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Quinceanera: most common mistakes to avoid.

Common Quinceañera Mistakes to Avoid | Wink Eventos

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The most special day must be unforgettable, and for it to be the best party, you must do a good planning, know the mistakes you can make when doing it.

This is what you should avoid when planning the quinceanera

When we want to plan a quinceañera party, we believe that we can have everything under control, but it is not only necessary to think about a date, budget, or quinceañera theme, there are more details that you must consider.

In the planning of any event, some mistakes can be made, the important thing is that they are not too many, here are some that you should not make if you want a successful fifteen.

Lack of planning

When we talk about the planning of the quinceanera party, we think that the dress, the food and the guests are enough, but this is not the case, you must plan every moment of the party very well.

It is advisable to hire someone to help you in the planning or places for events that make things easier for you with decoration, sound, and logistics.

There are companies that help you with everything without you having to stress so much with so many things to do, it is important that you know what you want or what your daughter wants.

Establish some objectives or wish list for the quinceanera party and share it with the party planner, but be careful, you must be very clear about the budget, we do not want a scare when you see the final price of everything.

Not setting a budget

As we told you, the budget is perhaps the most important thing, some people make the mistake of not being clear about the budget they want to invest in the quinceañera.

Establish the budget and a list of what you want at the party, remember that the most expensive part of a quinceañera is the decoration and the food for the guests.

The photography and video must be of quality, choose a professional photographer who can capture that special moment, the photos are the best memory.

There is no need to have centerpieces for super elaborate events, they can be quite expensive, remember that sometimes less is more.

choose wrong location

For your quinceanera party you should think carefully about where you want to do it, outdoors or in a room, if you choose a location very far from the city where you live, some guests may not be able to attend.

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Another thing that you must take into account is the capacity, if you have a list of 200 guests, make sure that the place has the capacity for 200 or more guests, we do not want anyone to be left out of the party.

Look for a place that suits your budget, do not rush with this topic. Although the weather can be uncertain, it is good that when you choose the date, you think about the weather, it is important, not too hot or too much rain.

Not rehearsing before the event

The quinceañera dance is one of the most anticipated moments of the quinceañera party, apart from the food, you must rehearse every moment of the party, so that everything goes as planned.

It is a mistake not to rehearse before the party, improvising opens up the possibility of making many mistakes, something as simple as a toast can end terribly badly if you don’t practice how to do it beforehand.

To plan any event you need as much time as possible before doing it, you will have everything under control and minimize the number of errors at the party.

The catering service matters a lot.

The catering service is one of the most anticipated moments of the party, choose the right food for the event, we recommend a professional service, at Wink events we have several catering options for you.

A good menu for a quinceanera celebration can surprise the guests, the food for the event can save any situation that has gone wrong at any time during the event.

Food tickets for parties can be sweet or salty, but yes, they must be striking, in all parties there are two ways to distribute them, take them to each table and guest or place them all on one table.

Do not forget the confectionery for events, the cake! that combines with the decoration and above all that is cute and striking.

Not choosing the right decoration

Thinking that the decoration of a fifteen-year party must be very striking is a mistake, usually the decoration is recharged, opting for pastel or more neutral colors, with color details.

Some people look for different suppliers to save a little money, but you are exposed to the fact that the centerpieces are different from the tablecloths, and the rest of the decoration.

Souvenirs are a detail of fine coquetry, personalizing it with the name of the quinceañera will be a good memory, choose something useful and original.

Choose a decoration that matches your daughter’s quinceanera dress, but don’t overdo it, if the dress is purple, don’t put everything purple because it will look ugly.

Recommendations to make the best quinceanera party.

The guests are important, but don’t forget that the most important person at the party is the quinceañera, you want to make sure she enjoys the party and the planning process.

Let her actively participate in the planning, her tastes and preferences are very important, you just have to guide her so that she doesn’t choose things out of emotion and that she may later regret.

Do not worry too much, at Wink events we plan dream quinces parties, we help you with all the planning of the event, location, catering and decoration.

Plan the best quinceanera party with us, quote your quinceanera with wink events, and leave everything in our hands, we’ll make sure your day is the most special, enjoy the party!

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