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Does religion influence marriage? Here we tell you how.

¿Influye la religión en el matrimonio? Acá te contamos cómo.

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Those who decide to get married in a religious ceremony do so because they want to seal their commitment with God’s blessing. In a Catholic wedding ceremony there are certain protocols dictated by the church that must be followed.

Christian ceremonies have certain protocol similarities, however, the differences between the two religions are marked, each religion in marriage influences the union of a couple in different ways, find out here.

You have to know that there are many types of marriage in Colombia, not only religious, civil marriages or symbolic weddings, obviously there are other types of marriages that are celebrated in other religions.

We are not mentioning all of them because it would be a very extensive article and we do not want you to get bored, the most celebrated marriages in Colombia are Catholics and Christians.

Religion in marriage influences the love, fidelity and commitment of the couple before God.

Getting married in a religious marriage in Colombia means honoring the tradition of receiving God’s blessing whatever yours, they are the spiritual weddings in Colombia par excellence and very romantic.

You don’t have to be an expert to know how to organize a wedding, by tradition religion in marriage influences spiritually and marks the wedding protocol.

Rather, the planning of your wedding in most cases revolves around the marriage ceremony, although they are different protocols, there are details such as the concept of decoration that must be related without a doubt.

catholic wedding ceremony

A Catholic wedding is one of the most common types of marriage in Colombia, religion in marriage symbolizes the spiritual connection with God, the purest declaration of love.

Wedding vows are made in any type of marriage, even if it is part of the protocol, it is more a demonstration of love and commitment.

The place to celebrate the Catholic wedding by custom is in the church, currently some couples choose to have the ceremony in the same location as the party, especially when they are outdoor weddings.

Tradition is not lost, a father officiates the ceremony regardless of whether it is in the church or at the location of the party, yes, you must check the availability of the priest well in advance.

No matter how formal a wedding ceremony can be, religion in a Catholic marriage has a positive influence because it represents an inseparable bond where the couple is united for life.

christian religious wedding

A Christian religious wedding has a lot in common with a Catholic one, the protocol of the ceremony is very similar, the protagonist in both religions is love.

In the Christian religion, the one who officiates the wedding is a pastor, he is the one who guides the congregation and believers in the path of God and faith, in this case he is the one who decides the order or protocol of a Christian wedding.

Religion in Christian marriage influences spiritually as the purest representation of love between the couple, in the Christian religion marriage is the purest way to care for the couple mutually for life.

Christian marriage symbolizes the unity of the couple and affection, which helps to get closer to God as a couple with love.

The concept of until death do you part is very similar to what is professed in the Christian religion but under the name of an indissoluble marriage, that is, an inseparable marriage, since it has God’s blessing.

In a Christian wedding, a ritual known as the candlelight ceremony or ceremony of light is performed, this symbolic ritual is a traditional act in the Christian religion or in civil marriages, it is performed after the exchange of rings between the couple.

You must ask the pastor or parish priest for permission to perform this symbolic ritual at the ceremony.

The bride and groom take 2 small candles and one large one, both the groom and the bride must take the small lit candles, the large candle represents the new path of the couple in family life with God’s blessing.

The couple must light the large candle with the two candles and say a few words, they can be vows or love commitments. This candle represents the path of life that they begin to travel together, a life project!

mixed religious wedding

It is the marriage between two people who belong to different religions, if you are a Christian and you are going to get married in a Catholic wedding in common agreement with your partner, you must request a special ecclesiastical permit for authorization.

In your Christian church they must give you consent to be able to marry in another religion, this is authorized by the bishop, priest or pastor of your church who has the power to do so.

In the case of Catholics who plan to marry under the Christian religion, they must request a permit to carry out a mixed marriage, to do so they must give the argument or the just cause of why the mixed wedding is going to be done, the bishop is the one who decides whether to give it or not.

In any of the cases, religion in marriage will always have a positive influence from the spiritual relationship with God, so don’t think about it anymore, regardless of the religion you profess, marriage is the representation of love.

Boda Religiosa Mixta

Everything you need to plan a wedding in any religion

Regardless of the type of marriage you want to do, planning your wedding is important, there are wedding pages in Colombia that have excellent providers that can accompany you throughout the process for the celebration.

Religion in marriage represents God’s blessing of a couple’s love and the new beginning of a family life. Celebrate this special day before God and with the company of your loved ones in a dream wedding.

At Wink Eventos we know the importance of celebrating this special day in a special place with all your favorite people in the world, you already have enough with all the church paperwork, we accompany you throughout the entire process of your wedding.

Todo lo que necesitas para planear una boda en cualquier religión

The influence of religion in marriage is based on the love and blessing of God before the new family formation, there are other types of religions apart from the Christian and Catholic that have a different concept of marriage.

The Catholic and Christian religion have certain similarities regarding marriage, their influence is based on the connection with God, so don’t think about it anymore, celebrate it in style as you dreamed it, plan your wedding at Wink events and enjoy everything the process.

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