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4 beauty treatments before the wedding that will make you look radiant

Beauty treatments before the wedding are an inevitable step if you want to look radiant on this special day. Know what they are.
tratamientos de belleza antes de la boda que te harán lucir radiante

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Beauty treatments before the wedding are an inevitable step if you want to look radiant on this special day.

All the brides in the world want to look spectacular on their wedding day, to achieve this you have to do some things before the big day, the best way to do it is with facial and body treatments, stay here and discover what they are.

What not to do before the wedding?

Beauty treatments before the wedding can make you look great or fatal on your day, so that everything goes perfectly you must consider the time for each of the treatments.

If you want to do an outdoor wedding ceremony, you should keep in mind that the sun and external agents can cause certain types of reactions on your skin if you do not do these treatments in time.

So what you should not do before the wedding is surgeries or very invasive treatments, if you want to do it you should consider doing it several months in advance, at least 6 months so that you arrive perfectly on your wedding day.

It is important that you do any pre-wedding facial treatment 10 or 15 days in advance, you have to give your skin time to reduce inflammation and regenerate well after the treatment. Nobody wants to look swollen on their wedding day!

Facial Cleansing

A facial cleansing before the wedding is one of the inevitable treatments for both the bride and the groom, it is a treatment that is performed to improve the appearance of the skin, and also to regenerate the pores and remove those unwanted pimples.

These facial cleanings should be done a maximum of 10 days in advance, the extraction of dirt from your pores generates irritation, inflammation and in some cases minor injuries that require time to heal.

The preparation of the skin for the wedding requires professional and dermatological treatments, it is important that you do not try anything at home, anything you do to yourself can go wrong.

Look for recommended sites for beauty treatments before the wedding, remember that all procedures must be carried out by a professional. Perform an easy cleanse and then a facial hydration for a brighter and healthier appearance.

Peeling or facial mesotherapy

On your wedding day, the protagonist will not only be your dress, your skin will take all the attention, so if you suffer from acne or dehydrated and tired-looking skin, it is better to start as soon as possible with the appropriate treatments.

A chemical peel or exfoliation is a treatment that has many benefits but is quite aggressive for the skin. What is it about? There are different types of facial peeling, the most used are chemical and dermabrasion.

These types of peeling help to remove dead cells from the outermost layer of the skin, the dermabrasive is done after a facial cleansing, this is the least invasive.

The chemical peel is deeper and has a peeling effect on the skin, allowing complete regeneration, the full recovery time for this procedure is two weeks, but it is recommended to do it a month and a half before so that the redness disappears .

If you don’t want something so aggressive, a facial mesotherapy is an excellent option, it helps to regenerate the skin, hydrates deeply, provides luminosity, corrects fine wrinkles, rejuvenating the skin.

Unlike peeling, facial mesotherapy must be done in several sessions to see the results, these are beauty treatments before the wedding that must be done months in advance.


Botox before the wedding can be done 8 days before without inflammation problems, but it is important that you know that preventive Botox requires time for the final result to be seen, if you want to prevent your expression lines from marking, do it with time .

The results vary in each person, they can last around 6 to 8 months, and it takes 5 days to see the results of this wonderful procedure, they are beauty treatments before the wedding that can be done in the same week.

botox para tratamientos de belleza antes de la boda

Laser depilation

Do you want smooth, hairless skin for your wedding day? If the answer is yes, one of the best beauty treatments before the wedding to remove annoying hair from your skin is laser hair removal, but you should do it a year in advance.

For the laser to work, you must have at least 10 sessions and these sessions are only carried out every month, so if you want to arrive without hair at the wedding, it is better to start early.

These beauty treatments before the wedding can be done at any time, before and after the dream day, these treatments are indicated for both men and women, so don’t wait any longer to start yours.

facial fillers

Hyaluronic acid is one of the beauty treatments before the wedding preferred by brides, with facial fillers results are obtained without the need for surgeries or overly invasive procedures.

To calm the nerves of the wedding, a spa day for brides is an ideal choice, arrive calm, relaxed and show off perfect skin on your wedding day.

Do you want a new nose before your wedding? With hyaluronic acid you can achieve it, yes, you should always consult a doctor specialized in this procedure, you should always put yourself in the hands of professionals.

Fillers are not only made for wrinkles, but also to outline the face and have more voluminous and hydrated lips. Choose what you want for your face and start your treatment two weeks in advance.

Choose the place of your wedding well before doing any treatment

To get beauty treatments before the wedding, you must first analyze the place where you are going to celebrate the wedding, why? If it is an outdoor wedding and you have undergone treatments on your face, you must protect yourself very well

Always use sunscreen, the weather can cause skin lesions, so you must be careful, if you want to do treatments that require sun care, get covered locations.

Beauty treatments before the wedding will make you look beautiful in the photos, a memory that you will have forever, so make sure you get good locations that are the ideal setting to look perfect with the love of your life.

You already know what beauty treatments you can do before the wedding, do not get carried away by the stress generated by planning an event as important as this one, get a wedding planner to help you with everything and you can take care of what is truly important , of you!

At Wink Eventos we understand that each wedding is a different world, and we know exactly what you need, support and good suppliers that guarantee the success of your event, design your wedding with us and celebrate one of the most special days for you and your partner, visit us on our website and start the preparations.

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