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Marriage with a foreigner in Colombia, this you should know.

Marriage with a Foreigner in Colombia | Wink Eventos

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Celebrating a marriage with a foreigner in Colombia is not complicated, although a wedding is the most dreamed moment for any couple, the planning and the ceremony are moments that are enjoyed until the end, but the paperwork and paperwork are not so much.

We tell you what you need to process to be able to marry a foreigner in Colombia.

Know the requirements that you must meet if you want to celebrate a marriage with a foreigner in Colombia

A wedding ceremony is a magical moment for every couple who wants to seal their love, what is behind the wedding is not so magical, organization and patience are required.

A wedding for two people with Colombian nationality requires certain documents that are normally requested, but if your marriage is with a foreigner in Colombia, they need other necessary papers to get married.

Birth certificate

This document is required for anyone who wants to get married, whether in Colombia or in another country, the civil registry must state that it is for marriage.

For the marriage application, the birth certificate must be duly translated into the language of the country in which you are getting married, with the proper signature of the public servant who authenticated the document.

Its issuance should not be longer than three months, because otherwise it will not serve you and you will have to get a new one, it is better that you get this document with less than three months, necessary for a marriage with a foreigner in Colombia.

Passport with valid visa

To have a marriage with a foreigner in Colombia, he or she must present their passport, this cannot be less than a month after obtaining it, you can also present your foreigner’s identity card but you must authenticate it at a notary.

In this way you must present it at the notary to advance the procedures for the marriage, you must bring the original document and a copy, remember that you must authenticate it, do not forget it.

Certificate that the person is single

To get married with a foreigner in Colombia or with any other person, you must present a single certificate, it must be issued in the country of origin of the groom or bride.

When you already have it, you must authenticate it in Colombia, in the United States it is called an affidavit of singleness.

It is important that you have this document because according to Colombian law you cannot marry another person if you are already married.

What you should know to celebrate your civil wedding in Colombia

Submit documents if you have already been married or divorced

As we mentioned before, you must present a document that certifies that you are single, but if you have already been married and divorced, you must present the document that certifies that you are truly divorced.

You not only need to know how to organize a Catholic wedding, you also need to know what documents you need for this, we don’t want you to be spinning up and down because you don’t have the necessary information on how to do it.

Time in which these documents must be presented before the wedding

Things as important as knowing how much a wedding in Colombia costs or what is the time in which you must present the documents to get married in Colombia is essential when planning a wedding.

Some people say that it should not be more than three months, others say that in a term of no more than ninety days, we think that a term of no more than two months is fine.

With this term, time is given to manage all the paperwork you need, especially if you want to marry a foreigner in Colombia, remember that all documentation must be duly apostilled.

Celebrate your wedding is a magical place.

You already have everything for all the necessary stationery, you just need to think about the ceremony and the party, well we know that you have already been making preparations for this moment.

Celebrate your wedding without much history, at Wink we organize all your events with everything you need, we are your zero-stress provider in Medellín, Bogotá, Villa de Leyva and Cartagena.

Regardless of the types of wedding that exist, the most important thing is the bride and groom, worry about all the paperwork for marriage with a foreigner in Colombia and we do the rest.

Of course, choose a good event hall, the location is one of the most important points in the logistics for an event, the decoration or the concept of the wedding you want depends on this.

Know all our locations that we have in the different cities and choose yours, do not wait any longer!

Celebrate your wedding in a magical place

So far you have been able to identify the requirements to marry a foreigner in Colombia, at Wink events we take care of everything else, visit our website and plan your wedding with us.

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