforgettable experience for guests, avoid these mistakes when it comes to catering.

What is a business catering service like?

To avoid mistakes in a business catering, you must know very well what a catering service for companies is like, although it is not very different from those served at other events such as weddings or birthdays, there are some aspects that change.

It all depends on the concept of the event and its objective, if they are workshops you have to present a rich catering that leaves diners satisfied, these workshops are usually done in long days, as well as conferences, congresses or product-brand presentations.

What is a catering for business events?

It is a food service of all styles, a catering must include logistics, decoration of the tables where desserts or finger food are served and of course the preparation of each dish.

The catering service must be presented according to the event protocol, some require brunch and desserts, others for lunches with entrees, it all depends on what you and the event need.

Business events usually have many attendees, so the catering service must be perfect, although it does not matter if it is a large or small event, the food must always arrive impeccably and on time at the table.

Be wary of a very cheap catering service

Here the saying that cheap is expensive does apply, when you find a caterer that is cheaper than normal you should be wary, they are surely sacrificing the quality of the food to be able to offer you a better price and you decide to hire them.

One of the mistakes in a business catering that should be avoided is having only one quote

You must request several quotes to be able to make a comparison between the price range, good catering companies handle prices similar to the competition.

When planning events, some people make the mistake of contracting the services separately, both catering, sound, lighting and even furniture, this is not the smartest decision, first because it can be more expensive and also for practicality .

Look for a single event provider that offers you all the services for your event, facilitates everything in logistics and you can save money, the best thing is that you don’t have to stress trying to coordinate different providers so that everything goes well.

Lack of communication and clarity of information

This can be one of the most common mistakes in a business catering, it can not only occur in the food service but in the entire organization of the event, it is important that you are clear about the objective of the event.

Lack of communication is the worst mistake we can make in any type of scenario, there is no room for assumptions, it is better to be clear with all the information, if you want everything to be perfect, communicate clearly.

Choose the right types of catering for the event and let your provider know each dish you chose. You must be receptive to any suggestion that the caterer proposes, remember that they are the experts on the subject.

Dedicate yourself first of all to making the schedule of the event, step by step each moment each of the moments that you have programmed, in this way the event organizing company will make recommendations based on their experience.

When you are clear about each point of the event, you must inform the provider you hired in detail, both the number of guests, date, duration of the event and even its objective, this information is essential to create a successful event.

Not calculating the number of attendees to the event correctly

Even if you think that these mistakes in a business catering are not common, the truth is that if they happen often, sometimes it could be your mistake, but other times not, perhaps you may have attendees who did not confirm and you did not count on them.

So calculate the number of attendees well, confirm them as many times as necessary and do not ask your caterer for an exact number of dishes, always try to order two or 3 more than you thought, so you will not have trouble on the day of the event.

On average, large events such as product launches, conferences, congresses or special events such as the company’s New Year’s Eve party usually have approximately 200 attendees.

It is not an exact formula but with this you can make a calculation and estimate the costs for each guest, obviously you must confirm the number of guests at least one week before the event.

errores en un catering empresarial, No calcular bien la cantidad de asistentes

Do not perform the menu test

You should always test the menu that is going to be offered to the attendees, the menu test for events reduces errors in a business catering and helps you choose an ideal caterer for the event.

Catering is one of the most important moments in an event, it can recharge your guests with energy, think about it, if you don’t try the menu, anything can happen on the day of the event.

Knowing the menu allows you to choose the type of food that is going to be offered, a brunch is not the same as a dinner with entrees, and this depends on the type of event.

It does not matter if you inform the staff about the event you are going to do, there is a wide variety of dishes that you must reduce and you do this through the menu test, with this you reduce errors in a business catering and you will have everything under control.

Choosing an inappropriate menu for the location, time and event.

Venues for business events have their own personality and style, the catering service must be suitable for the location of the venue, the time and the type of event to be held.

Would you have a hot soup at an event in Cartagena under the sun? No? Us neither.

It is not only about the food having a good taste, you must make sure that it is the right food for the place and type of event.

If your event takes place throughout the day, you should offer corporate event lunches that leave attendees satisfied, and consider a time to snack.

Not considering the duration or the time in which the event is held is one of the mistakes in a business catering that is almost impossible to solve, when you choose the menu you will not be able to change it the same day, so always avoid this by choosing a menu appropriate and testing it before the event.

Tips to choose the best supplier and avoid mistakes in a business catering

Mistakes in a business catering can be avoided if you choose a good provider that has all the services you need to hold a successful event.

  • Look for suppliers with experience and credibility, it is important that they have good references, with a professional supplier your business event is in the best hands, of course, only if you want the event to be a success.
  • Do not sacrifice quality for economy, look for reasonable prices but with quality suppliers, food is one of the most delicate things in an event, we do not want attendees to get sick or leave with a bad taste at the wedding.
  • Choose locations with your own providers, this way communication will flow better, the best thing is that you don’t have to go through the stress of looking for providers for everything, do you know what is best? that you can save time and money at the same time.

Don’t worry, finding a location with all the services for your event is easier than you think, you don’t have to wear yourself out looking for suppliers here and there because with Wink Events you have it all.

We are a provider with experience in social and business events that you need, with more than 400 events held, we know all the needs and details necessary to make any event a success.

We plan, organize and serve all the business events you want to do, leave everything in our hands, with Wink you don’t have to worry about mistakes in a business catering, we have everything under control.

If you want more tips for choosing suppliers for events and parties, enter here.

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