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Wedding decoration with balloons and fabrics: here are some tips.

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Do not think that it is something childish, with a good arrangement combining balloons with fabrics you can achieve very elegant and striking results, there are many wedding decoration ideas and balloons are undoubtedly an economical and beautiful option.

In this article you will discover some ideas on wedding decoration with balloons and fabrics.

The decoration of the wedding hall is one of the most important things when planning the reception for the guests, there are many types of decoration, from the classic one with flowers to candles and vintage-type arrangements.

Have you ever seen a balloon arrangement for weddings? Yes we know, we see these arrangements more at quinceaneras and birthday parties than at weddings, but far from being childish, you can achieve very cute decorations with balloons and fabrics.

If you don’t know how to decorate a room for a wedding on a budget, balloons and fabrics are an excellent option. Wedding decoration with balloons is an original idea and different from the typical decoration with only flowers.

Decorate the dessert table with bright fabrics and balloons

The dessert table is the most coveted by everyone, that is why it must be the most striking, the flowers are used for the centerpieces, the dessert table must not have a centerpiece, it must be full of desserts.

Place the table in a place that is easily accessible and can be seen from anywhere in the room, the balloon wedding decoration can be used wherever you want, on the tables, on the dance floor, at the entrance of the reception, better said wherever you want

The extra large metallic colored balloons are elegant and allow for striking decorations. For the dessert table you can intertwine some soft white or nude fabrics.

Try wedding centerpieces with balloons and flowers, an elegant and simple combination, use them to differentiate some tables.

Intertwine the fabrics on the table, use some to make a small semi-arch for the balloons, it is important that the balloons have different sizes for a perfect harmony.

Aerial arrangements with fabrics, flowers and balloons

Just as there are types of table setting for weddings, there are also assemblies of aerial arrangements, when we talk about aerial arrangements we are referring to the decoration of the ceiling, remember that everything in the room is important when it comes to decorating.

Wedding and event companies focus a lot on the most important aspects of the wedding celebration, these aspects are the decoration of the venue, the catering, the sound and the lighting.

These balloon arrangements can be done both indoors and outdoors, these types of balloons are much thicker and less fragile than conventional ones.

Arreglos aéreos con telas, flores y globos

Decoration for the wedding table with flowers and balloons

With the help of logistics staff for events you can create a spectacular wedding table, flower centerpieces are very pretty but quite expensive.

If you want to have a wedding on a low budget, you can make centerpieces with balloons and soft fabrics that are intertwined around the table, the idea is that the table is the most striking, remember that it is the main table of the bride and groom.

The table for wedding gifts should be striking, choose colored fabrics according to the decoration and make a creative arrangement with balloons.

Wedding decoration with balloons and fabrics is quite romantic and even more so if you use pastel-colored flowers to give them a touch of beauty and represent the love and delicacy between the newlyweds.

Soft fabrics to decorate the church

The decoration of the church is super important, it is a special place, it is where the couple seal their love and union as spouses, in the church the flower arrangements cannot be missing.

The fabrics are an elegant option, you can intertwine the fabrics along the pews of the church, make sure that the people who decorate the church look for harmony with the fabrics and flowers.

You can choose white balloons for some benches, some medium and some small forming a cascade, remember that it’s all about creativity, make sure it looks aesthetic and pretty.

All the decoration and furniture ideal for your dream wedding

Thinking about what types of wedding catering to offer is as important as choosing the furniture and decoration for your wedding, look for the decoration of the location for the reception to be consistent with the one you will choose for the church.

Remember that photographs of the moment will also be taken in the church and decorating it is super important, unless you are going to have a symbolic wedding outside the church, in which case you should put a little more effort into the decoration.

If you want a wedding decoration with balloons, fabrics, flowers, candles or whatever you want to do, look for a decoration and furniture supplier that is clear about it and will help you with everything you want for the wedding.

At Wink events we love to make dreams come true at each wedding or event, do not worry about all the tasks and activities that you must do when planning a wedding because at Wink we know what to do.

Toda la decoración y mobiliario ideal para tu boda soñada

Wedding decoration with balloons can be very elegant and beautiful, save a little on decorating with fabrics and balloons without sacrificing the aesthetics of the event.

At Wink events we turn a space into the dream place for your wedding, visit our website and find out everything we have about decoration and furniture for weddings.

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