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Tips for your business events to be perfect

If you have in mind to carry out business events, here we tell you how and we leave you some tips so that it turns out as you expect.

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When it comes to tips for business events, at Wink we have many to give you. We are experts in the design and architecture of events and with our years of experience we already know many of the things that make a business event perfect and totally successful.

We have already written an article on what it is like to organize a business event, in which we give some advice and it even seems like a guide to carry it out. This article tries to give you useful tips, it is not a guide or a tutorial, but it will help you generate ideas that will take your corporate event to another level.

Let’s start by knowing that a business event is a meeting that aims to bring together people from a company: a meeting of allies, similar brands in the same place, an event to present a new product, celebrate a launch or simply celebrate with your employees. the end of the year.

What are the different types of events?

If you have in mind holding an event and are looking for tips for business events, you may already have identified the type of event you want to hold, but to give you an idea, these are the types of corporate events that you can hold for your company:

  • Business dinners or banquets
  • General meetings of the year
  • Sales or trade conventions
  • Large conferences
  • symposia
  • colloquia
  • Exhibitions and fairs
  • brand launches

If you want to know what each of the types of events is about, you can see our article what are the different types of business events on our blog.

It is important that you keep in mind that business events are classified into several categories, however, today we are going to talk about only two of these:

External business events and internal business events.

External events are corporate events that a brand or company holds to participate in events and/or fairs organized by a third party. Your company will be invited to participate in them.

Internal events are held by a particular company and their employees and/or guests from other companies participate in them.

Both events have a target audience, and for both you must develop a marketing strategy in advance, for this reason, it is important that you take into account the importance of having an organized communication network, including the social networks of your company or brand, networks that will become a channel of diffusion and positioning.

6 Tips for successful business events

If you are going to hold a business event, you should have a few tips that seem obvious but are very important for meeting the objectives of the event. The success in the organization of corporate events will depend on many variables, we will mention a few:

6 Tips for successful business events Wink

Plan your event in advance

We recommend planning your event with an estimated time of three or two months, in this period of time you will be able to make changes and overcome any type of improvisation. If your event is recurring every year, it is good that you have a strategic ally that solves this need months in advance and you will have nothing to worry about.

Among the tips for business events that we have most in mind is to separate the locations for events beforehand, we ourselves have locations in Medellín and Bogotá to facilitate the design and architecture of the event.

Remember that if you are going to hold congresses or conventions, the locations must be chosen much more rigorously and take much longer because they are often reserved many months in advance.

If you need help planning your event you can contact us.

Define and create a concept

Regardless of the type of event you have planned, whether it is training for your employees, a brand launch, showing your products or a company party, it is extremely important that you define the concept of your event.

Here you should ask yourself and analyze what kind of experience you want your guests and/or employees to have. Among the tips for business events, defining the concept is mandatory but it is also the most difficult to carry out. If you need help, you can count on our team to find the ideal concept for your event.

Once you have it clear, you can start planning what type of organization you want, what type of food and drinks, if you want to deliver a present, reminder and so on.

If your business event is a brand launch or you want to promote your products, try to invite journalists or bloggers to publish about them. If it is the launch of a brand, press conferences can help your brand reach a lot of people and boost your company.

Organize your team

Organizing the team that is going to design the event and organizing everything so that it turns out perfectly is the most important part of the following process. Define who will be involved in organizing the event and assign them a specific role and function, so that everything develops in an organized manner.

Synchronize with your team and ask them constantly to update you with progress of the organization of the event.

Organize your budget

Define and be very clear about what you are going to offer, the number of attendees, decoration, location and food. You can request a quote for each thing from different companies so that according to your budget you can make the best decisions. Remember that cheap is not always good, and good is not always fast. When it comes to organizing budgets for business events, the details make a big difference.

Regarding the budget, we recommend that you look for suppliers that have a variety of products to offer you or, failing that, make the quote with the same event organizer, because in the long run it will be much more practical, economical and effective.

We hope that the tips for business events that we have given you have been very useful so far. If you consider that designing and organizing your business event is difficult, do not forget, we can do it for you, we have products or services to hold a successful business event.

Find allies for your business event

This is a very important tip. Nobody is able to prepare a business event alone, you need support from your internal team and also from external allies that make it easier to achieve it.

You should keep in mind that your team in charge of organizing the business event should take the time to listen to what you have in mind.

Although your internal team knows everything, external allies should know your company in case you want something very specific. It is important that the team know the motivations of the event, know the guests at the event and build step by step until the day of the event. This way you will be able to synchronize with your allies.

This is a deal breaker, which is why it’s important that you or your partner have a list of locations that can fit the experience your event will become.

Find a location

The locations for business events may vary according to the needs of the company. But in addition to the type of event, the location of the venue and how beautiful, big or appropriate it is, you must take into account some details that we always forget, such as the weather and parking spaces.

The climate of the place is an important variant since it will depend on the weather if the place has good access, if you need tents and if it rains or if it is very sunny the place is adapted so that the guests do not have a bad time.

The capacity of the place and the parking spaces cannot be forgotten. It is very important to know if the place of your company’s event can fit 20 or 100 cars. It depends on this that people are encouraged and do not have problems when they arrive.

We recommend some places to hold business events in Medellín.

If you need to reserve them or want to visit them without any commitment, you can call us or contact us.

Now you are ready to organize your corporate event!

With these tips for business events you can prepare your event successfully and remember that in Wink you can also find a wide variety of locations and an ally to hold your business event.


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