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5 corporate year-end party ideas you should know.

5 ideas de fiesta de fin de año empresarial que debes saber.

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Most companies hold the New Year’s Eve party the week before Christmas. Take advantage of this moment to gather all your employees and thank them for the year of work with an unforgettable party.

With the ideas we have for you, you will surely have the best corporate year-end party, we will tell you everything here.

A business end-of-year party is ideal to close with the whole year and the period of objectives and goals achieved, it is a way of reading the work environment, especially how your employees get along.

Measuring the work environment is not easy, one way to do it is at the end of the year party, where employees are in a more relaxed environment.

Motivating your employees is a good strategy to increase productivity or a sense of belonging and commitment to the company. An intelligent way to do it is with a corporate year-end farewell.

Choose locations outside of the city or in a country setting

When you think about how to organize an event such as a company year-end party, the first thing you have to do is choose different locations from the company, the idea is to have a neutral place outside the workplace.

There are many types of business events that can be held in a room and the New Year’s Eve party is no exception, there are different ways to celebrate them, you can choose country places with large spaces for common areas.

Most companies do not have the adequate space to celebrate them, in Medellín there are several suitable locations, but Voila in Envigado Antioquia is ideal, with open-air spaces and high ceilings that give a feeling of spaciousness.

What should an event hall have? Spacious and well distributed spaces, the location is also important, don’t forget it.

For those lucky enough to be in Cartagena, the perfect location for the corporate New Year’s party is Casa Diluca, spacious spaces with the best of colonial architecture.

The ideal is to get employees out of the routine and give them a space for recreation, without the stress of daily work, this is one of the first steps in organizing an event.

A stylish themed party

When you already have the place where you are going to have the end-of-year business party, it is time to choose a concept or theme for the party, it can be a gala type, a cocktail for the simplest or with a horseback riding theme.

For each theme there is a special place to celebrate it, if you have ideas to decorate an event room, make sure they match the dynamics of the theme so that everything fits.

Ask your guests to dress according to the theme, it’s a different way to celebrate a New Year’s Eve party and above all with a lot of style, so don’t be shy, the idea is to get out of everyday life.

Live show for guests

A musical group or stand-up comedy to have a different moment within the corporate New Year’s party, we are sure that your guests will love it, dancing is one of the things that is most enjoyed at a party.

Of course, make sure you hire sound companies for events or that have a good sound and lighting provider so that everything at the party turns out just as you wanted.

show en vivo para los invitados

Give souvenirs or reminders to each guest

It is important to leave a reminder of the event for all your guests, creating experiences for people is a note, leaving them something tangible as a souvenir in the form of a souvenir is even cooler.

You can give away plants with wooden pots and your company logo, according to what you sell or market you can create a small kit with samples or varied products for your guests.

Any detail can be well received, especially if it is for your company’s end-of-year party, with this souvenir you are reminding your employee how important he is to your company.

cooking demonstrations

With a good catering service for events, you will not need to do much more at the corporate New Year’s party, there is nothing that people enjoy more than food.

A gastronomic demonstration with a chef can be quite interesting and entertaining, a wine tasting and cheese boards to share is another of the options that you can have within the gastronomic offer for the party.

No matter what you want to do, what matters is the intention and motivating your employees will always be the best excuse to throw the end-of-year party for your employees.

Hiring event organizing companies is the best option.

The best thing you can do when planning your corporate New Year’s Eve party is to hire an event planner to help you with all the logistics and services for the event.

With the daily hustle and bustle of work, you probably won’t have much time to dedicate to organizing the party, with Wink Eventos you have it easy, we are the zero-stress event provider with everything you need.

All the services for your business party are at Wink, enjoy the best catering, decoration, sound and lighting for any type of business event.

Contratar empresas organizadoras de eventos es la mejor opción.

You already have some ideas that will help you celebrate the end of the business year party, the best thing is that the organization of the event does not have to be solely your responsibility, with Wink Events you have everything, we accompany you at all times.

Plan your business event with us and enjoy the party with your employees, surely it was a good year for you and the company, so celebrating it in style is the reward.

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