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5 ideas to take the wedding rings to the altar with style.

5 ideas para llevar los anillos de boda al altar con estilo.

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Knowing how to wear wedding rings is an art, sometimes being original or creative is difficult, so here are some ideas to bring wedding rings to the altar in a different way, choose the best!

There are many ways to do it, it all depends on what you want for your wedding day, some grooms are more traditional and others are more risky, there are several kinds of weddings in Colombia, what is clear is that you set the style.

If you are going to have a country wedding, you can move the church to the location, organize an altar full of flowers and chairs for the wedding ceremony; It is in trend! You can play with all kinds of decoration taking advantage of the environment.

Nothing to carry the alliances in the hand, nor on a cushion because it has already been sent to pick up, if you have already chosen the designs of the wedding rings in gold or silver, you can choose ideas to wear the wedding rings with the same style.

Little straws for the most traditional

The vast majority of traditional weddings in Colombia by the Catholic or Christian church are done with the presence of one or two little pages, they are small children who are in charge of carrying the rings to the altar.

If you are a couple that opts more for the traditional this is an excellent option, but what if we put a little creativity? One of the ideas to wear wedding rings with little pages is the way in which they are worn.

A great idea if you have a little boy and a little girl, you can use a board with a creative message that says “you still have time to run away” or “it’s time for you to cry, the bride is coming” this board can be carried by the child.

The little page can carry the rings in a chest or basket with rose petals, if the little pages are very small it is better that you rehearse very well the walk to the altar with them and that you omit the board to avoid any accident

The wedding planners in Colombia have the habit of rehearsing the wedding protocol with you, the entrance to the church is one of them, this is the moment where the children can rehearse the entrance well and have it clear.

Groomsmen in charge of the rings

Another traditional way to deliver the rings is with the godparents, one of the ideas to wear wedding rings in a humorous way is for the godfather and godmother to enter the church and when they get to the altar, pretend that the rings are lost.

Surely the guests will laugh and have a good time in the midst of so much protocol and seriousness, the groomsmen are not the same as the groomsmen, you have to differentiate this, so the entrance must be great.

If it is an outdoor wedding reception, you can choose a vintage-style decoration, an excellent opportunity for one of the groomsmen to carry the rings on a bike with a basket, something quite original, place a sign that says, Express delivery!

four-legged little boy

Your pet has been in the best moments of your life, so your wedding is no exception, if you have a dog friend, you can choose him as your little boy, design a flower necklace with your wedding planner, place a ribbon with the rings.

This is one of the most adorable ideas to wear wedding rings, you must rehearse this walk very well with your dog, and devise a way for him to go directly to the altar where you are, we do not want him to be distracted!

Pajecito de cuatro patas


In case you do not have straws or anything traditionally prepared, you can choose one of the bridesmaids to deliver the rings, make sure she is accompanied by a best man or gentleman chosen by the groom.

The decoration of weddings in the hall must be in accordance with every detail of the celebration, both the bouquet of the bride, the arrangements of the church and the decoration of where the wedding rings are going to be delivered.

No matter what ideas to wear wedding rings, make sure you have a cute wedding nail design, wear your ring with everything!

The bridesmaid and best man can go to the altar as if they were the bride and groom, with a bouquet of flowers where the two rings are intertwined, or a wooden chest personalized with the names of the bride and groom.

in the bridal bouquet

One of the ways to take the ring to the altar is to do it from the moment the bride enters. How? In the bouquet of flowers that the bride carries in her hands, linked in a ribbon the wedding ring for women and the wedding ring for men.

They save a step in the protocol and will surprise all attendees, something undoubtedly very romantic, the groom can drop the ribbon and take the rings in his hand, give him the bride’s and keep hers.

Something simple but very original, one of the ideas to wear wedding rings that no one expects, the best thing is that you will not have to complicate yourself with rehearsals and extra dresses for the little pages, an ideal option for simple weddings.

Organize the wedding of your dreams in the place of your dreams.

Having ideas to take the wedding rings to the altar is only a small part of everything you have to think about in terms of decoration, a strategic idea is to choose locations that complement nature.

Choosing locations that do not need much decoration helps you save money and time, country locations are full of opportunities to enhance any type of decoration.

Outdoor altars are beautiful, if you don’t want to do your traditional wedding in a church, this is the best way to do it, any idea to deliver the rings will look divine in an outdoor space with nature.

At Wink Events we have dream locations that will be the best setting for the ideal wedding, enjoy every detail of the venue and choose the decoration that best suits it, and obviously the one you like the most.

Organiza la boda de tus sueños en el lugar de tus sueños.

You have come this far and we love it because you liked some of the ideas to wear wedding rings, worry about enjoying your wedding, we take care of the rest, visit our website and plan your wedding with Wink.

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