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Choose the best menu for catering and surprise all your guests

Elige el mejor menú para catering y sorprende a todos tus invitados

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Enjoying a good meal at a wedding is quite an experience, this is one of the moments in which you have to be more careful and attentive, getting a good menu right is decisive in the success of any wedding

Here we have 4 different types of menu for catering that you are going to love and you are going to want to have at your wedding.

The catering menu is a service that is made for a certain number of people, it is a menu that consists of starters, desserts, main courses and cocktails, an event is nothing without a catering service.

Any type of service at a wedding must be impeccable, especially the food, it is an experience that must be pleasant for all the guests, that is why you must have the best caterers for your wedding.

If the wedding is at night, the guests tend to eat less, opt for a simple catering menu. You will save with this type of catering.

The catering menu can be presented in different ways, this depends on what type of event you have and its duration, in the case of business events such as workshops or training, a brunch is enough. For larger events like a wedding, there should be different dishes.

The types of catering are:

  • Buffet food for weddings, a type of reception with waiters.
  • Coffee break.
  • Cocktail type, ideal lunches for meetings.
  • Brunch or box lunch for informal events only

Beach menu, destination weddings.

What can you eat at a beach wedding? There is a wide variety of dishes with everything that has to do with seafood. It is important that you have another catering option for those who do not like seafood.

For starters, some patacón baskets with chicharrón ceviche will delight your guests. One of the food ideas for beach weddings is to use squid skewers with fresh vegetables, the idea is that the entries are small.

With the main course you can present a salmon with a tropical or fresh salad at your wedding, make sure that the salmon has a sauce that complements it very well. Accompany the dish with a refreshing drink, the beach is a hot place.

Choose a catering menu with ice cream for dessert, it can be a tiramisu accompanied by a dessert such as brownie or lemon cake, for alcoholic beverages you can choose caipirinha, margaritas or a daiquiri.

night wedding menu

Food entrees for night weddings should be small, the main dish is the one that takes center stage. A delicious entry that you can offer on the catering menu for your wedding are mini hamburgers or cheese fingers with sauce that accompanies them.

For the main dish, choose a light menu, most people do not want to fill up too much at night with too heavy dishes, some pasta or cannelloni would be good, ask them to add a protein such as tenderloin or chicken in pasta sauce.

If the party is until dawn, choose a sweet dessert so that your guests have a shot of energy. The pastries on the dessert table can be a mix between sweet and savory desserts so everyone has a choice.

The desserts that you can offer are cupcakes, small donuts, chocolate cheesecake, lemon cake, or the wedding cake if you prefer, you could save a little with dessert.

Menú para bodas de noche

Themed menu, ideal for concept weddings

There are two catering menus that can be presented at a concept wedding, if it is a simpler wedding, Mexican food or Tex Mex, a combination of grill and the best of Mexican food, tacos and quesadillas.

If it is an elegant glam-style wedding, an Italian menu is a very successful option. For the starters you can choose mini pizzas or mini aubergine cannelloni, it all depends on what you like best.

Doing a catering test before the wedding is essential, deciding what the type of service will be is decisive for the success of your wedding.

Desserts do not have to conform to the concept you have chosen. Offer cinnamon rolls with arequipe sauce, a passion fruit gelato or Italian profiteroles, whatever you like best and think might surprise your guests is what you should choose.

Grill, roasts for the most sollados.

An Argentinian barbecue or barbecue for appetizers, appetizers, or entrees is an ideal option, most diners like meat, so you can choose a type of catering menu with barrel roasts to enjoy with all your guests. Simple but rich.

A chicharrón ceviche as a starter is very good, for the main dish you can choose a thick cut of flatbread or sirloin accompanied by a fresh garnish or mashed potatoes with dressing or gravy.

For dessert choose something fresh and sweet to appease the salty flavors of the meat a little, ice cream, tarts or lemon cakes are a great way to finish off the menu for a wedding.

Celebrate your wedding the way you want, it doesn’t matter what others think, it’s the most important day as a couple so enjoy it, be it with the catering, desserts or decoration, have a good time.

Event organizers, get the best supplier for your catering

Not all of us know how to organize a wedding from scratch, hiring wedding planners is a very smart decision, wedding planning companies know the right vendors to perform the best weddings.

A wedding requires a lot of preparation time, let’s face it, not all of us know decoration providers or dream wedding venues in Colombia.

At Wink Eventos we know what the needs of a wedding are, it does not matter if it is a simple or large wedding, each one must have good planning, suppliers and logistics so that it turns out just as the couple dreamed.

It all starts with the location you want for your wedding, from there all the services you are going to have at your wedding are derived. What are they? Pastry, catering menu, decoration, furniture, photography, video, sound and lighting are the most important services at a wedding.

Plan your wedding without the stress of preparing every detail, hire a wedding planner to help you and accompany you throughout the process, enjoy it and start a new stage in your life. May your wedding be an unforgettable memory!

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Organizadores de eventos, consigue el mejor proveedor para tu catering

A catering menu must be impeccable, with these 4 different types of menu you already have an idea of the food service to give at your wedding, plan your wedding with Wink and free yourself from all the stress of the preparations.

Visit our website and choose the location that you like the most, once you choose it, it is time to start organizing the wedding of your life, find out about our services here.

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